I know her

Mon, 10/27/2014 - 19:02 -- godspen

Ive hidden from connection for so long, kept my distance from people to supposedly save my soul
But when I look back ive only hurt my self because all of them have moved on I am here still disconnected
Nothing to say
Trying to be brave when I'm really just a slave to pride
Conversation used to be so easy when I didn't care
Connection used to be so easy when I didn't care
Disconnect used to be so easy when I didn't care
or Maybe Ive always cared
I just hid it well
I'm stuck in this revolving circle
I pray each day for a way out
But still I'm clinging on
I know karma so well
Shes what goes around
she's what comes around
But yet I never know whens she coming
How do I know you but dont know you at all
Something like myself
Hurting people but helping them all at once
They learn from me
Their most thought of mistake
But now I feel their pain
Karma oh how long must you stay
Taste on my tongue like an onion
Good going on
Hard coming off
Which lover will I learn from next?
Which character will be put to the test?
Your visits have yet to get fewer ?
Have I done that much damage?
Or am I a sore sight to your eyes
Maybe that is why I still hold on...


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