Anxiety flows over you, toppling and sending radical shivers of coldness throughout your body. It makes a cold sweat and a nervous shake; Causing overthinking and a racing heart. Unable to slow down and pause you shiver, shake, freeze, in the bitterness of a painful heart. It aches; it makes it more difficult to breathe, to feel anything at all besides the overwhelming urge to move. Trembling you feel incapable; the heart pounds and you feel as if at any moment it will emerge from the chest and tumble to the ground. Exploding for the insides you call your own. Being released into the wild to flop wherever it may please. That way it might feel slightly better, releasing the tension and clammy edginess. The brain progressively racing and not allowing a second to catch your own thoughts. The being you are suddenly taken over with a agitating emotion, uncontrollable. Trying to figure something to do while you wait and studder, eager and unable to stop until the answer is found. Until some justification comes your way, bumping and shoving its way into your logic and forcing the body to calm.. You just sit. Not knowing any other possible magic that will obtain a distraction. It’s impossible to configure your body back as one; it’s frightening in the most abstract way. You feel out of control and like a ticking machine is overpowering your brain. Slowly reconfiguring your wires and rebooting the system to overtake your brain and send convulsions throughout the rest of the system. Panic, it’s as if that’s what you feel yet you aren’t indulged with fear. It’s more of a fear of yourself, of what is happening to you more so than what is actually happening. Rather intriguing actually , impatience flusters


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