Why Mom?


Dear mom,

I couldn’t understand why…

Why were you so uptight with me.

Why were you not patient with me.

Why were you never home with me.


Did you even enjoy my company?

Did you even like me?

They say you can always love me but did you like me?

Do you even understand what you did to me?


You hurt me.

I resorted to the calm smoke of marijuana.

Once i was in the clouds it made me forget.

Forget how you treated me.


I wish you knew how I felt.

I felt alone… my brother made it better.

Me and him have each other.

You were never around. He was there for me.


My aunt was there for me.

She’s the reason that i’m still living,

Still breathing,

Still alive.


You made me want to cry,


Why were you focused on the guys who were going to hurt you.

But you weren’t focused on the child that needed you.


I felt incomplete as if I failed you.

Failed you as a daughter.

I try so hard and all you wanted to do was talk negative.

But at least you were more of a father than dad was...

Your loving daughter,



This poem is about: 
My family


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