I'm fragile and shattered
like glass that once was
strong and together.
Cracks in the sidewalk, baby,
can stay in one piece.
To get where I'm going,
you belong here with me.
Make it stop hurting,
I'll bite back my own blood
and hope it'll draw back the flood. 
But here I've been yearning.
How foolish I was to believe 
in all the things I couldn't see.
If you can show me a miracle, honey,
it will end in a tradgedy.
Make it stop hurting,
while I'm sound asleep
and drowning in whiskey.
But here I've been yearning. 
I'm sorry for not sending
letters and apologies.
I was blue in the face and
bawling in pity.
No letters, no call,
no word that I heard.
Worried and alone,
waiting at the phone.
But I should have had you first. 
How foolish I was to believe 
that what I thought was lost
was standing before me,
and was gone before I could grab it.
Make it stop hurting,
I'm begging on my knees,
I've never asked of anything
but here I've come to plead.



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