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Plagued with infidelity
She fornicates in rhythms and melody
Driven by jealousy
In search of intimacy so she lies next to him
She says it isn’t love but she says it wasn’t lust
He was the nearest guy to her and the only she could trust
He opened her mind so she opened her thighs
And to her surprise this was the brink of her demise
When she realized things had changed that all wasn’t the same
She is lonely now and confused with only herself to blame
Her eyes are as wet as the ink from a pen
She wants to make it right but doesn’t know where to begin
She has hurt the one she loved the most
Not him but herself
Neglected to think of the pain to be felt
By he
He is not him
He’s someone else
He was her companion, her soul and her heart
Because of what she did, it all got all torn apart
All for some reassurance and satisfaction
With an absence of love and compassion
Him could of been he or
He could of been him
But either way you put it
She has neither of them


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