Red (He Isn't Mine)


The sole of the shoe is burnt brown
The body of it is crushed red
These shoes pound the ground
Running away, looking ahead

Running as the tears flow red
The times are so far behind
The eyes are focused ahead
No time, time to rewind

The shoes, only the shoes are colored
The surroundings are all black and white
The tears, only the tears are colored
The surroundings in white day to black night

Truth wrapped tightly in the lies
Bundled up and held for nine months
A tree fell in the forest and was heard that night
Distance that's made right after being crushed

The rain washes off her aroma
The shoes are losing their soles
Living life in a long time coma
Truth that eats away at his soul

Tears that fall and fall
Red every where in tune
Tears that fall and fall
Red and brown child's shoe

Oh baby,

Oh baby,



Wonderful flow, color symbolism, and alliteration.  I felt that "Truth that eats away at his soul" having the "th" at the end of truth right before the "th" in that with the several other "t" sounds, e.g. eats, sounded a little awkward when the rest of the poem read and spoke so smoothly, especially with all the words beginning with "s".  May want to consider revising that.  Other than that stupendous!

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