The Many Ways To Break

"Broken bones

Broken mind

        How could I 

         Be so blind

Broken hope

Broken staff

        I though you

Once had my back 

But it wasn't true

As i onced belived 

What we went through

When i was decived 

I told you i was loyal

As is my fatal flaw

You acted like a royal

As my concious is a claw

How had I fallen so far?

That evil wound you left me

Gave me my biggest scar

Just because I let you in

I found out just how hard

Like ice spread much too thin 

Now it's my mind I guard 

Left me to think alone and,

my thoughts were like glass shards

Deeper and deeper they cut me

But no wound was to be seen

Wish that I could break free

From my thoughts into a dream

At least there it wasn't you who killed me

As I died in unsual ways

Poisin,Gunshot,shark bite 

My lifeline began to fray

Drowning,stab wound,car crash

Left on the road to lay

stabing,fighting,free fall

Thinking I would break

glass shards,torn heart,burn marks

Didn't know how much more I could take."





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