Another thing I cant unsee

there is another thing that I cant unsee
my brother smile
when he used to see me

he used to smile
but now its clouds

I hurt him so much
I cant even begin to describe what he could feel

his smile was so childish
so amazing
and in less than a second
it vanished
into something...

I am full of guilt
I am a criminal
I stole his happiness
I stole his dreams

Im so sorry bro
I wish I could take it all back

me even saying that im sorry isnt enough
nothing is enough anymore
you deserve such a better life

if you can still live
than please do,
but I know that that's venturing quite far

my sad brother
im sorry for the pain that I have caused for you
I should have never done it
I had no brain
no thoughts
no empathy
I never thought

that smile
it used to be so bright
I turned it off faster than a blink

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This poem is about: 
My family


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