They Killed Her

He said they slept together

They believed him

She said it was a lie 

They said she was lying 

They tormented her

For the rest of her days 

All because he lied 


He was called stud

He was highfived 

He was fistbumped 


She was called slut

She was stared at

She was ostracized 


Her friends abandoned her

She was all alone


Each night she cried

Because the lies escalated



They began to say she was pregnant

So they called her fat


She starved herself next

Her eyes became hollow

Her bones began to protrude from her skin

They did this to her


Next they called her freak

So she took a blade to her skin

And watched the red rain seep out and turn into a thunderstom


They found her lying on the floor 

The red rain had left puddles 


They all said she was a good peson

That she was sweet

That she was kind

That they wished she had asked for help 


They all said she would be missed 


But they did this to her 

They killed her 


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