Ode to the friends I lost

Do you remember the days, the nights, the adventures we always used to share? Flying away on wings of laughter that were built on mutual care. Five good friends and lots of fun was all I used to need. But not all five would still stand by on the days that make you bleed. Four good friends and still some fun could lift me when I was low. But one more friend decided that it was better if they go. I don’t know what I did to you or what I need to say, but friend I hope you’ll talk to me or look again someday. Three good friends is all I need I whispered to myself I love you all I used to say, but I guess my love can’t help. I guess I wasn’t strong enough to keep you close to me so if you have to go away, that’s how it has to be. Two good friends to hold on to when the water gets too high, two good friends to cry with when they never said goodbye. I never thought that politics would take my friend away, but if I’d known that you would leave, I’d lie to make you stay. One last friend who stood by me until I went away but when I came back you’d turned your back and let me lose my way. I miss you friends, I miss you and I don’t know what I did. To bring you back I’d sell my souls and let you break my ribs. But I suppose I’ll never win you back and I’ll have to carry on. I’ll make new friends to fill the voids you’ve left now that you’re gone.

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