brick by brick

i usually have a wall that reaches the sky, but you, you really made it disappear. 

there was something about you that really made me take down that wall, brick by brick.

but as i took that last brick out, you took my heart and threw it at a pack of wolves to eat. 

right then and there, i was hit, like a train on a track.

for once in my life, i was hurt by a boy. 

a silly boy, took my heart and crushed it. 

he said, "maybe in the future"

what he meant, "we'll never be together"

so i say, thank you. 

thank you for making me build that wall again, brick by brick. 

you made my realize that i will fall, but i just have to get up again. 

thank you.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

it's a learning process

it's about experience that helps you get through rough times

this is a great way to reflect your thoughts  through expression

great job in writing this poem

continue to build your ideas


Though it is hard for people who have felt this hurt, jsut as you have, I found this poem beautiful. It expresses the vulnerability of even the people who have built these walls. I love your ability to express it though I'm sure it was difficult. The most powerful line is the lesson you learned; "you made my realize that i will fall, but i just have to get up again."
Thank you for sharing this piece.


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