They Say


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They Say
They say we're doing something don't they?
In the news, on the radio
They Say our country needs us
right? right?
I've been dried in a desert of tan
In a sea terraformed over a sundried land of ashes.

They say theres a point in this
Don't they? Don't they?
To spread the land of the "free"
To accomplish sincere glee
Fright? Fright?
But we've been stapled and forgotten in this backwater town
The only place I feel this soul will go is down...down...down....

They say we're close to pulling out
But months have passed and still theres doubt
They say we're defeating evil
Light? Light?
But my mind doesn't believe in this freedom anymore
Old thoughts awash on this broken shore
What is this once great land fighting for?
There has to be something more.

They say our beliefs are nothing but good
But the public seems so misunderstood
Media presents our nature
But I have seen hell, looked it in the eyes
Brutal, and we still don't despise.

They say my son is proud of me
The lack of me will only see
That he repeats this battered cycle
And only I am in denial
I want him down a different path
I want him down a different road but NOTHING I've shown him matters enough to care on acount of the fact I"m never there.

They say I will run a raid
That certainly will have them made
I wish to live
I have much advice to give
I am a survivor
A survivor in a fools game
And with all thats lost
We will never show shame today in fray dismay all of which not only they say!

They say the sun will rise in our nation
But only I have seen the moon
Only I can sing this tune
Only I should be called a loon
Right? Right?

They say war means something
They say war accomplishes everything
They say accusations aren't fair
They say that I shouldn't dare.

They say I have no right being back
Speaking out against a heel a meal eaten by gods among men
Let all this hell end
We don't have to die in this prison
Let your mind come clean
With the rest of yourself
Let your heart come clean
Take it off of it's shelf
If we stand against this hate today
We can always stand against what they say.


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