like a cup without coffee                                                              empty.

like a child without mommy                                                         empty.

like a bag without belongings                                                      empty.

like a bully without taunting                                                         empty.


like a promise sans devotion                                                      empty.

like a fish sans ocean                                                                 empty.

like a tunnel sans light                                                                empty.

like a person sans life                                                                 empty.


like a boyfriend missing a girlfriend                                            empty.

like a preacher missing a sweet amen                                       empty.

like a problem missing a solution                                               empty.

like a story missing a resolution                                                 empty.


like a prayer needing an answer                                                empty.

like a party needing a dancer                                                     empty.

like a depression needing a comfort                                          empty.

like a sinner needing the Lord                                                    empty.


like a loner who can't find a friend                                              empty.

like a mental who can't find his head                                          empty.

like a post-college man who can't find love                                empty.

like a person who never showed up                                           empty.


like kisses without feeling,

"I-love-you's" without meaning,

sitting on your bed staring up at the ceiling,

that acheivement you didn't get,

that memory you can't forget,

refusing to leave your bed,

crying and shaking with all that you have,

all the "it'll be okay's" even though it's so bad,


Is that coming soon? Or is it a lie?

How many more minutes will I stare at the sky?

How many more times will I draw endless lines,

knowing, just splitting, in the core of my bones,

struggling to remember I'm not alone,

hurting the ones I love,

not finding peace from above---


a page that's blank.

my heart still aches.

a sky that's grey.

another bad day.

words incomplete.

hurt on repeat:





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