Broken Fairy Tale

Once upon a time
I fell in love with you.
had silly dreams of romance,
red roses, violets blue.
And every single sunset,
every summer breeze
reminded me of all the times
you smiled at me with ease.
if we could walk, hand in hand,
down a sandy beach
trail a pair of light footprints
along a shining sea...
if I could look  your eyes
and kiss you on your lips...
if we could dance our bodies close,
your hands holding my hips...
if fairy tales were real, my dear
your heart was truly mine,
happily ever after follows
once upon a time...
Once upon a time,
you threw me out the door.
made me cry and pound my fists
so loudly on the floor.
heard me break all of the glass
inside my lonely home
let out my frustration,
throw handfuls of stones.
punch and punch my pillow
till my knuckles start to bleed
but you just turned your face away
and never did take heed. :'(
all the sadness made me do
what desperate girls would do
my broken heart could barely take
what we all call 'the truth'
I cried and cried an ocean
with my fast flowing tears.
I jumped into the waters
and escaped from my fears.



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