Oh so...

OH SO...
You flutter and flail. 
You break and bend my very being.
Oh, the bittersweet agony of holding you close to my chest.
Yet, I dare not let you go for fear the wind shall whisk you away.
While I hold you, you shriek. But in freedom, you destroy me further. 
"Oh, so...." you accuse me with words harsher than your icy eyes. 
"Oh, so...." your verbal assault  on my character finds the secret chinks in my armour. 
But how would you know my weaknesses, but for my open eyes, my open heart, open words.
None who enter this mansion ever make it past the welcoming entry wing. 
Within this stone dungeon, I have learned to hide the complexity which lies beyond the friendly entryway.
For there are rooms of intricate stained glass.
These reverent rooms are seldom visited.
They are they core of my being, but you wreck them.
You enter and shatter the panes.
You sit on the floor, showered and bloodied by broken shards. 
It's been oh, so long since we first strolled those halls together in friendship.
Oh, how my very soul aches with nostalgia.
Yet this soul ache holds no comparison to the sickness in my veins at seeing you crippled so.
For all your flutterings and flailing, none could compare to those unorthodox movements within my chest at the thought of you.
You have broken me. 
Something within my bosom tries to break forth from a cage of flesh and bone at the first sight of you.
I am compelled to you...deep within my core.
I love you oh, so very deeply. 
I yearn for you oh, so painfully.
I wait for you, oh, so long.
Once more you will look into my eyes and the insanity will recede like the tide.
I will have my moment of serenity within the ocean of your soul.
The blue I see within your eyes is like a drop of that sea. 
Like a piece of your soul, trapped, constantly exposed.
Won't you welcome me once more?


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