You and Her...

Did you think I would never find out? I’m not as stupid as you may think I am. Do you feel accomplished yet? I let you in and it backfired on me. Even though it isn’t the first time why do I still want you? You left me to bleed and die on the ground. Each time you walk by me with her is a stab in the chest. Why did you leave? I wish we could turn back time. Allowing you and I, back when things were fine. What happened to nobody can take me from you? What happened to I love you? What happened to us? Sorry she’s better than I can be? Sorry I wasn’t good enough for you. I should’ve listened when people told me it wouldn’t last, but I thought your were different. That you cared. I’ve never been so wrong in my life.




I can relate in so many ways. I have similiar poems if you're interested in reading them

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