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  Whiny Hermione liked to groan and complain. She whined when it was sunny.  She whined when it rained, and Monday through Sunday,  it didn’t matter what day, Hermione would groan 
New year.   New classes.   She's only in 2 of them with me.   Last year, she was in all of them.   I still see her.  
New year.   New classes.   She's only in 2 of them with me.   Last year, she was in all of them.   I still see her.   I sneak glances.   We don't talk.
New year.   New classes.   She's only in 2 of them with me.   Last year, she was in all of them.   I still see her.   I sneak glances.   We don't talk.
New year.   New classes.   She's only in 2 of them with me.   Last year, she was in all of them.   I still see her.   I sneak glances.   We don't talk.
New year.   New classes.   She's only in 2 of them with me.   Last year, she was in all of them.   I still see her.   I sneak glances.   We don't talk.
New year.   New classes.   She's only in 2 of them with me.   Last year, she was in all of them.   I still see her.   I sneak glances.   We don't talk.
There's no more school, So I'm going to do something cool, I'll have so much fun, I just wanna run, Then I'll get into the pool
There's no more school, So I'm going to do something cool, I'll have so much fun, I just wanna run, Then I'll get into the pool
Let schools be schools again Let the parents not weep as they drive away from carline Let the teachers not turn their bodies to shields Let the children live past nine years.
   PrWhy must I carry the heavy burden of knowing how financially draining I am? Why do I have to be told how much money I’m wasting while still freaking out over exams? I know I’m a burden, that I understand,
Once a perfectionist, always a perfectionist. You see, for years, I was at this point where everything was an easy A. I got all my assignments and I had the motivation to do them.
When did I get bad? I remember elementary school, Straight A’s, Huddling in with my friends when its cold, Building giant snowmen in the field,
What can I be? Shall I be another person, Wasted talent on a fast-food job, Living paycheck to paycheck, No smiles, only dread, Another lifeless body roaming the streets.  
Approximately 540 rooms, 658 windows, and 850 doorways. All to house the 435 lumps of dried glue and 100 paper weights we call the US Congress.  
The halls crowd around me As I push through bodies and backpacks My feet fall lightly On the dirty concrete floor Students laugh Students cry Everyone is lost In their own self-centeredness
New year, new term  Different changes but yet still the same faces We come with open minds yet they slowly close
New year, new term  Different changes but yet still the same faces We come with open minds yet they slowly close
I wake up as the sun is rising; I feel the same and it’s not surprising. Another morning, bright and early, in bed there I lay— Time to go to school, I know, a place where we should “learn and grow.”
I wake up as the sun is rising; I feel the same and it’s not surprising. Another morning, bright and early, in bed there I lay— Time to go to school, I know, a place where we should “learn and grow.”
you say get over it but how you say get out of your room how you say think happy thoughts how we need help no one helps us  why we are the broken ones the ones no one wants 
A vast landscape beckens onerous treks  Entreating tilling rocks and honest thoughts. Paths ahead intersect, awaiting steps Lined along eager vines and ochre moss.  
school days! school days! learning for the boys but the girls are just toys pass them around  and then  just deny it   school days! school days! boys can come shirtless
He puts his hand upon me, 
Here I am, here I sped, racing through my sleeping bed,   Dashing closely towards my closet justfor clothes for my deposit,   After dressing oh so quickly, my dog came coming to lick me,
Here I am, here I sped, racing through my sleeping bed,   Dashing closely towards my closet justfor clothes for my deposit,   After dressing oh so quickly, my dog came coming to lick me,
Here I am, here I sped, racing through my sleeping bed,   Dashing closely towards my closet justfor clothes for my deposit,   After dressing oh so quickly, my dog came coming to lick me,
A week in and it’s feeling normal. Empty and cold. I stalk the hallways alone. Unwanted contact. Shoulder to shoulder. Foot to knee.
You gave us teenage revolutionaries,  fighting against dictators  against governments  that didn’t listen  wouldn’t listen 
Here’s the News about AVID~   I’m in AVID, get over it. You think that AVID students aren’t as good as your regular ones?
Here’s the News about AVID~   I’m in AVID, get over it. You think that AVID students aren’t as good as your regular ones?
Here’s the News about AVID~   I’m in AVID, get over it. You think that AVID students aren’t as good as your regular ones?
Here’s the News about AVID~   I’m in AVID, get over it. You think that AVID students aren’t as good as your regular ones?
I'm writing a poem cause I don't want to work. My project is due soon, there's twelve hours left.  But quarantine's getting to me, I'm going berserk. Stuck in my home here, I'm feeling bereft.
Do you know the importance of teachersThat question is a lesson in itselfHow do you learn to achieve wealthReceive a doctorates or even a black belt There’s a great teacher aroundGreat with a ball or maybe a wrenchThere’s a great teacher aroundPre
Bailey George, O how I miss you: Your shiny black coat with the crest of white on the center of your chest, Your tiny ears that never seemed to fit your 95 lb frame,
Im sitting in my house and weighing the options. If I go out, I may get sick, but I have a death wish anyway so bring it on. If I stay in this house any longer I am going to turn into Jack Nicholson. I want to see my boy,
Everyday, every minute, every second I feel like I am worthless Whatever I do is never good I feel like I am alone With no friends
I released you, my beautiful and passionate  anxiety. I release you. You were my beloved and hated twin, but now, I don’t know you as separate from myself. I release you with all the
It could be alcohol. It could be hard drugs. But, you see, it is neither.  
A stir in a crowd, a rumble of hundreds all together for a different reason. they stumble and fret, moan and groan, until that one person, decides to go up alone. ------
dear college administrators, i am not your average students. I don’t get amazing, star high grades, i am sometimes not a good friend, i may only get a 3.0 gpa but i am not one thing. I am not a failure.
Without my parents, I wouldn’t be here, That’s obvious, but I mean something else. If they didn’t come here from over there, 
I was told to tie my laces,  And keep my glasses on.  That I needed to stay their paces,  Or end up mowing lawns.    "Be the best now so you'll be the best then!"  Always seemed to be my anthem. 
I want him to say this:   "I'm in love with you, okay? if you're looking for the word that means caring for someone beyond all rationality
Education is key to maturing the mind. Without it, all of mankind Would be hopelessly blind,
These days, kids don’t value their education Some would rather stay home, Or talk to their friends through the phone They’d find it easier to take a vacation,
Homework. After I get home after school I have to do more work. Homework. When I get home I plan to relax and sleep. Homework. I don't want to do more work at home if I just spent 8 hours at school.
Walking down the hallway, Looking at the people I see on this day, There's the Jocks, the Scenes, the Gays, The Cheerleaders, the Nerds, and the Emos saying "I'm okay", The Mean Kids, the Tomboys, the Girly-Girls,
4 miles away I felt the oxygen leave your lungs I heard you beg for oxygen while you laid on the cracked pavement One shot was all it took for them to shatter my mentality
Traumatized Shaking, Crying not leaving home because the nightmares keep following you Keys in your fist Pepper Spray in the other
I’m so independent, I could attend my own funeral and bury myself in the dirt.   “Here lies Isabella, she died as she lived- too afraid to ask to be carried. Her folded legs left her unmarried,
I hear twisted words Like leaves on a vine. Words jumbled through punctured ears, Words people dine upon.   Vicious, rapid, jumbled they sing. They catch a flying bird And twist its wing
With 1800 hands in my mind, I carved initials into my eyes.   I turned down my volume to see vernacular art, Blinking morse code the way to my heart,   Only to hear you squeak:
I hear you are new at this school  Which I guess is cool Watch out though, the clicks are everywhere   See them the Demetes, the wannabe cheifs Those girls the fearcheer also known as Aphro-girls
I hear you are new at this school  Which I guess is cool Watch out though, the clicks are everywhere   See them the Demetes, the wannabe cheifs Those girls the fearcheer also known as Aphro-girls
I am not going to write about you. I am not going to write about him. I am not going to write about it. I am not going to write about me. I want to write about the world. I want to write about changes.
And here I go again Off to the books Soon I'll be weeping on them Wetting the very pages I hungrily eat through in October I'll miss how the sun felt on my skin
I climb out my window just to see if I can. My parents used to be police officers, no joke, yet here I am in the clubhouse of a legitimate gang.
Yesterday,  I decided   to count my shoes.   I looked to my closet,  calculator in hand.   I'm bad at math,  but I took all honors classes  in high school.     If you asked me  
I went to a new school When I was six years old One day our teacher got a call Hide. Is what we were told   Kids went under desks and into closets Hide anywhere you can!
Dear school, why do we need you to get around in life? Dear school, why do we need to go? Dear school, why don’t you teach us valuable resources ?
I knew you when you were a child, I don’t recall you, Although I tried,   Were you were sweet, While I was wild, The precious pet of the classroom kind,   An image of a smiling child,
The teacher told me to study more. My family wanted me to do well in school, And because of the teacher, my grades began to soar.   Studying soon became a chore,
After eons of rule and omnipotence, The God’s grew sick of their own importance. Together they chose to settle down, And run a school in a tiny town.
After eons of rule and omnipotence, The God’s grew sick of their own importance. Together they chose to settle down, And run a school in a tiny town.
Papers stuffed neatly into their respective folders,            Textbook clenched tightly against my side, I turn to face the dawn.             My mother stands against the light.
O what a charming blue day! Twittering birds had so much to say But much duller inside, where boredom did hide,
The Shorter Days   Sitting in a classroom, Staring at the clock; Why does the day feel So long?  
A flashing of emerald trees fly by, Rusty brick buildings move just as fast, racing the trees. Sweat drips from a temple, down a neck,  Tangling with short streaky hair.
I've done all the work. I've tried to do everything right. I graduated high school at 16, and college at 20. Here I am in grad school nearly begging for money.
When I was a boy sometime ago I faced a problem and wanted to let go. I felt scared but wasn't sure where and I was not strong. I had little courage
I used to get through quizzes really fast. I never had to study it at all. However, this phase, it would never last Until the year of '13 in the fall.   Like usual, I quickly skimmed a book.
Slow Slow Slow Slow Slow Slow Slow I am not slow You are too fast Why must I change It is you that has too high of expectations This will help none of us
I keep on spiraling again. Veins palpitate, aching like the Desire of an obsessive Heartbeat. Perpetuations of the future abyss, Ceaseless paths and choices do so Remind me of
  I used to wake up next to you, But now my concrete eyes struggle with your absence. All that’s left is empty space,
As I wake up, I notice that I am in a bed With somebody leaning over me Saying good morning sleepy head Wow that's very lame I know, grow up I hope this day isn't the same  But hey, I am awake 
Learning to read, to write, to speak, I realized that school was just work every week,  It wasn't that hard, till after 6th, I realized middle school was no longer a myth, Not just one teacher, not there's 7,
Benny’s Biography By: Alexis Seith   im a kind and carefreey kiddo, and my name is benny hyde. im sory for my speling but, you see, im only 5. my brother-he’s in first grade
When my toes finally poked through Those converse sneakers from 8th grade And my shirts got a bit too tight When the boys stopped wanting to play ball And the girls just wanted to fight
Study, Study it’s all you do for 12 years With your head in textbooks, super uncool Taking notes while the rest of the world disappears All times is spend on school
New ones, soft, thin, smell like a new magazine. To a jail? A hell? A cage? No To a library, gather the knowledge, read the books. One, the book of life, we do not read. We write. This new year, this new passage.
As Someone Grows Big, You Never See What Changes You Only See Change Yes, You May Get Big, But You Only See Changes Once One Has Done Grown
One is a squirming burrito of tears, laughter and dirty diapers. At least that's how her mom put it. Two is much the same, though more mobil,
A day in August; hot as hell. mark time mark! and I'm not doing well. But I'm doing my best. and that's very good. but you're not the best.
My fingers trace the vinly table tops Eyes peeking out over the tops of too big glasses Sitting in a too big room The teacher keeps talking
My fingers trace the vinly table tops Eyes peeking out over the tops of too big glasses Sitting in a too big room The teacher keeps talking
Sitting at the edge of the warm, welcoming bed Watch the shadows creep their way under to door. Those fearful eyes, latching at their nonexistent movement
Last class in seventh grade. The chess piece was left behind. While the other chess pieces roamed out to the battlefield and never heard from them again. However, one chess piece survived. But had to do somthing To repel course to Hope! With digni
The biggest lie I ever told myself was that I wouldn't stay up too late  Studying or doing work. Now that I'm on my senior year of high school all of that Went out the window.  
Dylan Schmidt     For some people 18 is a magic number.
Was always scared to talkHardly ever showed my emotionsHated being called on duringclass in fear of being wrong
Was always scared to talkHardly ever showed my emotionsHated being called on duringclass in fear of being wrong
It was my junior year of high school, the world seemed so small. Just me my friends and family, until summer ended and it was back to the roll call. My teacher was a French lady, 
Students Aren't human Schools only pretend To give a shit And be prudent Because in their eyes You're only a statistic
Dear Shakespeare: ‘Tis One P.M. The Clock tick-eth slowly ‘Swounds! My face is all a-glower In this lone, tort’rous hour   Oh, agony! Oh, villain! Oh horrible deed,
New school, butterflies, bright-eyed, i'm just a teen.   SAT prep, long nights, car drives, i'm just a teen.   third year, FAILED TESTS,
Studying Muddying Sipping my cup of joe Working so hard until The dead of night. Thanks to my work, I’ve no Availability It is so challenging Staying upright.   Tickity Tockity
Education Its to prepare you for the icy cold grip the world has on you. "once you leave here they wont be as forgiving" they say they say.... but that doesnt mean their right.
Dear adults, This is a call to action, Every kid is looking for their passion, It is time that we take action But we are splitting kids up into factions Making the world composed of common core
Hands cold. Sweat beading across my forehead but too numb to properly feel it. Deep breaths. Inspirational quotes. "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." 
I stood firm on the sands of time. Mind fresh, troubles having no rhyme. What did I have back then to lose? A new stage of life to bemuse. I speak of my first days of school. proceeding I knew not one rule.
I used to be creative Then I went to school I used to play outside Now the air's too cool   I used to have ambition Living unrestrained But now my will's been missing
It's the same thing everytime. A presentation is assigned.   Names starting with "A" are the worst. I know I will be called on first.   And sure enough, without a doubt,
My feet pitter pattered as I walked towards the stage. My hands are starting to become clammy. I wonder, should I walk back or engage?
Numbers, express, fractions, percents the fear with my hands being sweaty. Teacher asks, " Deloria what is the answer"? Of course, I freeze all I can think is zero.
There’s little alarm Brought on by my alarm Spitting its scream at 6:15.  
School. Absolutely not. "GO" I heard Him say So Large Too Large "GO" Lonely brain in an extroverted body "GO"  I went. Wait... She likes the same things as me?
Hands raised in a manilla classroom Walls plain, littered with 20th-century posters Faces unamused, drifting into unconsciousness
Why am I the only one? Why don't they give up? I already know how bad I've done But all I say is ‘suck it up   No one cares that's It's hard
I sat by myself in the cafeteria of my new school when a girl came up to me and offered me friendship.    She was a social pariah and yet all I had.  I accepted the hand she held out to me... 
I sat by myself in the cafeteria of my new school when a girl came up to me and offered me friendship.    She was a social pariah and yet all I had.  I accepted the hand she held out to me... 
burning paper clutching palms carpe diem
I can still hear it ringing in my ear It’s been months now, but I still can’t shake the fear Tears roll down my face Thinking back on the time when I was all but safe       I still remember the stormy weather
How to live   I mean survive                          in school.   1. Show up. Show up to the first day of the rest of your life. Show up to your future.
Do the French VHL Math HW #37 read p 209-213 p214 #1,5,17,20,27,30 Physics WS AP Chem Lab due tmr START the essay SSR due Dec 13 Test on Monday make study guide
I made the mistake of allowing myself to dip my toes into the water And letting myself get carried away into the deep end. I couldn’t find it in me to save myself Because I never learned how to swim.
I made the mistake of allowing myself to dip my toes into the water And letting myself get carried away into the deep end. I couldn’t find it in me to save myself Because I never learned how to swim.
Oh my heavy heart Racing heart Defeated heart.   Knees weak Eyes bleak   And oh how desperately I seek,
Can I be afraid of change  if I am miserable where I am? Years swept past me and I let myself rot, until I realized the role I play. Should I be afraid of leaving the only thing i have ever Known?
There is a man of in(decision) Or not that it is that He is a man with (one) vision He has but one goal   He is always decent on the (test)
How do I put these things into a cup with two handles It's far too enormous Ho do you expect me to be a genius When I am not a bell How do you expect me to come out the best
How do I put these things into a cup with two handles It's far too enormous Ho do you expect me to be a genius When I am not a bell How do you expect me to come out the best
Years from now say 2034 I stand around wanting nothing more than to be where i am a place so grand everything according to  a careful plan   The walls are soft
school is the devil in my heart to the level i cant chart school wont let me break free tell that to my family i cant breath im under a spell why cant i leave all i can hear is the school bell
It's So Easy, You Can Do it, Don't Be Stupid.They Shout Over And OverCompletely Unaware ThatIt's Not Easy, I Cant Do It, I Am Stupid.I Constantly Struggle To UnderstandTo Get It RightTo Pass The Test
When I wake up early in the morning. It's most horrible moment, which is so hurting. When I wear school uniform It's most horrible moment when I am said to go to hell by my mom. 
Deep in long and narrowInfront of stupid teacher as ghostInside four walls of classesSomewhere my dream is lost
I love the teachers that teach, The teachers that write in scrawling letters that Dance around the whiteboard with colors clashing.
My friend waves a phone in my face and huffs. It's a brand new girl everyday. My friend points and judges this girl with anger. She finds flaws in each and every way.  
I am a soldier.  Fighting a war I never enlisted in,  a fight I don't wanna lend another fist in.  I am a soldier...  Standing on the battlegrounds of war praying to God saying I can't do this no more. 
  Piece for the walkout   In all this damnass cold You and I create, Bicker, conclude, articulate. In all this damnass cold
Stupid Slow Dumb Does it show? Talentless, gallant-less Humiliated Hated Stop saying school is cool
i am human... I ask my parents for advice, I dont ask them to beat me I am human... I get in the bus, they throw my backpack through the window I Am human...
O Julia, do you remember elementary school Where every one of us was a young fool Drunk on youth although we couldn't drink yet Free from the constrains of student debt Gee, Julia, elementary school ruled.  
"Finish your apps, get A's at school, write all your college essays early- don't be a fool." So much stress           is constantly                       build   ing.
She grew up in a home where every grade mattered, where “A” stood for average, and anything below 100% was not good enough. She grew up in a school
Wayward students bobbing aimlessly Wanderers, idle, unfocused, undisciplined “heads up keels down; keep your bearing” Vigilant and watchful - ever watchful
I felt trapped, Four walls, a prison with no escape in sight. I was scared, and I never learned my crime. My cellmates would laugh and talk as if nothing was ever wrong,
Last November, We all got the call, From our school, To warn us all. Last November someone wrote: "I'm going to shoot the school up on Friday". No one believed it to be a joke.
Eyes dull, downcast No longer looking for acceptance Reserved heart as you begin class And then weeks pass A spark! How? This free space you carved for each dull, downcast eye
The Older Boys   I had always felt younger than all the other boys. My pretty pink Strawberry Shortcake bicycle, and long dirty blonde hair.
The room is silent, but for the endless scratch, Of pens and pencils on paper, Words flowing from minds, Through the hands, Out the pen, Traces of ink in gleaming rivers, The endless scratching,
1, 2, 3 It was only you and me, Sure, there was a crowd, Other students screaming loud, But it was only me and you, A lovely pair of two.   3, 4, 5 You reminded me I was alive,
1, 2, 3 It was only you and me, Sure, there was a crowd, Other students screaming loud, But it was only me and you, A lovely pair of two.   3, 4, 5 You reminded me I was alive,
Prisons are made of organized interactions Just like us humans living in segregation Moving in an organized motion But I’m a daydreamer I tend to escape the illusion  
Strive for science yet live for art Mother teach me through practical and passionate experience Help me allow them to bend and morph with my soul   You guide my choices and I follow through
Since I was young I wanted to put on a show, I didn't know what but I wanted it to flow. The type of hero that could take down any foe, Something this dark world could see shine and grow.  
Since I was young I wanted to put on a show, I didn't know what but I wanted it to flow. The type of hero that could take down any foe, Something this dark world could see shine and grow.  
Sonnets are spoken for through a story.
"we're going to write poems" my heart dropped to the floor. "we're going to write poems"  my brain croaked with lifelessness. "we're going to write poems" and i pursued an escape.
At the early hour Hearts are still   Echos are devoured The air is chill   This campus is not hers She's not the right kind   But she just wants To get to class on time
As my Pen runs out of Ink, I'm forced to stare, to stop and think.    This Pen that flitters, jumps and dances; over page it skitters, prances This Pen that colors, draws, and spells: This Pen, which over wording swells.
They taught us in school the simple things also that we are to peruse our dream. That were all different in our own way, it was something I learned the hard way.
Placing words on this paper 
I hate you, and I can't stand up to you You represent everything that I hate about this world You are the epitome of evil You are the living proof of why no one wins by playing fair Everyone loves the tough guy
Eyes glazed over like there's a dead girl inside a barely functioning body. It makes people uncomfortable, but most never question why, like bad stuff doesn't happen in this neighborhood.
Put that gun down Young one. You may be feeling red, But you’ll be seeing red. If you use that there gun.   It won’t solve Nothing. But cause a whole lot of Dread, 
The god awful sound of terror sweeps into your mind. You can't wake up from reality it keep you between your morality.  I'm only so young, everything's new I don't know what I'm supposed to do.   
I have these two friends... In school, they both have goals and dream. Both got pregnant at eighteen. Sweet girls that fell victim to all of the lies- Of “Love” they thought they had from other “Nice Guys.”
A "Dr. Ballard" introduced a classof teens to poetry one winter's daylike this: ignoring band kids' brashest brassand waving students' idle chats away—below the ground, before the board he asked,
I don't remember when I first heard the word I don't remember when I first knew what it meant I don't remember anyone telling me
From the way you describe it, You learn to think the way they do. Dark, bright, happy, sad, it feels like a hit, To the way they write about the wind to the way the cows moo.
Poety has taught me Many wonderful things. From songs, To haikus, Each has given to me A different view Of the world. Songs breathe rhythm Into flat words And limericks
Why are the words I write more powerful than the voice I have been given?  My grandmother says God has provided me with ears to listen, and a mouth to speak, but my hands were never assigned a task. 
Why are the words I write more powerful than the voice I have been given?  My grandmother says God has provided me with ears to listen, and a mouth to speak, but my hands were never assigned a task. 
sometimes i write Letters Letters that will never be given Letters that will never truly live Letters that will be hidden or perhaps just thrown away   Letters that will be read by no person but me
I see her walking down the hallway She doesn't see me Or she does but doesn't bother noticing She's smiling And she's laughing And she's so  Happy I wish I could be
Bleeding onto pages its heart has been pirced  An aversion to the spill   They say the felt feels too  loud to see The crimson color Makeing meanings unclear   Only blue or black
There is a feeling that many students get at least once, usually during exam season. It’s the kind of feeling where you just don’t care anymore.
Period one I feel hungry as always Though I just had breakfast I push through   Period two Hunger still When will it be time to eat? I push through   Period three
I look into my past through old poems. each yellowing page telling another story of that sadness; dark and full of worry. I read and learn from them now;
School sucks,  honestly so. It is with deep regret that I must go, into the fortress of forced knowledge, Where I'm forced to cry in the bathroom.
How is this supposed to feel? After so many days of stress, Rest hardly feels real. It's something I can't assess. I feel like a sphere. Each task causes me to compress,
My gaze falls, and damn; It is a unique school day. I've forgot my shoes.
I wake up each morning and prepare for a war that is not mine to fight. My backpack strapped to my body like a casual wear bullet vest,
Dear Mr. Toscano,   What be better joy Than to form a gaming club To make a school hub     Collin Brown
Dear School, I don’t remember what it’s like to be refreshed. To wake up in the morning with a smile on my face And a can-do attitude.  
Dear Uncertain Teachers,   You may have noticed some features some things I'm insecure about but I'm here to tell you without a doubt that I am a boy.
What if you taught us how to learn? Instead of having us memorize for tests at every last turn. What if you encouraged our individuality? Instead of having us spout out the human anatomy. 
Dear future me, I hope that you're smiling. I hope that you can say that you're happy without lying.
Why am I like this?   Why do you act like you care?   Why do you look and stare?    Why don't you help me?
1/30/18 A boy at the highschool down the street from mine killed himself.  It's sad, I know.  But I'm not sad, I'm livid. 
Dear Pa,               Never wrote a letter ever.             I’m told e-mail’s just not the same.             OK, here goes.
Once my friend’s mom made me a lunch Never had I ever felt so very touched Simple gestures go such a long way Especially when it’s by such surprise   Smiling and carrying it proud
I wish they knew how it feels to be me. I wish I could cry for help, fall to the ground and… I wish they knew that award ceremonies are lose-lose situations
I love you. Even though I could not touch you. Even though I could not see you. Even though I could not hug you. I love you Even though I could not name you. Even though I could not sing to you.
Dearest seven year old thoughts,   you’re stupid unrealistic hypocritical, but it is not your fault.   The false words that teachers forcefully feed- words that they do not even believe!
Dear Anxiety,   It seems strange to be writing to you When you feel just like another part of me, An extra appendage that I can’t amputate
Dear School Board,   You threaten me with your words With your long sentences of gibberish and peanut butter
Silent, hollow bodies contrived of metals Locked and held within iron cells Venting frustration upon hungry bipedals Steals, steals, steel, but nevel sells One might as well eat some flower petals.
Dear User of Me,   You walk right past  not a word said. In the summer, I almost saved your soul from the wrath of a blue-haired lady. But, mama said no and held me captive.  
hello,  in this letter to whoever,  i'm not sure what to say. i rarely get to speak my mind; never more than once a day. and my list of friends is limited  and is set in stone.  but here
Dear Me, Age 11,
Three semesters ago I was assigned a poem for an English grade I was excited because I write I write often I write fluidly   But I found that, when I had to I could not write at all  
My life is not a number, Or a letter on a page. It's more than any words I say. I am more than just a name.   I am worth more than my salary. I am not some porcelain doll.
Eyes are weighing down Balance constantly zero Work hard to work hard
   New Home,New Faces       Past  and Present, blur together       Voices echo, All is the Same yet it has changed
Dear Aunt Cathy, this was my day It started in an unusual way   My alarm rang, it screamed and it blared  Nobody else in my family cared   It was my own job to shut off that thing
Dear Destroyer of Motivation, You are a shapeshifter. A manipulator. You can appear harmless, like a sweet humming in my ear. You can be found anywhere. In phones, my bed, the stars. You are limitless.
It was the way he chewed on his nails until his fingers were raw.  the way he trembled and studdered and looked around  like he was watching out for something. 
She's in a new world Lonely girl, where are your parents? A new area, so familiar but never explored Adventure awaits those who seek it She's taking the next step, just as useless as before  
I’m so close to the end. I dread, and dread, and I agonizingly dreaded to go to that school all these years.  
Dear School, I love you, let me tell you. I must make that crystal clear. But things have to change now as we begin a new year.   You can't just ignore my questions
Dear Loneliness,   I remember how you came into my life at the age of nine When all my friends stood together at the front of the lunch line  
last october english class our gaze meets you smile and turn away this moment, haunting my thoughts for days on end I twist everything I've heard you say  making myself believe you like me
Hi, my name is Faith. I am a 4.0 student I went home today, and my mother asked me how school was. Hi, my name is Faith
Hey, Mr. Senator, Can you not see This isn't how learning is supposed to be Just take it from me, Under each eye, there's a lavender-shaded valley
We are competitors Everyday at the mark of 7:10 AM, the bell chimes for our competition to begin We compete for the front seats to take better notes We compete for the back seats to sleep discreetly
  Students are not reaching their full capacity, Some think it's because they have the audacity, To sit and watch their life spiral down.
The shelves nudge my hips as I pass. They are jam-packed with too many books to count, But I do.  I count them all. Their pages are rough and worn. They hold memories of eras I long to visit.
Isn’t it strange how the numbers and lies Oddly determine so much of our lives? Acronyms seem to possess all our thoughts,  Tying our lives into untidy knots.   Everyone tells us the next step is prep:
Why? Why must you spurn me so? Your words harsh and cold. Why must you abandon me? Leaving me lonely and melancholy. Why must you taunt me thus? Childish insults stripping my confidence.
Your alarm clock starts to yell at youTelling you the morning has arrivedYou argue,Burrowing into the blankets wishing for more,More time,More warmth,But the sun is peaking over the smoky mountains
Dear Seniors,  Sometimes instead of putting down your stupid small town That nobody has ever heard about In the depths of Ohio, You should appreciate it.
Dear Seniors,  Sometimes instead of putting down your stupid small town That nobody has ever heard about In the depths of Ohio, You should appreciate it.
Another new place; Another new road. Another new school; Another new home.   Each move just the last.   Pack up your clothes; Pack up your shoes. Pack up your books;
It was the way he chewed on his nails until his fingers were raw.  The way he trembled and studdered and looked around like he was watching out for something.  Fidgeting and stumbling on his words,
As I sit in my chair, typing away at my computer, I feel eyes, watching me. Not bad eyes. No harm is intended, I can tell. But someone, perhaps more than one person, watches me.
Dear Graduates,   We are born of the world. So introspective. So divine. Yet we tend to lose ourselves in the struggles and daily routines,
Dear Lord, I'm higly stressed, Please help me on this test Amma do my best and let you handle the rest Dear Lord, please help me on this test Because if I don't pass, I'll be a mess Lord, feel my chest
Dear 15-year-old Bellla, College is rad. College is bomb. I am having the time of my life at Arizona State. Why did I have to wait? My classes are going very well. My friends are swell.
In burning cold, and crowded rooms us children "learn" from those of you those of you who melt our minds by having us sit and not express ourselves I myself, I want to sing I want to yell and be free
Dear Mr. Willis, Last year I found you Dead on your doorstep with your hand  Just out of reach Of yesterday's newspaper. Your neighbors say they didn't notice. How can you not notice
We let these kids just sit and wait In school and not participate  they step they stumble they trip the fall Kids laugh and keep walking down the hall Teachers don't try to intervene
Curriculum's are set based on trials from various students, but none of those students are me, or you or the person down the road. 
Dear High School, I wish that trying hard was enough to please you. I wish that the hours I spend stressed were enough to "succeed". Do you know that I have spent hours crying over you?
Dear School, I apologize for my absence today. I would never miss on purpose. But just last night, I felt I had A case of yersinia pestis.  
I don't hate Learning but I also dont think this school thing works for everyone  youre supposed to sit down and stay quiet Pay attention and don't talk back to the teachers  listen to what they have to say even if it's 
My nerves shatter does it really matter Everything's a blur It's too bright my stomach turns Closing my eyes i put my head in my heads and sounds you can't hear are driving me batty
In one ear and Out the other Listening skills, They lack Have to ask one another A question that The teacher just answered.   Act as if you know To the next class you will go,
Apply. Cry. Repeat.   Apply. Cry. Repeat.   Applying to college, Seems so awfully trying, While I’m whining, About something that seems, So distant.  
yes i have been blessed with this life that has been given to me but i've been so stressed that its killin me i fell like i have been deprived of the one thing that s mine and that is my  dream to susceed
I sit in this small room surrounded by young men and women I look behind my shoulder and see my girl A young delicate jewel who shines above all others. She wears no paint, as many do to make themselves apear as jewels.
I love how your hand fits in mine, I love how your smile can light up a room, I love how your eyes shine in the sun light, I love when your Eyes meet mine. You are the Ronald to my Hermine.
My freedom escapes me, so separated by clumps of grasse My freedom is lost,  to the cages of pavement
This is for my baby, that I haven't met yet. At first I was scared and didn't even want to believe it. The test said positive. I took 3 more to be “sure”.. But I still wasn't.
Because I love you I'm willing to get a B. My GPA can drop, my deadlines pass. My dead eyes pass over yours and brighten. My bright responses deaden as my hands hold yours.
Tick...Tock...Tick Just breathe Keep calm You got this You studied for hours Wait is it A or B? Wait what does this even mean? Did you really study enough? Was four days enough?
Mama, I hope that you’re proud of me. I hope you’re proud of the way that I slave every day And how sometimes I pray Even though I don’t believe in a Jesus.
In a Crisis, not to pretend Ease with then Find What I intend Not quick to defend I pour out my soul in the lions den Where only the strongest ascend Into higher heights
We had a connection A connection that would not be cut down Not even for the life of me.   A week went by and you questioned why it was you I just thought you were pretty cute
Everyday I go to school to learn things that will never be applicable to my life as an adult Bored with nauseating integrals and forgetting Styx and green anxiety and the need to cry when 
An empty classroom, The buzz of a fly against the windowpane Overlooking bright wheat fields and dust and sky, The scent of musty carpet and new paper in her nose,
We used to be inseparable, But that quickly changed.  When he came along,    By you I became estranged. 
We all day sit in little rooms with our robot brains taking in and putting down everything you say.   Posters crowd on every wall,  and stare into your soul telling you what to eat and think
She sat in her 1994 Geo-Tracker, in the school parking lot-- feet on the dash and all. She was sipping on Robitussin, and smoking a cigarette.
Work harder for your dreams They say. Believe me, if effort was success I'd be rich. Instead I'll punch the clock, Do the job, Do the other job, And studdy the trade all night So that one day
The yellow bus purrs A bird chirps in the window Summer has arrived
Wake up! Cling to the hours of the day, You're going to wish you had laid Down sooner, before the sun said hello.   Pace, faster, keep from running disaster, You're final goals you're after,
Waking, Brushing, Combing, Walking, Rushing, Running, Breathing, Working, Sweating, Eating, Swimming, Breathing, Writing, Reading, Laughing,
There is a fragile world with a city made of eggshells. Alas, The ground is always cracked And the people are made of glass.
The scholar and his studies dozes off to sleep but not to dream... for the scholar is weak  and his mind is weary all at once he subjugated to overwhelming force only to sleep 
Back to school. Back to 3 am ice cream runs and coffee running through my veins.  Back to word limits and pop quizes.  Back to study groups that aren't really study groups.  
Pencils placed in pouches, Books placed on shelves, My brain is full of spider webs- From a summer spent so well. Time to get to work, And register for classes. The days are getting darker still,
Once upon a time, in a land far away, kids slept more than five hours a night. Kids had more than a cup of coffee for breakfast. Kids hung out with their friends after school.  
I lean against the locker, Hard and cold on my back Breathing in and out, Keeping it in track.   She's coming for me.   My fingers have gone brittle and I bite them to the bone.
i am about to be eighteen. eighteen.
And you glance at the date And the clock in the corner; It’s already getting late. Your eyes are tired,
A new school, pleasant people, friendly vibes, to turn the page and flip the tides 
Summer is what kids want, but don't need We want summer because without school we feel freed Yet as we continue to grow And my tears begin to flow I'll miss it so. But when we become teens
[(I was 15 at the time I wrote this.)]   Because I'm not like you, you fear me, you hate me, you torture me. I refuse to be like you. I fear you, I hate you, I run from you.
My name is... Well who cares, anyway? Who has truly cared as to whether or not my mouth formed words? I was an outcast, A weirdo, A lame boy, Geek, Nerd, Goggles...
  Sunshine hurts my eyes.Why am I up this early?Oh yeah, I have class. Sunshine hurts my eyes.Why am I up this early?Oh yeah, I have class.  
You have no love for me! As the concept of admiration Seeps through teeth of a mouth at grin. Just as an angry shade of red  Would color spotted grief Upon the face of the cruelly  Disfigured.  
Is it really that time of year, the day is coming, the day I fear, the day, the day we go back to school, but how can I become more cool? I know the perfect way! so what do you say homework or youtube?
i’m focused the Computer not comprehending     whether or not i am truly thinking about what i am  
Will they ever know how much they mean to me? How even on the hardest days they could make me smile? When I was at my worst when I had no reason to go on, when I was done with the world,
Dear School, You think we're made up of grades, test scores and quizzes; You tell us to love learning when all it does is kill us when we have a bad day or bad year or bad brain
You told me to stop Don't be creative Be mechanical, logical No imagination My pencil scratches Across the paper My eyes are glazed
Are you excited to have a driver's license that can increase your freedom of movement in Alberta? If yes, then start preparing for the test as the process is not at all easy.
Work your butt off,  They all say, No one cares about the struggles. Oh, you will make it, But only if you try.   No one sees the struggle, the pain, and anguish we all go through.
Roaming In the hallways not quite belonging   Squeezing Into a space, where there was never place   I am not alone In this daily struggle  
Uninspired Unwelcome America has never been great I banged my head against walls To get out of school Because I couldn’t face my abusers anymore
Ready aim, After the frst few days She walks up coated in chocolate and then says what is it that you claim and why do you live in vain Just caught up on how devine she looks as I think
An untold story finds itself, dusty That childhood story you once knew Peeking out on the shelf Holding Brother's Grimm Tales of the Billy Goats Gruff And Cinderella
No to the DBQs. No to the dialecticals. No to the derivatives. No more.   No to the research projects, the industrial revolution, and activation energies. No more.  
7:53 The door closes behind me and I slip in, Unnoticed, hopefully, And granted free. Late.  They walk in late. "Sign the clipboard." Stamp of feet as the herd obeys.
The class is a Place to be. When i Look Outside. I See People drinking Hennessey. Whats this, they supposed to learn. This is to Show you what they really missed. And hiss.
Amazing to grace! Happy! Very Intersting! I feel down!   Not a very good feeling I should speak. But i don't want to toy with it Nor do I want to break it!  
Never been loved the way for one gives it Never been hugged the way for one craves it Undesirable?  Glad to be proven wrong Life has changed since for one had moved along  
Bullying seems only to me to be The single thing that’s keeping me from you, but not you from me You laugh at me, you push and shove, I run home crying, to pray to the man above Ask him to help, in any way he could
Hello? Open your eyes Do you not see how talented you are? God-gifted and yet  you still fuck up this far? Open your mind Do you not see that you have this thing called  P O T E N T I A L 
My proclamation? This is what I've got; My motivation? Consider it shot; My concentration? Lost it on the spot; My procrastination? Worse than you thought; My generation?
Rest with these, I stress relieve The worst of  Me Lie and commit sins with ease I know just who to please I best believe But ask for the better cause? As it thaws  
Eyes burnt and veins red, By 3am dreams of life are dead, Is that a trumpet I hear? The sound of the end, freedom from despair, Take me to thee, take me please, This pain hunts me, I’m under attack
My name is Regan, And I'm pretty smart. I might be small, But I have a big heart. Sometimes I'm quiet, But it's time you hear it. I'll work hard for you And show school spirit.
every day, wake up early. every day, eat a tiny breakfast. everyday, leave for work. Sometimes late. Sometimes early. Never happy about it.  Get home mope.
Three hundred sixty-four days plus one I was a different version of myself 17. 100   The old system consists of tired, old buttons
My highest aspirations  The ones I hope no longer to be dreams  Threatening with apparitions  Visible and dark beams  Coming to induce fear or perhaps redeem  Sweeping away the emptiness 
In a year A veil is lifted A wound is deepened, dragging We stitch pigs in science and
To listen, or not to listen? That is the question Whether it is right to listen to the sound of others Following what they believe to be of sound mind Or to take a stand for one's own thoughts,
Pull the rope from either end Watch it fray and snap and destroy from within.   Then squeeze the ball at its very core Till it’s a flat disk, with a pop, then a ball no more.  
Only yesterday feeling eight or three, But here I am, turning seventeen. So many changes have happened in the past year,
The question “What is the meaning of life?” Is like asking the question, “What do all poems, taken together, mean as a whole?” You search for a single meaning through the entire realm of possibility
Its not just a grade, It is my future. No more time to delay, I need to make a choice.   My book flys open! I skim the page- Words are written down on a page.  
I found my real friends Marketed an iPad app And stressed for college. (What's new?)
Classes, assignments presentations in particular, they get us so stressed out. Let's stick with the presentations, for the moment and think about this: how prevalent the fear of public speaking is.
I've gotten one semester through The months left for summer are few In the second semester I vowed to do my best I got a hundred on my first test My grades are all excellent, phew!
Growing up is hard, and even harder when you are an aspriring bard. Life moves on, even if you can't. Please catch me if I rant, but I don't want to disappoint anyone. The pressure, it weighs a million tons,
when i first walked into the doors that led to the next chapter of my life (high school by the way) i was a fresh new me who thought i would make the best grades possible and go to harvard but
Jumping into the year with exectations so high Played football but got out because my school work was too severe  Tried out for the basketball team didn't make it 
The brain is a marvelous thing full of numerous files from long ago, and yesterday loads of info it compiles   The center of it all, it gives me instructions brilliant mastermind,
A year go I wanted to die I didn't try My father loved drugs more than me I wish I was carefree But reality was reality
Every Day of school was another day of loneliness Always seeing other couples in each other’s caress Passing by the same scene every day
Dear I Was, Childhood ended Adulthood is still far away   But still a Teen   Life was a bully back then
These classes are higher than stormy waves, And are taught at such a hasty pace! I know, the teacher never promised me all A’s, But will they offer very little grace!
I started 2016 like every other year Like a sigh of relief at dawn when you see the new days sun rising  I found confidence this year
What do you want to do with your life? What is your major? How do you like college? Large family gatherings on breaks   I want to teach.
Make a house out of the bricks you have, they said, But I didn’t know how to put this all in my head; Raise the roof with only one hand, they cried.
Three, two, one... I dive straight in, and I hear the commotion and clouds of confetti, I come up in a new year.   Seat belt, please - Anxiety, nervousness,
I'd like to give a base for my deviance And like the Founding Fathers I'd like to site my grievances I see all these people with their heads in the sand Wondering why they're lost and saying
Hey, are you still up I was working until 1am I only cried a little
Senior Year: Second semester College freshman: Second semester Prom, graduation, ditch day, freedom Fear, home sick, scared, broken A year of love and excitement
The words echoed in my head."Mommy has breast cancer."  Tears.Here and there they fell, yet always in secret.The helplessness consumed me.A picture of death branded into my mind.This lasted for weeksand weeksand weeks.Grades fell.I stopped eating.
2016 began.. And all I knew was that I was a sophomore in my second semester in college Have I discovered who I was yet? Probably not.. Am I home sick? Perhaps Did I make the right choice..?
I wish that I can make them happy. I wish I can make it true. But I wish that I didn't have to procrastinate, but hey what can I do? I wish I wasn't so privileged. I wish they understood.
"An epiphany!An epiphany!" they cried.
Knowing what I know now, I wish I could start over I hope this does not carryover  This stress is slowly killing me It's only a matter till I'm finally free   High school is not all football and dance
To the artists who saved me Inspired me But yet still are saving me every day Thank you Rupi Kaur Liberation drove me to the mic
2016, the year that became a personified terror(I lost track of the present a couple of times) I finished college last year (FINALLY) but I was lost(I went back to school)
Infinite and fleeting, Rare and abundant, The scholarship.   Typing, Endless typing, Always the same, With the scholarship.   You match us, You sort us,
Monkey on our backs, Fall under pressure, boom! Collapse! Monkey on our backs, Make good grades, essays, no time to relax. Monkey on our backs,
struggle in the mold see vibrancy in the bold Start to live; behold    
Tick, Tock Went the clock. Shuffle, squeak Went the sneaks. Papers cover the floor, Just as often as Someone slams a door. The bell is almost near, Oh why can’t it be next year? 
we were happy once back when we were but children, giggling at the minute moments innocent, but ignorant. not yet accustomed to the term depression
Elated and euphoric as I read 23/25 at the top of the page YES YES YES   Worthy and filled with pride Momentarily  The shortlived victory is overshadowed by the BURN that fuels and torments
Christmas, A Joyful time of the year. Seniors get anixious, As the end comes Near. Appliyng to College. Acing those Exams. The time Draws Near. For them to be accepted to College.
i. seventeen I am mired in transition, a sense of in-between-ness: childhood & adulthood, tradition & assimilation,
No Thank You. I don’t want the stress. Senior year, college too No Thank You.  I can’t deal with it. Not all of the work.
I am thankful all those people saying I am not good enough, even though I know I am at my best.  I am thankful my father who callled me worthless if I didn't join a program even though I was going for engineering. 
Pencil shavings became a sign of accomplishments A’s became common Teachers became leaders School became a creative space.  Glances became kisses
Say goodbye to sleep  We fall deeper into stress Take away the pain   
My school has taught me well, But is it enough? The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, I learned in biology amongst other stuff.
Crucial: a day, year, month in which      I can never turn back.  Now, no turning back does not mean I cannot look forward,       and looking forward does not mean I can't learn from my past. 
I'm 20 years old and life's starting to change. Apartment in January because I'm moving away. With that comes debt. That's why I'm taking out loans. $600 a month and if that's not paid, then the doors close.
After a while or two passed That left me quite distressed And Stressed about all the trouble  I've let occur, I Laugh.   I mean, you know This whole faulty show
My body's in school, My brain's still in bed, And my soul went to Hell without me.
The bright light of a new beginning,  Crawling turns into walking,  Running to the playground grinning, 
Tired  I try to sleep  but the teacher keeps talking  my eyes droop  and I drift  for just a second  there's peace  For just a second  Then I'm jarred awake   
I am a radioactive zone. Danger zone, when I'm alone In a classroom, in a crowd Touch and you will perish.   One of those kids who Thinks too much, who Writes words on her
We play by each rule. We Stay in school. We  Study late. We Wake Up By Eight. We  Review for Test. We Do our best. We
Write  Write Write essay after essay I'm almost there just a little bit more annnnnnd there I made it  now what?   where do I go from here
We play by each rule. We Stay in school. We  Study late. We Wake Up By Eight. We  Review for Test. We Do our best. We
If I sat down beside you would you be mad? It seems everything I do dissapoints you. I don't mean to make you cry, I don't mean to make you sad. But every litte thing I do, dissapoints you.  
Having been accepted into a college-prep high school,      The exhilaration spread through my body like sparks. Enrolled as a dual student in a community college,
I spend my days longing and striving for a perfection,I know I can never reach.I spend my nights planning for the day to come,Making goals I'll never meet.I feel I am accepting of others and their beliefs,Given they respect my own.I'm not very wel
My story is a rogue escaping from soldiers of corruption. My story is an introduction to society’s disruption.  My story is an individual with simplicity to complexity,
  Night falls, The screams began. Thundering hooves On the pavement A high pitched yelp It’s my own. My long legs Running from darkness. Towards the white light.
Why did you do this to me? Why did you crush all my hopes? You took all my hard work And threw it to the ground Like it meant nothing. Do you hate me or something? Why do you hate me?
Recently, applying for scholarships have become a blur. The number one question I get is  What are you personal and educational goals? To me, stating my personal and educations goals seperately
It's six in the morning, My eyes to begin to bag But I need to get up- That breakfast is going to sag It's time for school That one time of the year Where stress becomes real
Some lost In need of guidance Seeking an anchor for their will It is found in institution Fostering a passion It sticks it stays Years and years go under the belt Shaping adolescent paths
A morning crisp of brezy winds and dark sky, Excited for what the day holds. The yellows that travel by, Never late for the intersection of two fates, Never missing the chance of the unspoken greetings,
Why bother? I could just stay swaddled in my fluffy lilac blanket. Why even bother? Everyday is just the same. tests,
5:30a.m. a prude interupts my rest,  Ignoring it's demanding voice harder against you I began to press my chest,  6 a.m. the prude gets louder, and just to show him something I grab you tighter, 
Press start, begin the game.Character creation is all the same.Time to wear the standard armorAnd explore the grounds I adore.  Arrive in the kingdom's brandAnd make my way to one of the chestsScattered across the landwhere I store my valuablesTo
Period 1 is a sitcom Without the cheesy button that simulates laughter Without the freeze frame in the most awkward situations Just kidding
The Sun intrudes into my bedroom, Her rays glare into my face, With brutal light, its intensity hard to take I was sleepless and down, my body worn out,
Education   Boredom slowly creeps upon me, Like a fog on top a hill. My eyes start glazing over,
in my backpack is my lunch sack  it has been rotting for days and I am afraid  to see what my mom has made because I know it has decayed   
Always with me in need Warnings they give take heed Live, laugh, learn and love Their smiles like a dove They provide help and encouragement Their words like a dent
I wake up before the sun, Finish homework, Pack a healthy lunch.   Can't waste daylight, There's never enough. Can't read by starlight, There's never enough.  
Locker 1453. I left a part of myself behind your door on the last day of seventh grade; you wheezed and sputtered when I opened you,  but I didn't mind; for you had become a strange sort of companion
I go to a school Kids everywhere I go to a school Love nowhere I go to a school Some friends somwehere I go to a school Hatred everywhere
My alarm is ringing, I hit the snooze. My mom is calling, why won't she stop?   I drag myself from bed, what to wear today? I think of the tests with dread, let me pass, I pray.  
A guest here – this isn’t my school these aren’t my students and “I would let you work in groups but your teacher said not to.”  
When im suppose to get up at 5:30 in the morning but i awake before my alarm clock has rung  to see its only 5:20 puts a smile on my face  to see that i get 10 more mintues of sleep
How I greet my day:    Not with a smile spread across my lips Or an energetic laugh Making my two friends holler with joy As I spill out a witty remark.   But rather With downcast eyes
I’m scared of myself For when school starts See, I’m not depressed But in form time   My mind works overtime  
The crisp cold wakes me by nipping my nose. The sleepiness leaves me from my head to my toes. I look at the clock and groan so loud. It’s 7 o’clock it’s time to get up now. But instead of readying myself just yet,
Back to school, oh to soon. crowded together in small classrooms. What's that smell? "I think someone farted" Now the class is hyped because the kid, he just sharted. Run to the bathroom
School, what grade do you have? Mom, I'm tired, "Go to sleep sweetie," But I'm not tired. Why do I stay up so late? It's all worth it in the end, or is it even worth it at all.
In eighth grade, we had Science class together. You had sat in the row behind me until the seats were switched and we became partners. Do you know what I would give to be partners with you again?
You're sitting on my desk Laughing and joking and talking with those who stand beside the teacher And I would rather be anywhere else Because you are too close, too near, too much for me to handle
Morning has broken the sky is brokenLiving day to day with words left unspokenEating away because we aren't awokenFeeling like our efforts are in vain, they are token  
here my eyes slowly blink i'm not sure what she's saying the mechanical pencil in my hand clicks to reveal some lead   click click click i break the thin cyclinder click click click
I like to learn about myself I guess I'm arrogant in that way I guess that My people We pray so that some day We won't have to pray anymore I guess we Made our own culture cause
The week has just started And I'm drowning in a flood Of papers and anxiety In homework and insomnia. The halls are much too crowded, There is no spaces in the rooms, My head is over crowded
The instructor said,   Go home and write A page tonight, And let that page come out of you-- Then, it will be true.  
The alarm goes off and he jumps out of bed,with a cheery smile he says "Good morning",excited already for the day ahead,while in the shower he loves to sing. He's eager to get dressed and take his medication,already excited he's full of nervous en
What does my homework think of me? I’m sure it doesn’t like me anymore than I like it… It sits in a musty folder all day Waiting for me to pull it out
I'm falling hard, but it's my time to go.  Be who I'm destined to be they say, but what do they really know.   Senior Year.    I've had enough of this crap, I'm done. 
Buzz Buzz Buzz Bam! Hit that snooze button(like a champ!) Buzz Buzz Buzz Fine, life sucks, but fine I crawl out of bed,  realize it I don't want to be late so I shuffle into some (mostly)clean clothes.
Sleepless nights and restless day Mind in a fog, almost a daze School has got me in a craze Homework and test every week
There they go making plansTo meet up and celebrate as friends.They talk to one another like I'm not there.I'm just an invisible nothing with no one who cares.
the future of america sits on hard grey seats in a hard grey interior, encased in a yellow façade. we are  the chameleons reflecting our world, but neither the cheery paint
I was young And naive And the school day was long And arduous. My library instructor  Loved poetry, thus All of the small children in her care, Including me, Were sat down one morning
Poetry. I hated poetry. Elevated language and misplaced line breaks infuriated me. Poems were written by dead white dudes with something to prove and nothing to say. Then I found William Carlos Williams.
The rostrum is enveloped in dust. Walking on laminate, my legs are weak, echoing the footprints before me. A foot catches on wires, serpentine on the glossy platform. Trembling, I do not crack, I do not turn to stone.
pulling out the drawers, my mind wanders to adventures & experiences waiting for me new friends, in a dorm room I've yet to see  
Children learn at school guidance withheld after growth Stagnancy sets in
I just got out of middle school Finally free from there But now have woken up and realized High school is about here So now I get to deal with Adult like drama Instead of Jake is dating Ella
Going up to children, we ask what they want to be. Some say doctor, policmen, firefighter. Innocence is the real bliss. Going up to a high school student, we ask what they want to be.
Does it matter that in the fall all of us just feel so small?   We rush like squirrels  harboring food for in winter none of us know what to do.   In fall school is on the up and up again
The statement "it looks good on college applications" is hammered into me until it becomes a branding, programmed into my brain cells
I had never given much of a thought to poetry. The kids on the street only hear their own beat. “Poetry ain’t too slick,” people say. I believed them.  
I love sports because I don’t have to spell to be good.   I love sports because I don’t have to read to excel.   I love football because when I tackle someone I’ve assisted my team
I am an emotive voice expressed through pen and paper, but once was uncapable of being heard  because six plus years of bully beat downs made fear seal every word.   
Seventh grade, my friends left me All I had to console me was family A new Taylor Swift C.D. The melody   School was tough with no seat No one to meet When it was time to eat,
It started out as an assignment, Write this, write that, turn it in, But, to me, it became something more.   Free poems, no rules, just extras in the assignment, They became more than just a grade,
Undesirable heartache. The thought of not being able to complete ones ambitions and dreams due to a little, thin, green piece of paper.
A single note Shatters the room Piercing, reverberating Through the soul Within a single heartbeat Hundreds of voices join in sync
At first school made poetry seem like a bore All the poems I had read just made me want no more But in the end I understand that I had been at it all wrong  At the time, it hurt my mind, and some poems were way too long
You see me on Friday nights  Under all those shiny, bright lights Yelling for the win.  You'd think I'm the prettiest  That everyone loves to be around me 
Every man is a poet in his own way. Poetry is simply the cry of a heart that wishes to be heard, its the sigh of the painter, its the sweat on the brow of the athlete.
It's nice to have people who stick by your side. Who care for you. Who love you. Who hug you. Who teach you. Told you stories and tuck you in at night. 
"You can't learn," he says stern. "You will fail," he preaches. But is it the fault of the students who can't learn, Or the man who can't teach us?
     What's in a degree for you and me, Time well spent or time merely lost? How high a fee, how great a cost! What's the reward? What can we be?      We strive to be the bosses of our selves,
I started to write poetry To hide all insecurity Within my own thoughts and words I found a sense of security I grew up around music Rap artists rhymed lyrically I attempted to write my own rhymes
This was a visual poem that I had worked on about a year ago as a class project. The poem is about the overall feeling of being alone that may come with moving onto new things or new places.
In the beginning, there was a moment of silent screams. Everyone wanted me to say the right things. Everything wanted me to act the right way. When words first stained my eyes and ears, life finally began.
Sparkling silence is cast over a room before the listeners start to swoon. This poet reads her words so smooth bringing back her own youth.   The words she says speak
Since we were little we have been told we could be anything we wanted to be A Doctor, a Teacher, or a Veterinarian.
Sleep deprived, zombie like,as mindless as air and as mechanical as the shifting gears of a manual transmission.Some have a spark in their eye or a bounce in their step;
I can't do it I can't walk back in there  What if I still get hit? They still won't care They still call me fat  I'm still ugly  They'll slam me on the mat I'm trying... I can't do it
I had a math teacher  When I was in eighth grade We' d hang out at his house And play video games   I thought it was a little strange I thought he was weird But, he let us smoke weed
First came love like a roaring fire, Burning intensely with flames only getting higher. The roses were bought out of a love so deep. I stayed up all night missing precious sleep.
  I always knew there was something about you But never had the courage to really know I would see you here and there But never would speak to you A hi and bye
Oh God.  How did I get here  The world has grown to big I've only grown in fear    This morning. I swear it was this morning. I woke in my mothers' arms    I was so big then.
He stood resolutely, In the winter cold. The sun climbed behind him, Glowing bright and bold.   The wind kicked up twigs and leaves Long dead of chill, His coat tails flickered up and down,
Welcome to the Pack where we run together under the moon-lit sky, where our padded paws run throughout the night.   In the forest of the Pack, community becomes synonymous with family.
Every year since kindergarten, We begin with a journal entry. Entering our thoughts on our day,  and writing for over a whole century.
My identity is mixed and matched from the roles I play. I learn something new from each and every one About them and myself and The perception of the world from the stage. I'm not just a
"Follow your dreams!" they say. But how do they expect us to do this When we are meant to fit into the Cookie-cutter mold that they have made for us.
You need to know, when I think of you My tears flow Like the rain, But then I remember, You never really cared.
Sitting down in an empty room. Trying to do homework, but it's not possible. Sitting down thinking about school and my grades. Would it be different if I went to another school?
Two years stuck in the same chair, On the same computer, On the same website. Two years speaking to the same people, To the sane adults,  To my insane self. Two years of homeschooling,
School, eat, sleep, repeat “Mommy, can I go and play with Jenna?” “No, you must study and never cheat.”   School, eat, sleep, repeat “Mother, can I have a cookie?”
“Shhh” standing quietly, smiling away, the teachers lead us through the jungle of school. Sit down, take out your pencil and learn.
Can this just be the present    That everyday is    Even with a nemesis   Or without even saying    Wanting the same Even if it's in different shades   Or different context 
all the boys be chasin,  even thoe i be take'n,  i say no and start to go, but they just dont know,  that i'm already dating and i got a boy wait'n, 
"How do you feel?" They ask me When in actuality  They say "You better be fine" I'm so sick Of being a prisoner  Of this education system That swears it's on my side
They bark at me. Attacking me with their words. Telling me to finish my work. I do this all. Earning no wage. Who knew growing up would be this raging. The older I get the harder it is.
I would call myself many things before a poet.   The smell of mahogany and rain Pressed and pleated plaid skirts And rosaries around our necks
In the morning on the bus On the way to school I sometimes get a boner And it really isnt cool   Cause its hard as a rock  And I dont know what to do I try to pull my shirt down
Must I live in constant stress Life like a boomerang Waiting on the past to bounce back I am lost Sitting here writing poetry Emptying my thoughts Help me As I uncover the pain beneath my
This is for the kids who walk in the hallways with thier eyes cast towards the floor This is for the kids who play alone on the playground during recess, kicking the wood chips beneath your sneakers, waiting for that bell to ring
Art is a passion not meant for a career, Art is a gift I hold most dear. Close to my heart it's all I can give; Defining my soul-I need it to live.   But the future is coming, and coming down fast
You started out as a canvas That my thoughts and dreams flowed freely through A million dances The meaning behind the view I fell in love quite quickly I wrote for fun My pen lies thickly
It's Benchmark time again Let the pain begin Let the boredom sink in And your thoughts turn grim   We thank you gods of state For the test we now take We will try not to shake
Life at times can be very strange and can make you feel like you don't belong. There's no colors, only beige but I know that you are strong. I wanna make a difference like no other has.
I walk into the library, but I do not read.I make lists and lists for someone else to read.They may read it on time, or they may read it late.Am I a student or a teacher? I walk into the classroom, ready to learn.But sometimes I don't.I carry pape
Days,Blending,My body moves without me giving any direction,I don't think,I just move,I feel hollow,Empty,A drone drifting the halls of her own sadness,Day in,Day out,
after work I sit on a pillow and meditate   before school I sit on a pillow and meditate  
Unknown to you, teacher, I'm here to say the class hates it.The way you teach, and how many things you can assign in a week.The class hates you, we have no need to debate.Because every day we sit there, quietly.
Midnight I hold my head in my hands and I let my thoughts chew away at my spirit Click click click My fingers fly on the keyboard The work is never done I’m unimportant 11 10
Wake up. 5am. Pack up the tent and put on the boots. Wake up. 7am. Pack a lunch and put on the plaid skirt. Scavenge. Good walking stick. Sturdy, smooth. Scavenge. Solid breakfast. Fruity Pebbles, again.
Scared, worried, alone; Emotions flooding my concious.  These feelings won't subside. Almost like waves crashing against the shore, Of that lonley island I sat on.   My world is turning,
Hold on let me thing I can't live with out? Is Knowledge. One thing I can't go without is knowledge.  Everybody knows that knowledge is power. If we have knowledge then the world is ours!
Stress is my weight Worth more in gold Stress is the world Of which we create And condem   I create today for a grade I create today for my A I create today for the stress  
The day is long, its prospects dreary, and in this state I’m weak and weary. I have no drive and no desire; I need something that will inspire. Of movement and of thoughts I’m leery, yet to my mind there comes a query:
If I was stranded on a island  The one thing I simply couldn't live without is My family God, friends, and my girlfriend are all considered my family I can't bear the fact that people around the world are;
  motivation lines the walls blank stared faces down the halls   something prideful somewhat lust being a criminal is a must  
Bored to the farthest point Mind spacing, skipping along Not really obtaining the lecture.   Words flowing around the room Hitting others' faces and paper Remembering every last word.  
If those walls could talk,  I know what they'd say; It'd be no comfort to families, Whose lights've gone away. For when sky fades to black, And blues turn to grays, And gun's life-taking crack,
This is where i make my music, this is what i use to find what i need, If my little bro or me cant find an answer, my macbook is my tool to find it with speed,
This room is full of delicacies want for consumption.It is world renown and with much success with coin.The scent attracts all and the sights they should please...But a problem not yet understood is revealed.
they say learning is meant to be fun and make you happy but i can't really remember it ever being like that. it's so cliche and worn out to be complaining about it but i can't really think of anything else to say.
Pops, you watch too much TV.   I feel convinced that I have now become a faceless memory,   That only photographs will bring short-term remembrances of me.   Pops,
Am I failing?  I'm probably failing. Did I pass? Will you look for me? No wait don't look. I'm not ready. Are you sure? Should I go talk to her? Did you say I got an A?
Friday—a day that every kid looks forward to because it is the beginning of the weekend Most kids are excited because it means they can do whatever they want
Grades are the only way to reach the top. I sweat and work until I hear my pencil drop.   College is a necessity, it's what I need.
Walking in to my class it seems like a nice day until my teacher decides she has something to say. She pulls me aside and slowly I die. No matter how hard I try to be good,
You're taking French, right? Oui. I don't know what that means... Take a lucky guess. Parlez-vous français? Oui, Monsieur, mais juste un peu. So...that's a yes? Take a lucky guess.
Student still in school Working  hard to get better Dreaming of college
The children are dyingand their mothers are crying.The kid took a bullet through his headright over his bed becausehe dreaded waking upto go to school in the morning.The teachers are scorning the kids
It's nearing the end 'So long for a while' I say I'm graduating
Jumping from my car I grab at stuff spilling away from my grasp And I do my best to avoid the unmake-upped gaze That undoubtedly would appear in the rearview   In a half jog I pass a middle-aged man
Emerald amber mixes in between the eyes that I stare into, and pray I am unseen. Glass fogs and the words appear to be smudged into my quaking fears. Nose curved like a bell
school is where they hide their shame, fear, and hurt. she puts on the smile, laughs at their jokes so they never know how deep they stung. she couldn't let them know, they would attack her,
There's something wrong with my head. I don't know what – Just that it's hurting. It doesn't usually feel so full That it's fit to bursting and burning.  
Education. It's what we need to succeed. It's what this world has come to to grow. It is a piece of paper in the distance. A diploma as you will, waving in the air.
All I need is faith, trust, truth.   And all I need is self esteem, stability,
I’ve always enjoyed reading, writing, learning But I’ve never enjoyed having to attend school Ever since childhood, school has made me feel…
The pressure The anxiety Creeping up on you Breathing down your neck Scholarships Student Debt What do I look forward to? Meals at the caf Sleeping in the library Finals
So many stresses, Day after day after day! It makes my head hurt!   The pain in my head Can feel like a volcano Filling me with dread!
Things I learned in grade school In kindergarten I learned that if a girl wants to hug you she loves you. And you should probably stay away from her because girls are gross.
Being with you is such a treat. Tell me darling, how ever did we meet? When I look into your eyes I see nothing but love. That's when I pull you in for a sweet hug.   Nothing but you and me in my heart.
Lay here face to my pillow contemplating everything. Why’d I say that? Why’d I do that? What will I say tomorrow? What will I do tomorrow?
When a baby walks and falls we cheer yelling do it again! Try again! When a kid can’t count to 100 he gets helped by his parents.
There is a time in person’s life That each one of us must conquer With no way around it Where we must lay down to rest Knowing we may never rise again   But each person Does not cease to exist
Heard it in the hallway, None knew it floated my way. They seem to stage whisper, In tones that are crisper. What they say is quite alarming And very much disarming.    Why keep pretending?
Assignments and stress Expectations;Denial Eight classes; I'm free
My shoulders hurt from studying  I can not stop I can not stop Through the book I am fumbling I can not stop I can not stop My cat comes by My water spills My work is wrecked My cat walks on
The last 4 years of clear all now blur to one. The last 4 years seem so surreal, As if I just dreamt, Is it really from memory?   The ones I've grown to love, And ones I've grown to loath,
I am putting my summer clothes away And replacing them with my nice new school clothes. I put away my sunscreen And take out my school supplies. Tommorow is the day that I begin school.
7:36- my alarm goes off and my eyelids are cement walls that are being pried open by a mother who’s only reasoning for doing so is ‘because i want to’
As I stare down the halls it's not the blankness of the walls rather the piercing stares and scornful glares I'm want to cry  perhaps die but I continue to walk and dare not talk
We often forget the purposeof red brick buildingsin the nine hour hurry upand wait   We often forget the purposeof pen and paperin the technicolor dream ofgoogle docs  
Sitting down with your thoughts and a new document, you know who you are. Is it dread? Perhaps excitement.
In school They teach us the syllabus We listen with diligence   We memorize with our eyes But we hear things they do not realize
We College Kids. We ear-buds in. We   American Dream. We hooked on caffeine. We   procrastinate. We stay up late. We   deep in debt. We overslept. We  
Lightning cracks --- I sleep like a sailor all alone on rough seas The night devils: they torment me All alone in my lonely dreams   I dream I’ve made mistakes. Now, ocean water overtakes
  Staring over the steaming fumes,prophetic wisps, tendrils of the muck,rising up and twisting in her nose,   Eyes bloodshot,covers torn asunder,an empty bed lays in ruins,  
“Pass the test” “Come on, be the best” Self-worth on a piece of paper A guaranteed confidence caper We blame the students, not the system Building up an anxiety kingdom
Teach me how to learn I know how to pass this test But how do I learn?
She's not sure which matters So as voices of conciousness and wisdom enter They only glide across her ears inquire at the door of logic's acceptance and are silently lead through the corridor  
The whisper of cloth Followed by a dull thunk— Siting down. The flutter of paper like a butterfly’s wings; Clicks of pens like gunshots. Heads bobbing like whack-a-mole Taking notes—
I. Throughout my years of unstandardized history classes, I’ve been taught about Columbus And Vespucci And John Smith.   I’ve been taught this country was stolen From the friendly and naïve.
The focus of school has turned on us Administators no longer showing student trust. As a student I call for a change Of a society open to not-perfect grades. Students work hard, day and night
I can't go to school today. I haven't thrown up and I don't have a fever. I haven't fallen out with a friend, and I'm not trying to skip class because I'm lazy or think it's cool.
The thing about anxiety is I may look fine from the outside, but On the inside I am erupting like a volcano. Except I do not get the privilege To explode in public.  I am forced to hide the bubbling emotions
"Truly I should be working, no?" Whispered the little student "Surly this is what’s right" She fretted in her mind "But why should I do it? Why? oh why? oh why? Why is it such a stress?
Do well in elementary To get good high school classes To get the good teachers To get a good GPA To get into a good college With a good major To get a good job To get a good career
A glance around the room is all it takes Others are at the sane point as you You see the red puffy eyes And you can hear the sighs You wish the day were done And, clearly, you're not the only one
For fucks sake I haven't eaten in three days I am too tired to stay up this late To do this stupid assignment that I hate I would rather be digging my own grave
The smells of paper, pen and pencil Complemented by the sounds of the rush Of students new and old Of professors young and old Inhabiting this temporary world Of classes, grades and growth.  
School seems like nothing but a trap in your lap giving you a slap Nobody knows you have nowhere to go to hide against your foe Walking in the halways just to get stares anf glares that seem so unfair
I have too much homework to not be doing it right now It's all in my planner, color-coded based on subject Maroon is for Calc, Green is for band, Blue is for AP Black is appointments and meetings, pink is for bio
I am writing poetry about my feelings at school I do not express them openly because I am cool I go to school to learn and read cool books I pretend not to cry cuz it messes up my looks
  The fluorescents blink almost as fast as you when you're uncomfortable,      And of course we don't know what we did wrong,                                                     but the wax on the floors might.  
I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.   This first line always makes me queasy. It doesn't sound
I still remember the young girl with the braids in her hair, Living her life freely without a care anywhere, Playing double dutch and hopscotch at the park, Tripping and falling creating scars and marks,
She's afraid to come to school because she's treated so cruel Nothing ever seems right when she's there how can all of this be fair? She won't take her life because of them instead she'll fight for her life
You know the nights where your eyelids droop-- but you don't fall asleep, no, (you could only wish), instead you're just numb.
It’s funny to think about school, and how the goal is to prepare you for the real world. To mold your mind with a strict curriculum so you can be imaginative and think for yourself. 
There once was a girl who fell in love, over and over with everything in and out of sight. She never knew how to control her love- And then the world showed her it’s ways and
Once, long ago, A girl was filled with the power of believing. Growing with the love and magic that came with believing, The graceful girl kindly greeted anyone with open arms.
Winter, I laid, terrified. People pass by, unafraid of what awaits them. I walked with no purpose. They burned with confidence.
There’s an underbelly of this school Not where the cool kids rule I’m starting to think they run the place Like some all powerful alien race Some represent a pool of sludge I blame it on their hideous pudge
Imperfection. That means flawed.  Doing all that you can day in and day out, living the struggle.   They see you trying, they don't see you crying when you are staying up late after work.
Back to school brings supply lists from ten teachers a mile long each, packets of homework an inch thick, a state test that interrupts math class, a project due tomorrow,
Everyone says that college is all about drinking. That college  is all about sex.  They say college  is the time to party, 
Their little girl’s grown And the years have progressed- I’ve been tested, questioned, and asked to express What I feel and how I should react And now it’s time for the second act-
Time is a vast resource, Yet not enough remains. Days pass, Seconds wasted turn to minutes, Hours tick by, Gone now and forever, Clock that goes round and round, Seemingly endless string,
On the first day of kindergarten music class, i cried because the teacher asked me to sing ‘my name is rachel’ and i thought it sounded dumb.
When I was in physics class I learned that an object with any amount of mass can store up any amount of potential energy based simply on its height and the force of gravity.  
Metamorphosis; The process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form In two or more stages.   Metamorphosis; maturity. Caterpillars that eat their knowledge out of Milkweeds
Gibson Archer   I miss the little pleasures in life, I miss playing in the backyard I miss playing with matchbox cars
I remember my first day of school, backpack and all. I remember moving across the country. I remember seeing a new place and not knowing a soul there. I remember meeting her, we're still friends today.
So here’s the deal:   You’ll spend 8 hours in a building where they’ll teach you math and science, but the only things you’ll learn are to keep your mouth shut and
They said junior year was the most difficult Well they were surely wrong Yes the spring of SAT's and college visits were strenuous But senior year was strong   My first priority was cross country
My hands fell on morning Hard leather, cigarettes Tint midnight memories. Smoldering red sun snuck Up on me. Heartbroken Mother draped in her gown Waves me off.  From my home
Today, Socrates rolled over in his grave.  
Gentle gale, why art thou blowing,For do you know it is scarcely eight in the morning?Instead of focusing on numbers and words,Thou hast tempted me to soar among birds,Free in the sky, without a care in the world,
Nearly three months of joyful bliss,Are soon to be cut short and sorely missed,For tomorrow commences a new era in time,It marks the death of summertimeChildren no longer may bask in the sun,
She said it wasn't easy but also that it couldn't be done. I felt like i didn't matter but in this familial war i've won. She said I was nothing But now i've proved her wrong.
I was born in January, many don't remember because often my birthday falls on the same day as civil rights day, and the oppression of rights is much more important
The College Board. What a horrid name for an equally horrid institution. It decides our futures based on the experiences of our pasts to guide our presents. It presents us
Another year I go to school. Another year I see my friends. Another year I lose sleep. Another year I am educated. Another year I am anxious. Another year
Dearest, I must say good bye. Do not be dismayed for time flies.
Written by me, but from my mother's perspective, before she passed away.   Today you start school. All caught up, Green checks on every lesson. You don’t even have to set
      Do you know what i'm about to do? As I bend over and tie my shoe.
Mr. Bully Do you know how I feel? I wake up in the morning, and my mother hugs me tightly
“Judith”, her name still echoes in my mind.
School is back again this year, time to get your act in gear.
On the first class meeting of my freshman year, I was told that when you leave highschool you are two numbers. SAT: GPA: keep up your grades, stay out of trouble, get involved.  
I have tripped over luck and stumbled upon tragedy. I find myself stuck in an elevated, praised, honoured institution, full of the most vile and wretched creatures to fill this earth.
There is no disappointment that hurts quite as badly as having absolutely no way of explaining what you'r
A year in and it still feels fresh yet smells like last fall's rain. The grass is cut the same but new feet treck across the green carpet. Familiar faces line pathways weaving between brick buildings.
Browsing the internet Searching for dank memes Wearing twenty bracelets While I internally scream   Right is Polite But these freshmen are so dumb I'm stuck in a cesspool
School is back, Waves of fun, Teachers teach All day long, Test and quizes Reading test too, Oh my gosh there's so much to do, I better get started before the day is through
I am not an SAT score.
The sun goes back down Days turn a bit longer Time passes much slower Grey tinge fills the air   I'm stuck and defeated Downthrodded and beaten Torn and split on emotions
So, I poem about me? Well, Me isn't the me you see. At least on the outside,that is.   Have you ever looked into the mirror and seen something you're not?
If I had a quarter, for every tear shed by an overworked student. For every cup of coffee consumed to keep eyes open. For every hour wasted on homework. For every F. For every emotional breakdown.
Remember when you first started school
Calculus, Chemistry, will this endless tide of homework ever stop?
my life is worth a B- because schools want essays, not poetry.   i have never made my beliefs written, and in doing so, i have molested their immortality. i feel i must apologize for that.  
I wasn’t fortunate with the good work ethic genes 
Love always leads to disappointment.   I’m crazy for you   Everyone can see that, but you   I love your voice   Love your smile  
Elementary schoolI bring home big scoresThe best in the testAdvancedExemplary
It's like the taste of bitter coffee in the morning. Like a gaping hole in one's chest & a constant gnawing of bones & the drinking and drainage of blood.  
The struggle of oppertunity The day that i broke of so much misfortune  With several scattered roads   The past with my mistakes the choices that i made poor the impossible oppertunities
School...ugh.   Means getting up early.   Studying a lot.   Doing homework until I have a headache.   Listening to a teacher run his/her mouth for hours.  
Class of 2016, the year where the path changes. I have traveled down the jagged road to fin it's end near. I found a shortcut though, because there is nothing more strange then speeding up,
Somehow out of this bright, illuminated room a fog began to seep in. It began like a low, slithering snake, then rose up and swallowed the space whole. I couldn’t see, I couldn’t hear.
College? What does it mean?  A lot of experiences? A simple routine?   The first year living on campus is always quite something. You make friends, relationships,  And even some enemies. 
Am I the child that begs? The child that wants more, Because I'm hungry but not for food? Am I the child that crawls? The child on hands and knees, Because I can't take a step but can walk?
Wake up to see the sun and fresh air Put that mind to good work Go to school in Chicago or in Alaska Either way go walk down those halls Not with boredness or anger, but with confidence
There he was, a clown grasping for the balloons in his belly reaching outside the classroom for more than this, he finds himself in clouds, puffyness, a softness in colors yet is bound to the ground,
The Stooge of a teacher grabs the ruler. He's walking towards you as you sit helplessly at your desk Just prior to him providing you with a massive strike,   You wake up screaming, You had it again.
Soon I return To that time I dread. It's not so much the place I hate, Rather, the people that Don't understand a thing about me. They cheat, they lie, All to get where they want to go.
The weather is not quite ready To cooperate With this whole idea Of moving back into the classroom And out of the sunshine Away from soft sand On to polished tile Forgoing bikes and sandals
Come hither, see me whither, in the wind like dust blowing away. I falter and fallow, as my tears run down my face so sallow, I'm alone and afraid, what should I do?
The throng of tearied-eyed neighbors will claim,
Summer time is now over,                                    
Sitting in Detention  
You say we are selfish That we are spoiled and it's eating youth. You say that it's hard, that we should just learn the truth. When you were in our positions, what's it feel like to cough 24/7?
Stayed up and studied all night, third week in a row. Patiently waiting for my test grade, athough i already know. Straigth A student since grade school, Nobody's better than me 
After kindergarten You had gradually discovered  The code of the alphabet
Mommy and daddy raised me to be a butterfly
Writing a poem about how everything is awesome   but my possum it ain't the truth.   Sometimes I think I should get my dreams and tossum  
My child
Drop your life Drop your dreams You're one of us now  The Swallowed  The Hallowed    Walk down the halls Rid yourself of your individuality  What makes you, you
There's a ringing in my head When I wake up every day
In my old best friend's bedroom drunk and stoned out of my head I keep lighting myself on fire again and again in her bed. Every time, it burns and every time, I scream but once it's out, I light it again
Fear hung tightly in the air, clouding my airways and thickening my lungs I gasped for air but it felt like water crashing into my dry mouth in oxygen's place
I went to school, I did my work.I tried and I learned everything I was supposed to.Now, here I am, in the real world.I'll be the first to tell you, I have no idea what to do.
Get out of my face, I don't want lies laying on me. It's your story, tell it how you wanna.   But don't think I'll care, no one does. Why? Because of what you do.  
Even when school knock you down get back up don't stay on the ground. And bring you grades up with you!
i want to hear about you running through the sprinklers at 3 am   about the joy of utter  stillness   i want to hear about your grandmother's laugh
My Shrink is on Xanax 
Invisible Man I should be reading you now I have a test and essay due on the morrow On your guts and analitical power But no I'm here Here doing Nothing On powerpoem express
Hell, to me, is monotony. A never-ending rigorous schedule with no end in sight.   Hell is never living up to ridiculously high expectations. Hell is your best never being
You all
How dare you ask me who I would be without all these stereotypes?  Don’t you know that society has already defined me. Don’t you know that because I am female my main goal is to be beautiful.
Trial and error,
"you're just lazy" I hear it from my mom, my boyfriend, my teachers, my coaches, just about every valuable person in my life.  To me,  Im merely surviving. 
Assigned to a table to be quietly seated Attempting to, for a slight moment, be an ordinary, tranquil student His face concentrated on the slim technology placed in front of him
Meaningless monkey busy work   Writing endless e·phem·er·al   Willless Words, meaning mostly nothing    Busy body, business noisy    Monkeys typing 
I prayed to God that I would receive an “A.”
I prayed to God that I would receive an “A.”
I thought  I heard you say "Frido-lay"  Oh, I was so happy.  But then I realized you said "triolet".   I thought I heard you say "Frido-lay". You said write a poem, I said, " Oh, okay." Now I feel so sappy. 
The unexpected comfort I have found sleeping on this furniture my sister diagonal from me. my mother parallel to me. my pride inexistestent. I do not complain because it is either this couch or
Hello! How may I help you? I greet each and everyone I’ve said it all for months, yet it feels like I’ve just begun More orders become messed up
Tucked in and faded Blue or green with a logo Our daily polo
17 years young still don’t know who I am 17 years young I still don’t understand Without the music, the pictures, the friends I still try hard to make a trend I just got to comprehend
Woken up by morning light,
What is it like to be me? She asks  Envy lining her words. She's talking about the test That I aced The quiz I defeated The teacher Who loves me. I laugh and smile and joke at her
  The lesson sounds like one long "ohm",
Decide   its time to decide  with what you want to do with your life fresh out of school college bound what would you like to do    pick a major then change your mind
There’s something comical
what they forget is that humans cannot be quantified or simplified  
The school bell rings And I slip through the back door
This campus is a sea of perfection.  Waves of blonde haired individuals bob around with deep blue eyes floating underneath.  This sea is straight, straight hair, with straight slender bodies. 
  Love is a Sweater,
I'm Seventeen. I talked to my counselor today. The school won’t let me back to class without a note from a therapist;
Integrity I don’t have the gift of flying. It would be a lot more fun though. Instead I possess the art of dying. The ability to stand and take honesty’s blow Is a bittersweet trait I’ve come to know.
You see this walk? It is the walk of  defeated man Of a man who is living Only for the hope, that one day It will be worth it And that one day It will get better And for a girl
I will take hundreds before I find the perfect one. It is imperative to pick the correct filter. It needs to make me look tanner while also concealing the bags under my eyes.  
I need to do my homework.  I need an hour    I need to spend the duration of a sunset    in a poorly-lit room on my keyboard clacking and clacking and clacking away   
Written and Directed by Jeremy Velasco
I feel I feel I feel farther I'd fall if I was falling
I wake up every morning standing in front of a mirror, I take on the habit of wasting time on adding a mask that only seems to be acceptable to society.
High school junior and the pressure is all here Where the adults tell you whether or not Your future is clear And all the numbers you've feared For so many years
like a tea sieve filtering windfall colors.   The sundried day was cold, and bird-eyed students waded   through the tea-thick air on their way from class,  
The sun had blocked the rainbow,  Thinking it would reveal the gold. The ice had cleaned itslef out,
Dear Asshole in my History class that just said that “Dyslexia” was a synonym for “retard”,           I'm dyslexic. No that doesn't make me less smart. No that doesn't make me illiterate.
Monday morning drag across the 7:25 bell  All inside my head my mom screams worthlessness, failure, disappointment
I stuggle day by day,'Are you even wanted?'You live the school life,
Pain pain pain pain
I sit here afraid, hoping the phone calls go away. "You owe us $750", pay right away they'll say. Emails, alerts, calls, and texts What's next? My rent is due, and I have no more financial aid, or money
Elementary school failed me. I appeared smart, looked smart, talked smart and was surrounded by smart friends.  The only thing that separated me from all the other kids was my speech impediment.
The world’s progression, scripted by bell, Life decisions are forced to be made.
 Sometimes I wonder
Walking thru those double doorsThe real me is at t
Drip Drip Drip Tears fall from my face
"What do you want to be?" I hate that overrated question With the inevitable answer. Because, who knows? I could explain to them what I want to do.
I am an alien. No, you needn’t be afraid; I simply come here to learn your ways.   My home planet I’ll admit I do miss. It’s called Summer, and oh what bliss.   Before coming
You know that girl who's always smiling in the hallways, The girl who knows everyone and speaks to everyone, The girl who isn't popular, but everyone knows her, Because she has a free spirit?
Bus seats coldChildren glance
Its so beautiful  So enthralling Life There are so many tangents So many decisions that can be made Adventures  Things to see and people to meet It has become overwhelming 
Speaking for others has never been my style,but I promise you this will be worth your while.
On a wet and windy noon, I feel the rain and the pain as I run. Aware that the day will end soon, I return home after great fun.   When nights fall, I sit in my room and fear
We were all surprised When outside the sun continued to rise and shine A reminder that time just keeps moving As if everything is fine. Even if it clearly is not fine.
Summer was the best.
There's so much to life that you just gotta be happy, Now I'm not just here trying to be all sappy But life is too short to be down So make your day by day goal to never never frown And never say never, ever
These halls will be empty, far sooner than we think.
“Perhaps this is the end of the line.”
I walked to class Stared straight ahead Trying to ignore the never ending whispers
RLRR LRLL   In a hall of thousands
the cool breeze  whispers over my skin rustles the leaves above a songbird's call trills  above the chatter of a squirrel playing in its drey. I lay on a fallen tree once a mighty giant
Walking through the school hallway, judgement hall, eyes focused on the tile, one step after another, one breath after another, face blushing: a red mask of anxiety.  
Stress. We await it. Homework. We await it. Caferteria Food. We await it. Teachers. We await them. Classes. We await them. Students. We await them.
Apples galoreCrisp fall airSunshine foreverplays with your hair. Hay mazes andPumpkin patches.Again the world whorls.Your breath catches.
Days are spent on this earth, Studying for test that calculate your worth, You’re smart if you pass, You’re dumb if you fail, Always awaiting fateful scores in the mail,
Mild mornings, warm days and cool nights. Swimming, amusement parks and sweet summer fruits.
I have always wondered about this place, is it a prison, or do they really wish to help us succeed. It raises many question between me and my fellow students, we feel that teachers do not wish for us to succeed.
Where was the
Now the summer has come and gone. The school year starts like the break of dawn. On the far horizon I see its glow. What lies ahead?  I do not know. I'll find out soon, I have no doubt.
A sweep of mascara A splash of lipstick A pink of blush Back to giggling friends Back to uneasy gossip Back to an uncertain suitor
Within this uncompromising maze, the faceless men in white suits force you to stumble along the path from point A to B. Tall white walls confiscate creativity and slowly strangle the unsuspecting
In summer, there is fun in the air and uplifting spirits everywhere. Fall's here now, but the problem is everyone's spirit goes in a frizz. No one likes math, science, or gym,
The Silence Before The Storm, Flip of the coin at midfield. The brotherhood that will form, A machine man can not build. From the first whistles blow, Everyone chanting in the crowd.
This place makes me want to kill myself Everyone is so selfish only thinking of themselves I don't know if i'll get out alive Seeing past all the lies Trapping me here like I'm too wild
It is half past three and I have finally reached my home
It is half past three and I have finally reached my home
I run into an open sky. I watch the sunset and within the orange and pink horizon I see me. I see myself at just 5 years old walking into a new surrounding. I see my teacher anxiously awaiting 
This beautiful music - The key to my "Someday" That is what I told myself, And it was true This beautiful music got me here This beautiful music got me through A childhood of pain 
The morn is still The sun drags on, weary across the brightening sky. Elsewhere, the harsh cock crow Can be heard from the ruby chanticleer.   A boy's face is still and calm
Study, Study, Study Is there no end The Back-To-School season is a ruthless monster And no one is allowed to leave its bitter den   You can try to fight it You can try to run away
  Excuses- that’s all you say you hear  excuses for not following rules, I’m a person not a tool excuses for my own belief, you don’t like when I speak what I think
Starting off the school year, Can have a lot of kids in fear, With all the homework that has to be done, Some kids think they will have no fun,
It’s been a long time without you, This leaf burning season is always so hard, I have so many memories I want to relive But I won’t hold back or leave my heart guarded.
The day that we loathe is finally here,
The soul rings and shakes in joy everytime, Intitates the keys that plays on the organ, Not noise, but sounds of praise, Great is the grace you have given this life that is not my own,
Here we are in the best four years of our life, We stared this jorney in a new world, it became urworld, and soon we will have to leave this world. Sometimes between exams and friends the world beats us down,
Stand tall, straighten your toes Student, Your strides should be steady steps Forward               School is a necessary distraction Present your projects, prioritize,
BEEP BEEP BEEP Never more do most dread the sound of the monstrous alarm clock reminding us that school awaits. But what most know not about me, what most find crazy about me: I love school.
As I have gotten older, school has become less and  less
Here is another poem, with meaning and rhyme,
Summer has just started and its time for the those school bells to ring Its time to sit in those desks that are torturing  Its time for the sweaty plams and the racing hearts as you see the words quiz
Summer has just started and its time for the those school bells to ring Its time to sit in those desks that are torturing  Its time for the sweaty plams and the racing hearts as you see the words quiz
Am I wrong for being different, unlike the typical boys? The ones who sag their pants to the floor, as I look around it feel like I am unsure
School, with that one word you see people cringe, And during school you see people become unhinged. But, I'm here to tell you about the amazement of school and how not to be a tool. School is full of memories
Now that summer washed away, and school is in full swing, I realized there's no time to play, or warmth until this spring.   I must look beyond the gray, and look for all that's good,
Everyone walks down the halls and think nothing about it.
Everyone walks down the halls and think nothing about it.
Everyone walks down the halls and think nothing about it.
Everyone walks down the halls and think nothing about it.
Everyone walks down the halls and think nothing about it.
Everyone walks down the halls and think nothing about it.
Everyone walks down the halls and think nothing about it.
Friday Such despair I feel throughout the week,
a sea of little people  congegrated on the scalding blacktop
The bustle of people, yeah classes are starting again.
wake up   the 5:30 am alarm bell rings pulling me out of yet another dead deep sleep   some people say it’s unhealthy to run on
Is it all there?Some think there isSome think there isn'tTruth is, nobody knowsIt's so simpleBut so complexHe loves sports,She loves music,They love science,
Music is beautiful, comforting and loving. The accoustics paint a one of a kind picture, the harmonies feel like they're holding you in a large hammock,
I am stuck in a four wall room, Hoping not to end up all gloom, Like rats we fight for the top, Only to fall and drop, Soon I'll end up under a tomb
You only hear ambience But I hear music. The air swirls around me The world breathes to the beat of my heart, A constant, pulsating light: Strings, percussion, and a choir of Earth's creatures.
Memories are what stitch us together, Allowing us to smile through anything. Those old conversations, The long laughs we shared, Crazy adventures we courageously became part of.
it appears egon schiele loves women as much as i do. but he could never properly convey the curvature of your hips, the pink pout of your lips.  
Whew! I got to catch a breath got to keep going got to keep buzzing Show the opposition what kind of matter I’m made of. And I will keep buzzing and blazing bright no matter if we are Down below or way up high.
Playing rugby is a blast, I'm sure our team will never be last. I'm so proud to be member, Of a team I'm sure to remember. Playing on the team lifts me up, Especially since we're sure to win a trophy cup.
What is it that gets me going? Get the blood rushing and my brain flowing Imagination running superspeed  Many ideas formulating future a masterpiece Inspired much by nature and others but it is I that will lead
Summer is over but not all fun is goneits time to start art projects and get them done!thinking outside of the boxits almost a way of getting H
This last year of highschool time, the best friends i've met in all my life line   On this graduation day on this last cheer, we will laugh and have fun until the sun sets here  
A cold-front swooped in in the night, it brought back nostalgia and I didn't bother wearing a jacket that day. The wind on my skin, Autumn in San Antonio crawling back to me and I knew this feeling was everything.
I bring a crumpled paper to class, torn, shaded, but there. Alone sitting on a narrow desk,  torn, shaded, but there. When collected it seems the same torn, shaded, but there.
towards the ground. painless frown. Towards the Sun. Contagious Jubilation.
A lavender sky Shadows caressing the clouds and millions of laughing stars The vivacious sun ignores the moon's protests and takes her into his arms I lay, entranced by the wonder around me
Cycle in control Day to day like a zombie I stop to resist
Music is the melody to my soul It helps me stay in control Oh the bright sun takes a toll  The night sky is my song Yet it is not so long I love to write and think  It makes my heart sync
Bang, Pow, Wham Limbs hitting punching bags at all different angles. Rainbow colored belts are everywhere.
we all put on a tough exterior to hide the real person on the inside sometimes we use a persona or even base ourselves off someone else let the beast out and show the real us
i think I am awesome, yes i do I think i am awesome and you will too competitive sports are my passion love to sport my volleyball fashion lacrosse is another favorite I just always crave it
One day you are going to wake up and notice that you should've tried. You are worth the fight. Stop the Negative as well as start the positive. Vast things happen when you distance yourself from the negative.
The homeless seem mistreated And neglected I went undercover to see what people would think of me living on the streets Minute after minute I would hold my cup up high asking for spare change
when I am feeling down, but not feeling music I get my radio then I tune it,  I throw my hands in the air and wave like I just dont really care.
He looks at me with a face of bitterness and resentment
I've been called strange And maybe deranged Because my views on school aren’t the same When August rolls around-  I cheer! Hip-hip-hooray for the new school year! Oh, no, you too?
She can make cry and feel pain, remember the past and forgetting today
  Lips stuck together with dripping, sweet lipstick, Face flushed with the kiss of remembered summer evenings Nose colored in the ambrosia of July, And tongue lavished with memories of two month friends.
The candle flame burns too hot. The flickering of its wic dances in the over heated breeze. This breeze offers no respite from the smoldering need.
Four score and seven years ago This blasted class began. I have a dream that One day the learning will end. I dream of a different world, One conceived in liberty-- Or at least freedom from homework!
Sterling Klein 09/09/2014   Forever Unknown     Though the years keep passing, Time doesn't slow down It keeps moving without me. And I am fearing that What I see
Anxiety like sugar in my veins forces my weak knees to rattle. Bumping the desk in front of me as I slowly undetectably lose focus. Undeniable to the students near to me, but unnoticed
A guy who is afraid to express his opinion But has quite a clear vision How can he overcome this hinderance  Without seeming a bit insolent One day the answer will be found But for now he sits tied and bound
I anxiously await the day My novel is confirmed to play To invade your minds With my tantalizing words For my characters to wound To uplift, to hurt. For the hours I've spent In silence to toil
Jersey #
Those comments you left 
My person behind the curtain is rarely seen, not many have seen the real me. I choose what i show to others, the person behind the curtain is torn. Tattered and tired. The person behind the perfectionist
Alarm, beep beep beep, Wipe grogginess away, Wishing for more sleep, Nervous jitters on the first day,   It's not the first time I am here, Think of the past three years and reminsce,
It's a careful process romantic even, when you pull off the wrapper of a Crispy Chicken Asiago Ranch Sandwich from the Wendy's Dollar Menu
For them It is a he, a him For me, She is Everything That i wish I could be   Her passion riveting and delightful her empathy
Being a military kid can be a real drag sometimes. You move more than the average teen. Last year I moved to and went to public school.
She is what struck my heart in the first place. She knows how to make me laugh and smile. She knows the cure for my sadness. She is all I need to uplift me in my time of need.
Math is not easy It makes me queasy The kids in my class quickly fix that Sitting in the middle of all these guys It is hard not to disguise the laughter in my eyes They crack jokes back and forth
I'm more than just a test score -a phrase not all our counselor's are familiar with I'm more than just a class rank
Everyday I get to spend time with friends, family, or my love makes me happy because I enjoy the time i get because i never know when will be my last day.  The day I g
In the spring sunthe flower sitscoated in dew   he in entrancedby the flowerits silk petalscourageous stalkvivid colorof lambent red  
Get up now don't let the door hit you. Ay pick your head up and start living. Life doesn't wait for you. Not now, not ever. So get moving, it's jiggy time. 
Imagine you were a boy born with a big head Your parents thought you were smart with a cranium that feels like lead As I grew up in many places Learned in many schools My goal for grades were secondary
The first day of middle school, dread and fear. This is what started my eighth grade year.   I knew no one, not one single friend
Not all that many years ago: An education once was a dream and a goal, an education not everyone was sold $.
She walks the halls with her arms wrapped around her books that are strapped to her chest.  Everyone makes fun of the way she is but her posture tells a story few will ever know. 
I wanted to be a professional juggler by the time I left high school I wanted to make a name for myself by juggling five things at once Classes Sports Friends Family Sleep Then I dropped sleep
  It fits so nicely and I choose wisely my disguise to hide what happens inside. Friends?
The hours run into days The days drone into years. When will I finish this endless race? "You are going to succeed and do great" "We all have such high expectations" My family brims with pride.
He hurries and he rushes
Yes, Of Course, Please, and Thank You, The United States Department of E-D-U, Yes, Of Course, Please, and Thank You, In their grand benevolence is delighted to do, Yes, Of Course, Please, and Thank You,
Hang him from the nearest tree A place like school is not for thee 2 adults were killed today One student injured Back in the day
makeup is a breakup  and makeup is a lie
There she was, under the bridge, beckoning me home again. Her hair like sunlight, amidst the darkness of the trees. Her milk white skin glistening in the mist. Her eyes were piercing, the temptation was strong.
What makes me tick is the anger I getWhen they try to be little me, make me feel as though mywords are less than their’s…I’m not as powerful as everyone else, they think I 
deserve the short end of the stick…
im being asked what makes me tick? being a single mom of one a college student a part worker being an intern at 25? no none of those things makes me tick it makes me grow
FIRST STANZA: I bet you feel overwhelmed, full of fear and a tad bit of stress. It's your freshman year, in a new school and don't know what to expect.
I have notlistenedto anything you have justfinished explaining.Forgive me butI was daydreaming about somethingmore important to me thanwhatever it was you said.
So hot and so dry, Sometimes I wonder why everyone enjoys the heat. Unbearable,  Crushing,  Suffocating!   But I manage,  and so do all my friends and peers.  Because summer is a time
Her summer dress is red as a ripe September apple, a pink sunset dances upon her cheeks. I steal glances as she scrawls   rapidly, frantically, a diligent worker bee,
Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. —Albert Einstein
Class, class, class. School, school, school. They tell you this, play by their rules. You play the game, you take a roll. Throw the dice, you never know. Hoping that you land on the envied square.
I wish the education system was designed to teach me realistic life lessons
I go to school, isn't it obvious? Sixteen year old girl with a backpack, It's pretty clear to see. I go to classes, then lunch, then class again, Hop the bus, go home, do homework go to bed.
Piercing into the mirror She’s skewed by the voices latent in thought.
4 AM and y SAT prep book lies before me, and by now I have accomplished more than usualThe sound of cars on the highway is the only thing that separates me from silenceand my ongoing thoughts are what separate me from sleep.
I can love you now. I can love you when I walk alone on a crowded street. I can love you when I sleep in bed by myself each night. I can love you when I wake up and drink coffee for one.  
I was naturally selected to fail.
I'm sorry teacher, I didn't do my homework because Life is pointless I'm sorry people, I'm gonna miss you so much but
Education is power. Education is succses. Education is key. Education is expensive. Education is cold. Education is a murderer. 
Dearest school, I say farewell, May you rot in your man-made hell, You may have provided, given and taked, But the sorrow and pain you cause me will never be forgave, You ate out my heart, Caused my body to quake,
The world today is abandoning values We are all simply numbers An amount, a score, a grade What categories do we fall under?   4.0? You're a great person 3.0? You're like the rest
And of course Of all days to be late Just started a clean slate Now I feel my heart rate Doubling   And the bus There it goes down the street Filled with kids, nice and neat
A person, full of pain and sorrow, a heart that is parted in the middle, held together with one thread of hope and faith…
Bound up in leather, like the books And held by paper chains A heart no longer functioning Inside, no soul remains   They put a hat upon her head, pulled low To hide the brand
Most of the time We try to look at someone else's eye's Try to understand through their covered lies But what we do not realize Viens throb from shameless drugs that mezmorize When their mama cries
  Battle of 
She told herself, "Just a little nap; fifteen minutes, no more than that." A great, wide yawn, and then it was dawn. She had unfinished homework. Oh crap.
Not Stagnant By: Eric Turner
Hello, Dr. King, have you heard the news? Children are being stereotyped because they aren’t as intelligent  as child prodigies at age 3. What can we do to fix this? 
Past the thresh hold You would never believe the terrors in the walls of the institution  The terrors of exclusion, and confusion in a potion  My priorities in a gyre I lost all of my devotion
When I was in high school everyone was skipping class Not me cuz my mom would kill me if I didn't pass But it was wreckless There where kids playing hookie and teachers not taking attendance
From birth we are tested Spanked on the butt to see if we cry In Elementary school we learn for standardized tests "You're learning this because it's on the test"
I know it's only a matter of time
Walk Through the Doors Freshman. Take a Breath Look Around Make a Friend Laugh a Little Take a Breath Go to Class Find a Seat Take a Breath Tryout For the Team
They do not see what I feel inside But they see the smile that I can not hide Day after day I please their needs  But I am never questioned about what I need What did I do
  I have to admit That sometimes I’m "not all there" I’m a great actor Playing the part And choosing what to share   I wake up and decide what character to present
My mind is no clockwork. It has no mechanistic rules of a clock, has no one destination, or a repetitive circle of lines on the edge of Time. My mind is constrained by the jail of clocks and schedules:
This one is true; but I’m sure you’ve heard it before. The story goes that I was walking in the hallway of my school, and as I passed through the galleria, I saw a good-sized boy lying on the ground.
You know that it’s stupid if you over-analyze it. You know that it’s stupid if it is extraneous. For this reason, what happened four months ago is stupid. I remember how late it was, almost dark for that matter
The day started normally, Like it always does, And nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Not until 3rd period when I decided to make my best (or so I thought) better
As I round the corner, I see her. Staring off at the fields, sitting on the bed of my pickup truck. She is wearing my Aviators, I still believe she stole them that night I forgot them in her car.
Every day we all pile in that room with the tile floor, Room 302 I think it is, And we sit in a circle and talk about our problems. We talk about our feelings, we talk about love,
My Rut life begins with my family.My father: An abusive selfish stranger who abandoned me 10 years ago.My Mother: An over controlling, over worrying mother.
My Rut life begins with my family.My father: An abusive selfish stranger who abandoned me 10 years ago.My Mother: An over controlling, over worrying mother.
Beautiful, serene, fleeting This day is just like every other Walking, talking, listening, People are oblivious to nature Tall, big, bulky
Sneaking photographs,selfies in my English classto post on Facebook   Staying up til threewith homework, and on weekendssleeping in til noon  
They don’t teach you not to be small.I’ve been in a million classrooms that teach us not to get too big and make sure we exercise enough.Never have I heard, “Don’t get too small.”
We are the generation of intelligence. We learn to exercise our minds and not our hands. We are the university generation. Goodbye to toughened hands, calluses,
Poetry! Oh poetry! Roses are red.  I'm feeling kind of blue.  My teacher says,  "Get out your pencil,
Today in English class, we learned how one wordcan have many different meaningswhich I guess explains why so many people lieand can deny it.  
A pretense or simulation, Of my future life to come, Left within these worksheets, And textbooks, of some, Is life beyond this testing? From where do these thoughts come?  
Everyone is annoying. Their sickly, saccharine perfumes are cloying,
When the moonlight shines through the broken glass, I will remind my self of my shattered past.   I swore I wouldn't cry A vow I could not keep A decision I never thought
I do not speak loud
“Sticks and stones may break my bones             but words will never hurt me,”   and I call bullshit to whomever spouted such folly,             to the one who thought
I. I wonder if I’ll ever learn to spell the word receipt without having to google it first, if I’ll find the courage to pull back the curtain and enter into the uncertainties of my life
Just because I am not a perfect student Doesn’t mean I'm not trying Just because I said your being a hag Doesn’t mean I meant it
pushed and shoved, unknown or forgotten erased and scared, mummyfied or rotten looking for a door longing for more empted and cornored, damand or amused settled and awake, quite or abused
The alleyways are littered with broken bottles Bleeding amber liquid A fixer Another boy pulls the trigger  And paints the dirt with Something blue  
To take away from humanity, and to be stolen from nature. We have yet to decide which should be mandatory.
I was walking through school during lunch one day when I heard at once a peculiarly snobbish voice saying "I just don't understand it," and so you see, I simply had to turn and look.
Betrayl seems something of the sort
I took my first final. I passed. I took my second. I passed. I prayed and took my third final. I passed. I prayed, cried, and took my last final. I passed.  
What is an education? It is factual, theoretical, practical, or negligable, does it enlighten, brighten, heighten, or deepen the degree and impact that is actually accredited.
I speak, my natural flaws Aside To the Past, Present and Future   Great minds catching every green light Are ran, soon swept out of sight We carry on, all day long Stop sign after red light
You speak of those with dark and light skin,
Am I working towards nothing? I sit in class everyday thinking about my future but realize how more and more it's being shattered and crushed So many things I SHOULD be looking forward to like,
Since they're older, they think they know what's best. But when asked the questions, they couldn't pass the test. It's hard enough to make it in this world, Without their input on our dreams being curled.
Stress The day to day hustle . School , friends , work . I feel like my worlds about to end , so much to do I can barely breath. As I sit I realize the ambition I have to make it in this never ending world.
When you see my half smile and bright eyes from a flattering upward , slightly to the left, angle...what you cannot see is more important. The pain my heart and hurt in my veins do not flush to my cheeks or surface on my skin.
Three months early Twins born too small Doctors wondered If they'd even live at all   Months went by From the hospital we were released The older sister first
As I wake up I have my towel in hand Brushing my teeth Putting on clothes To go   To school I have a test today Papers due tomorrow I'll study after I go  
The worst thing you want to be is a failure in life To put down the people in your life and here them whisper "lowlife" To constantly show no improvement over and over To be confronted and insulted 
Middle School Fat Girl head down, walking through the halls no friends Fat girl shy girl that girl with a book she's alwasy reading quiet. Fat girl
school rules right i mean i guess noone ever knows, what is school really about people come for friends relationships and family but they never consider that an education
I suppose I should have told you About the test that I aced It wasn’t me that wrote it The brain next to me did.   It seemed so easy because He puts his paper on the floor
Gentle rolling was heard past the paper thin walls.
Sitting alone in the shadowy shade, After I made the permeable space I must wait for the others for the darkness fade.   I appear first like the ace of spades,
Why do I dream to be a Veterinarian, it’s funny that you asked. A Tiger, A Mother. A Hunter Striped orange and white Totally different from a Deer Who is as though appears Inferior
Math taught me that I am not smart enough And that my brain is filled with useless fluff   Science taught me that my atoms are wasted On a kid that will live in his parents basement  
Pay it forward. Do the good. Be the change.  Education is your stepping stone, no one will give you a bone. 
Why do I hate school? 
The crowded hall ways reek of hormones and B.O., the people shove you with their sweaty bodies,  everyone is going a different direction, eventually you end up in that same warm seat everyday, 
Sheltered, Clustered, Held back, Oppressed, Obligated,
Crowded halls People getting shoved against the walls People yelling But why, theres no telling. The many people of different race all walking at their own pace They won't let me pass
Oh I do not know if I love or hate to see you every morning You push me with you square wheels yet,
What the hell is life when a life is determined by money? When you live in utero, grasping for cash in the darkness Everything is a business Education, religion, your own health The cash flow is circular
Ever since I was young, I wasn't sure what life was about. Sometimes I'd sit in my room and pout. As I was growing up, I didn't have much friends. I grew up on a farm full of hens. After grade 8, I started online schooling.
Packets of paper flood my homework folder Hypnosis has made me keep track of every assignment in my school planner Isn't that what school is? Hypnosis? To make you believe that there was a missile crisis involving Cuba?
Is she really what she seems? Tall, Skinny and Slick She walks on our command And sits down when we do not need her
What makes me tick. You know what makes me tick? When people are so selfish they can't see past themselves. It makes me sick!
This week I feel funny. I feel out of place, underdressed and alone. I feel a little bit like sticky hands that you can't wash. I can't shake this feeling but for some reason I don't mind.
Life is funny, it can suprise you in many ways. at first you don't succeed and you may think it's over, then life suprises you and says 'not quite yet'...
Where I sit through so many hours of my life Many people just want to run away Hearing these people put me through great strife I hear many people complain its gay   Was against the law to have a bottle
Questions everyday What you're how old? How did you even get here, your a baby? Omg! You're a baby, my little sister/brother is your age. You should not be here, go back to highschool where you belong.  
Being the second born of three Mexican American children, I've been told i was born independent and always had my mind set, knowing what exactly it was that I wanted.
Summers filled with
Beautiful, lovely, top of the social class.She has all these friends who hold her up and love to watch her fall on her ass.In every pyramid she’s on top,Make sure you don’t eat or else you’ll pop.
I'm washed out. Killing myself over how to be the brightest, the one who is bold. The burden I bear on my shoulders the grades, the scores, the wins feels more like boiling water
Chitter Chatter in the back ground; Ignore it, Focus.   Tonight’s the night. You go on stage, Lay it all on the line, Show everyone your soul Lay it out in the open.  
I eat, breathe and think school.  Why? 
They stand up to applaud You’ve done it Standing ovation You got the solo; the duet The piece; You brought it to life.   The cheering You know it’s for you,
walking across the green grass  almost time to say goodbye to our class sweaty palms and shaky knees  finally going to be free anxiously waiting to hear your name looking around to see who all came
There's a void in my head. What could it be but the emptiness I feel in my being? One tells me I will not make it, Another tells me they see a bright end of a dark tunnel. The ideas in my head scream for attention,
A system of organized conformity. Students rush from class to class. Girls in skirts, guys in pants. Clones.   Students listen, Write, Study, Memorize, But they don't learn.
You may congratulate me But somehow that A in my paper doesn't make me feel better about my  Dead eyes and bitten nails And the fear of failure that keeps me awake better than coffee ever could
the first time i poured my heart onto a piece of paper, i made my mother cry. tears cascaded down her cheeks because my words dug in deep like knives. i realized that the world around me could vanish into a vapor,
Crunch!  The salty morsale dives down With echoed fractures Closely followed by The bag crumpling again. Beep! Beep! Bee-beep! Our alarm system calls out Indicating an airy guest
6 p.m. Anxiety kills I can’t go on anymore I am not okay 8 p.m.
            I woke up this morning to the wind gnawing through my old windows. I woke up next to my little dog, and the sun slipping through my blinds like love letters pushed under a door.  I woke up at one in the afternoon.
I am a Senior I am procrastinating  Where did the time go? 
Classrooms are bustling. Students are hustling. The school day is underway. The teacher is up front on his sway. The same routine over and over. The class sits, bored, getting older and older.
Global Citizens   First week of school, info booths galore, Fliers and pamphlets stacked to the roof from the floor. But one stood out proudly, simply sublime, Study abroad, the chance of my lifetime.
My generation Only knows hate Because it's all we've seen.
Life changes in the blink of an eye One day you're here  The next you're there So what if that all changed  What if your dream came true? The dream of owning a store
    I wrote this to see what it would be like in a girl's position,
Welcome to
Heck, do I even know who I am anymore?   I mean, I knew who I was back in middle school… weird, crazy, out-there, cool with everyone… a nerdy, lovable-type kid—that was me   But now I’m in high school
I found her in the bathroom,with silent tears, facing the wall.We hadn't been back a week, but it didn't matter.Dried eyes walked out:Teasing again."Leave her alone!"Glaring, they went to class.
You shout hi, I wave.
In a world where money is fixated and everything is dictatedOn who you know and how you dressThis everyday world is turning into a mess
I have to be up early But early is a horrible thing Why must I wake in darkness When darkness of dreams is more pleasant to me I can't seem to remember Why I am doing this terrible thing
Yeah you only live once That's why you got to live smart trying to get ahead in life can't be making shots in the dark But hear me clearly cant get nowhere if you don't try
  Change my life make me a professor Who do I pray to? Who do I call on?  My life will never be the same  Don’t Let Athena see my sorrow Don’t Let Zeus hear my pain
I sit in the same spot Everyday as time flies by.
If I had the chance, I would take a stance. Make myself be heard, find a cure. The numbers are soaring, parents are mourning. Lives are impacted each day. But you see, no ear will hear,
Trying to get ahold of my books and  Failing.  Scattered papers Stretched binds of books Scraped binders. Exposing my strengths and weaknesses.  Scrambling.   
Weak children starving in the street, Where is there food for them? Parents letting their children get beat, Where is there safety for them?   Sons and brothers lying dead on the battlefield,
I strive to change lives Not only mine but others School can start this path
Lonely face while he walks the streetWater from my eyes like sea salt-laden galesThe last they heard from him was a tweetAll she wanted was to hear a taleThe Moon was bright as a lamp-post
I can be what I want to be Through my volition I will cut off these arms And in their place will be the real me A pair of wings To be free To go further than I ever have before
   I am inadequate. (is that an SAT word?) adj. lacking the quality or quantity required; insufficient for a purpose In a world chock full of Merit Scholars, and teenage charity founders, and tech wizards,
A place where you're rediculed, Picked on, Taunted. A place where friends,
To build the fire, light the cause In the darkest of places, the pain we cause Make ourselves new, and a new place will shine through A home of love, without hate We could make ourselves a new way
To build the flame, light the cause In the darkest of places, the pain we cause Make ourselves new, and new place will shine through A home of love, without hate We could make ourselves a new way  
Sunlight varnishes magnolia branches crimson
  Abortion is legal What a horrible thing
The one thing that ears at me, Is that someones looks is all they see. Beauty should be inner not outter,  And that is the one thing that I would change.   One can be beautiful with piercings and tattoos,
The silence was seriously starting to get to her, This  was the day, The day everything goes down. It’s not every day the earth swallows you whole in one mouth full.
I am from dinosaur vitamins from band-aids and H2O2 rinses.I am from rusted swing setsand broken plastic wiffle-ball batsthat have been tucked awayand have long sincebeen forgotten.
what would i say could change? it would be me. My knowledge of how powerful education really is and how successes could better me. How education would have helped me become a better me.
A is the motivation for you to Be better than what society has been Creating you as. The Demoralization of the young nation Fails to be seen when all the adults   See  
For four long years The students sit and stare At the walls of the school Asking why they are there
Washington, Lincoln, Jackson and Franklin
On the sidelines
Sometimes I can stand tall
All you're used to is obeying, listening,
Up early in the morning to the smell of coffee Hearing the alarm go off makes me salty Stumbling over couldn't finish my dream awaken to a world that isn't what it seems rushin movements to make it on time
I am not a pencil, I am a pen.  Why? I think I'd rather be a pencil,  but I am not.   For instance, the number 2 pencil gets prized for being the most used during tests. 
Writing poems in a classroom isQuite a tiresome thing to doBecause everyone wants to know What your thoughts areThey want to ride on your train of thought
Cold cinder blocks covered in thick, distorted white paint that tries to hide the sharp, rough edge of the bare blocks.
High School was  The best of times... and the worst of times.
Chemistry, man. Maybe it should be ban. Nah, I love that class. Its the most badass. Secretly, I'm a fan.
Oh hated homework! The constant worry and stress Fuss and mess Taking away precious time Repeats of schoolwork
Day in and Day out
Tick-tock, tick-tock I'm here. Tired and my mind is cloudy like a January morning. I roam aimlessly on coast mode. Where am I going? Oh yeah, here it is.    Tick-tock, tick-tock
You’re In the Blink 9th grade, you don’t really remember
My life, I watch it from the passanger side of the car, go go go and never come back. Today, apart of me; who I am died.
My tomahawk pride will shortly be coming to an end. Every morning I wake up to the same constant battle, Just my alarm clock And I. I take a cushioned seat among the crowd of seniors, Then the bell rings.
The place where I learn
A world with no style would be astronomical With no one caring what you wear But life in this generation is just too different It's not about what you like to wear
Growing up, I was never the favorite. The didn't-matter-never-did-get-your-grades-up. My mom was a nurse, my dad a PhD. My stepmom's doing her diss and I know she's going to make it.
Waking up to the same ringing, Going to the same place, Five days a week, Ten months, learning and forgetting.   Distractions and butterlies, Taking chances, locking eyes,
Silence. It surrounded me like a thick blanket, a false illusion of security as I walked across Fulton and through the market. My flats tapped the ground, giving off no sound,
     Jr.High. Through the halls, head held high, making fun of kids of many types. Just for fun? Just for kicks? I couldn't really tell you why.   The laughs I got, for rude comments I made,
School Studying and learning
First Samantha Hyde 
Everyone seems to have all these high expectations for me,  for I am a preacher's daughter, I am a "smart" person, I am innocent.   No one expects me to slip up. I am not allowed to get a bad grade,
The busy hustle across the sidewalks makes a walk turn into a shuffle.   Going from class to class is nothing short of a puzzle.   As I make my way through the crowds, I've never felt so alone.
Monday: Day of New-beginnings, clean-slates, a constant reminder of another week of school.
The Valley   We all have our place that we call home Some are big and flled of people
We are rock slowly breaking down by wind harder and harder the wind blows deeper and deeper we erode Our hearts are worn down to our vulnerabilities Soon we will be nothing but pebbles washing up on a shore
  Flow in the wind like a flower in the Spring, Your delicate petals swirl in the midst.
Flow in the wind like a flower in the Spring, Your delicate petals swirl in the midst. Touched by your warm smile, waiting all along just to hold you a while. Tulips grow in May showers, 
“Stir yourself! Awake! Arise! Blissful slumbers, fall away! Cast old Nocturne from your eyes, ‘Tis the brink of glorious Day!”   This is what my Mother speaks,
When I sit in school, I want to fly away. Up to the stars, To soar past Mars, I'd like to leave and play. This class is dumb, My brain is numb, My eyes are going blurry. My pen is dead,
Having to go to school  may seem tough but do we really do somthing impossible to me school is just another home to learn and demonstrate your skills and well school is for students
I can relate to those who do not consider themselves' a morning person,
I'm not much of a poet, and I'm sure that I show it. But if I had to pick something to change, there would be no limits, for those who have spirit, because they have everything to gain.
When I was younger, I used to think that  our teenage years would be different.    I thought we'd all be happy  and have boyfriends. But in reality,   we're all depressed.
  And there was a girl who I knew the face of well. I saw her all the time, but I couldn't find her name in my mind.
The world is crazy, but never slowing down  I see so many different people whenever I look around  Black, white, yellow, and red  I see all these people inside my head  But why do we hate the way people look 
We learn to walk the halls Put our heads down And play along   Why are the lights so dim? Is this a classroom
What would I change? Shit, where do I start... If only I could eliminate all the times a boyfriend stomped on my heart.  If I could erase all the times I stayed in the house,
alarms scream "get up!", muffled grumbles, throws covers winter break is gone   darkened bedroom lit checking messages missed groggy eyes blur screen   time flies, leaving soon
I am a woman.  
I am fat. I have rolls. I have stretch marks. I have scars and pimples. I have freckles, moles, and birthmarks. I have hair in places I don't want it.  
I do not know Poe, He not know i, why why, expel information for score i must, let pen kiss paper, i say let me write, why why, dead and gone, words of the few still ring, please save me, vapid my mind is becoming, emancipate my spirit, why why ,
When I was in middle school I was such a fool Hanging around with my pals Acting so very “cool.” But I’m in high school now I’ll make it through somehow... Oh for heaven’s sake
It’s never vocalized or stated clearly, but it exists – that is, in theory A shadow cast by parents, teachers, peers, and more Labeled “Academically-inclined”; to an automatic clique assigned Once a hobby, now a chore
I’m sound asleep My fleece blankets swallowing me in their cuddly softness All of a sudden my alarm clock shrills to life
Red, Orange, Blue, Silence. Murmur,
Leadership, Endurance, Social Skills, Self expression Outside these books we've learned some lessons We've progressed and prospered, we've grew and gained, we experienced and evolved
Have you ever leaned back And watch the world turn? Turning, turning… Have you ever felt The sigh of relief As the bell rings And the hall is filled With the shuffling feet?
We get punished for not meeting your expectations  Of getting the grades and acing our examinations With disappointment slapped across your faces The feeling of shame has become our number one basis  
In a swarm of scattered souls Lie traveling whispers in our ears And yet the decent one stands alone over there   And even from afar the whispers were clear Whispers shouldn’t be that loud
Have you ever felt alone. You could be around a crowd of people yet feel like your the lonliest person ever?
  Sh! t you can’t say to your teacher!       Dearest teacher,   Can you please learn to put in your grades on time? I don’t care that you have a wife
Not knowing what my future may withold from me I try my hardest to strive for excellence I want to be the next to succeed. not end up on the streets with a heart that doesn't bleed.
One of the brightest students they call me though they do not see the darkness clouding my mind   Want to make everyone happy they say about me though they do not see
Teacher booms out over the classroom: Who knows the answer to this question?
Ah school school school Such a famous buliding block for success but all so difficult for the common student Friendly to those whom meet your standards to the "T" but the source of stress for those who do not
School is a place where I love to go, Where I stare at a board so my mind will grow. I love it so much I could go all year, Yeah, that's right, no sarcasm here. I love how I learn just what my teachers say,
Mean teachers. Heavy Books.
I am your darkie. Your raisin in the sun. Your guide to trendsy, urban culture; Your go-to-girl for the 'black perspective'. A pawn in your game. You smile in my face, spewing your venom. And I smile,
I'm the type of guy who tries not to say "I" Because when I saying "I"  is showing too much pr"i"de.   'I' was raised that way believing there is a link to the philosophy of my kind
I am not a number. I am not a rank out of my class, which is a bummer. I am not a number on a four-point scale. I am not just a student, and I like to rebel. I am a person.
Technology is cool when you see it on TV, hear about it on the radio, but we just spent too much money for shit that we don't need.   The fancy calculators, the dumb
Always last in Gym Class, I Never stood a chance in Debate. Immediately chosen for any Group task, That science Fair was a piece of Cake. Teachers love me, Oh how they praise me. Others not so much,
Here's a problem to solve: You're given a set of numbers and rules, Expected to manufacture meaning from it all. Deliberating decisions isn't always a choice,
Everyone’s a rebel, we all want to change the system. We all shout until our throats are sore but the government won’t listen.   School funding is paid by the local property taxes.
We are here 180 days of the year.
As I walk down the halls in the prison known as school  I see the clown kissing the cheer queen I see the Bull pushing the next Einstein down the hollowed stairs I see the Brick walls creating corners of the prison cells
I am the girl that is permanently stainedThere’s more to sex than giving birth and STDSSometimes if your lucky you’ll still have your prince charming and be a drop dead beauty queen,
Here's our school spirit Yeah, you gotta hear it echoing through the halls. Dead silence because filth and violence are the main events this fall   We represent our lovely school
            I am lost.             Now Teacher, I don’t have time for your ramblings             Teacher, I don’t need your downcast looks             Teacher, stop talking. Listen
BLACK By David Harris   So many times I’ve heard, “You don’t act black”, And to this day I still don’t understand, How does one act a color? Do I be decrepit, ugly, or dark?
Roses are red, Violets aren't really blue, But that doesn't really matter, Because homework sucks, And so do you. I hate this class, I hate this pass, I can't even get up to take a piss.
Dear mister professor, I take notes in your lecture
A tear falls down. Just one, then two. I hang my head to hide my face, But I know he stiffens, closes off, turns away, Avoids seeing me as he makes his rounds. Round and round the papers go,
 From the moment I walked in, You judged me. It was apparent you knew nothin' I know nothing in the life comes free, But you told me I couldn't afford The one thing I wanted to be.
It's all online, just read it in your textbook,
Dazed in the classroomJust barely still awakeThe teacher droning on and onHow much of this can I take? No fun games, no interaction No matrices or chemical reactionsJust poetry by Emerson and Poe
Shit you can’t say to your teacher: “I’m tired,” For she will think you didn’t sleep enough last night. “I’m really distracted,” For she will think you have no interest in learning.
I wouldn't say it is a good sign, to wake up dreading the people inside, our chamber of learning, knowledge to find. My heart beats fast, my brain throbs my mind.   But what can I do? The law says I must.
This slop, This glop, No, please, stop I don't understand Why you say you feed us by hand But we look at our plates And see our fates It is like staring into the abyss
She let him walk away from his only escape  She gave him an F because he wouldn't follow her directions
Oh teacher, Oh teacher, what must I say This work that you give; Causes too much dismay.   When I get home this is what I do, I curse to the Heavens, “Oh f you!”. Now it is time to settle down,
"Who said you can't live forever lied-  Of course, I'll live on, forever I'll, forever I will Live on. You can't ever deny my flaws. I'll live on forever, I'll forever.."  
What I learned in high school…
Another worksheet that I will not need past high school. Yeah, I understand that school is not meant to be “cool.” But how is the Pythagorean Identity going to better my life?
Education has stopped being about the students If this insults you and you think we should apologize for our rudeness Then we are glad we have grasped your attention
Dear Mr. American History:   Your tie: red white and blue, representing the noose of oppression you pledge yourself to.
I go to school almost everday, each day to learn. Your job is to teach us, use that degree that you have earned. You tell us that you care, but when I am seeking answers you are no where to be found.
you think she is your friend she will laugh at your jokes but she has her motives    without me she had no friends  I gave her friends and my time I gave her so much untill...  
Girls like her, they don’t feel. That’s what you tell yourself. Vicious is how one would describe your words. But that doesn’t stop you from typing them out.   Without blinking you press enter.
They came up with this bright idea, a place of education, or so they thought. This place to teach us standrads and information A bunch of fakers and liers is all I got. Math,English,Science,History
Never say "im tired", there is no excuse. Never say "my dog ate it", because that is over used. Never say "your wrong", that is not right. Never say "can i leave?", because its not even night.
He walks with    his leather jacket slumped over     his shoulders          and his violet backpack          swinging violently          from   his shoulders. His mouth is   a motor,
The places where I went today,
Everystudent by Destani Jewett Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, Lived a creature, Everystudent was its name. Now the people in this kingdom cared for none else,
I am told to report bullying, I see it everyday. But every time I talk about it, I get shunned away.   The bathrooms here at school, They are so filthy and dirty.
It’s a school of honors and honor students Who balance themselves on the edge Of excellence and nothingness And everyday  The paper, books, sentences, numbers, deadlines Crush them
Education, a thing we take  advantage in this generation.
You just don't get it All that I go through.  All that everyone has to go through. You say, oh you have it so easy. The stress piled on feels like I am never going to get out from under this.
Oh teacher if only you knew,
Don't do this, don't say that Oh, here's some "food" that'll make you feel like crap Is that not enough? Would you like some more? How about I give you a pop quiz that'll drop your score.
  ringing of the bell 
  The Piece of Paper   As the bell begins to ring a sea of students invades the halls the sounds of lockers
Hey Mr. Principal, Hey Mr. Smith, I hope you sit comfortably – On your plush office plinth, With all your private accolades – That no one could care about, To the varsity trophies –
The time is here Its the start of a new year All schools are preparing For children to being with their horse playing Teachers are saying that learning is key But all we know to argue and ask why?  
The class giggles
 Oh great, here we go again.I swear this teacher’s nagging never ends.
You would think that a place that advoctes equality by hanging a banner stamped "No Place 
Believe me when I say that I never like to complain But at the risk of staying sane allow me to dissect my brain And peel back the nerves to show you what I’m hiding 
Humans all can behave the same. We can look similar, But we are different, obtaining fame. Some not, though you think we're all familiar. We come from everywhere. From apartments to streets to the hotels,
Can I just leave please I'm not feeling school today Sitting for hours Staring at this wall, so bored Only three more blocks left, score
Up in class. The teacher is talking about something but it seems like nobody is listening and I swear I just heard somebody behind me say Paul Bunyan. Dude What does that have to do with this math?
    In school I fake a mask of friendly satisfaction, Feeling like a fool for three fourths of that time fraction,   Teachers just see me as a student, To friends I'm just another face,
7th grade, in the middle of middle school, friends come and go, thought i wouldn't be able to make it, thought about hurting myself, Mybe being out of the picture would have been better, 7th grade, a year when my ride cam crashing down on me, nobo
Baaaaaaah   Halcyon lights shine above calm information. Non-inflammatory signs are guides to a knowledge line   Baaaaaaah   A rainbow burts through the calm sea
The students Walk down the hallway And toss the  Vagrant's gold On the ground   Meanwhile   The man leans On his broom And eyes humanity With a sordid look
I look around At the school halls. And I think to myself, "This is hell."   The teachers are boring, The students are dramatic, No one understands my struggle.  
Hiding behind my books, slumped over my desk Head down in defeat, as I stumble over each word
Professors claim we lazy and just don’t get it Nah sir, that point? You done missed it. It’s a scary time to be young, black, and gifted The frame of picture we was supposed to paint done shifted
Working together is what we should do, Giving a helping hand can be more than you think. Speaking of our goals and how to achieve them makes a difference. Energy is formed from within ourselves to strive for them.
I read the posters I look at my shoes I look at the clock I doodle on my paper never once do I look at you Teacher...
Education is not pencils. Education is not tests. Education is not classrooms. Education is more.   Education is not principals. Education is not schools. Education is not teachers.
Forbes publishes “top jobs,” and the sport of Googling can easily yield endless lists of “best careers” of any given year, even those that have yet to come. These labels are slapped onto underrepresented fields,
Life's a stormy sea With ups and down's you see Change is our every revival  Adaptation is our means of survival   School isa ajungle you know The predators put on a show
Hey teacher, teacher I bet you never saw this coming I bet if I told you you'd think I was lying Cleverly disguised Behind beauty and brains But see with more than your eyes Angel by day
The right to an education, Is guaranteed. To everyone. This means that we are all, On even ground in school. And have equal opportunities to learn And excel in our studies. But just where
I am not okay And I don't have the energy All of it's exhausting It's not that I'm not trying,  But that I can't seem to care.   Notes and tests and quizzes and books It's all just way too much
    First day rallies as I shuffle into my seat
I am bored. My life is nothing But school work  And people.  The people only serve to make me feel lost in a sea of faces.   I am erased. The color in my soul dulled
They say that the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. A teacher is meant to combine and fit the links Together. As one. Instead, they separate And force
Each day you wake up to go to school You often boar me until I drool, Teaching is different for each body As a teacher you should make the class a game lobby.
Dear Public Education, I understand intensions, schoolbook implications, rubrics of attainment and months of memorizations.    It is all hearty facts, here some and then gone.
When I go to class I always wonder Will today be useful?   As the day does on sometime I think:   Did I crawl out of bed to get an education? Does today count?
As I sit at my desk, while others finish their test Thoughts gush through my head, like how a tidal wave spreads Why am I in school? This is such bull School is not about learning, it is about receiving an A
Teachers better start caring  About what their students know. Instead of teaching just for the grades Of the students—it's all a big show.   When you step out of the class room,
The School is full of shit Students can't say what they want All they are taught is to take a sit   The school is full of misogony Girls can't talk about things that make men "uncomfortable"
Roses are red Violets are blue
"What in the world am I suppose to do" I cant see the future, All I see is bleakness and Im feeling blue
Stress wraps around my body like a snake. Assignments pile up making my back break. Teachers are like slave owners and dictators Treating us like we are pitiful traitors.  
School is Supposed to be a sacred place, School is Supposed to be a safe space, Every student requires an equal opportunity, A choice of their own  Between success and failure.
Education is sort of like a loose screw, attached to a failing machine that tomorrow might turn on and we’ll all find out doesn’t work anymore. Here, let me clarify.
I stroll into the room only a second after the bell, And before I can even get all the way in, she's giving me hell! I'm like Teach, Miss, I get what you're saying
Who gives a fuck?!
My brain is not to be toyed with,
Enjoy your four years of high school, They said.
What is something you can't say to your teacher? Is it a thing or an action? A place or person? A problem or an obstacle? A struggle or problem? To tell you the truth we can tell all of this
Education School Future These three words not only make chills go down more than half of Americas students But also chills down the spines of their parents
i have to wonder where they're going with all of this.
School is where we come to learn and get an education and be successful.
The kids whin and sign But school is the best Not in all countries It's truly a gift We are blessed greatly Compared to the world  
Expectations,Standards,Deadlines,All wished to be met.Plethora of worksheets,Tests, Books,All meant to complete. Education,Socialization,come together as one.
I hate myself and want to die The chant in my head As I try to work  Sunlight in the windows But none of it falls inside I hunch forward My stomach clenches I stare at my pencil
“I’m sorry, is my class boring you?” my teacher snaps at me. No, ma’am, but the time I went to bed last night is a complete tragedy.
    Shit you can’t say to your teacher? It should be titled Shit I Should Say Math teachers working out polynomial equations and over exaggerated problems of how Bill bought twenty-three hundred apples;
There it goes again. Another fist to their jaws, Another bomb to their world That you promised was bombsheltered. They’re sick and tired Of being tired and sick. Yet you’ve done nothing
I sit in my bed contemplating sleep It's 3 AM again, but it is so early I still have to speak to Jefferson about his ideas on federalism I still  need to figure out how to ask Pythagoras about his golden ratio
If you had known At the time In that very moment That you had killed a little part of 8-year old me, Would you still have done it? And said what you did? In front of who you did?
  I can’t stand it. Everyone thinks that they know better, But they don’t.
Forty years ago My father went here A 13-year-old 8th grader Finishing his last year   Thirty years afterwards That was me We both remember The school on Madison Street  
Inside the classroom no homework should be had
So I know there’s homework due today. That much I really know. I also know that now is the time Where you collect it so…   I must explain to you Why my homework isn’t here
At my school, every day is all work no play. We get so tired that we just drift away. Staying up ‘till twelve and up at six, It’s a miracle we aren’t all sick.   Sometimes I wish that homework was less,
So I am leaving soon anyway And you won't see me another day.
The AP system kills love I don't care about you All i want is perfect grades To be better than the few   I want to rise to the top  That is my drug The ecstacy of  that 4.0
Huffing and puffing you rush,  rush through the sea of bodies, pushing and shoving to make it to that room, the oh so dreaded room.    You hear nothing but the sound of the clock, 
Dear teacher Our GPA is not our price tag my worth is not decided by my proximity to the magic amount of 4.0 dollars. It's obvious what you think of the students not sitting in your uppity advanced placement seats.
Like Usual, I wake up at 5:15 5:15 for what?  Yes, you've guessed it -School How would I ever like this thing called school after having to wake up so early daily? I'm not a morning person  
You want to feed my mind but i leave class hungry. You sit in class and teach but I cant pay attention. I dont understand why i fail, which is so funny. I try and use the bathroom but i need your permission.
"They just don't know." I thought to myself, "They just don't understand it." "If only they knew that there are few who have this gift and cherish it." Many see school as quite a bore.
I am here.
Teachers are paid to teach,
School just isn't your thing, huh? says my teacher as I sit with my head in my palms.   That may be the case I tell her.   For now that is.
Students have issues. We spend our days sitting in class rooms, and our nights working minumum wage jobs. Some of us live on our own, and others don't have a home at all. We have needs,
I may be quiet, I may be shy, but that doesn't mean recognition will kill me.   What I'm doing right -homework, quiet, listening- even if everyone else is disregarding your voice,
My body is strapped in, held fast in place. The mountainous load smacks the desk with full force Dust disturbed from where it was resting.   I reach for the topmost paper, trembling I slide it down
Throughout or lives we encounter many stories. Many we can't find the theme or the theme's unlike the contents held inside the story
Fat Girl in the buffet line,Fills half of her plat
First day of school Take off your hat, are those tears in your pants? Give steps in and I was suddenly in their trance Pull up your pants she tells at the man besides me Are you freaking kidding me just let us be
I walk the halls, getting one last look at the walls. They've never looked so pretty, as I imbed them into memory.   I can still hear the screams, and see the lights beam, as I stand alone,
Why do you say I can’t go to a college? So because I was not born in this country? This is unfair! what about all my knowledge?
It takes a while. Speaking. Writing. Communicating. These are all things which people take for granted. Luck. Something which does not come easily to me. Ouch! Unfortunately, this simple word is said a lot. Almost daily. Too often. Brain. Head.
Ever since elementary
Take a seat,  and close your mouth. Let me torment you instead. The lesson for today, is role reversal; Take a seat  and take it to the head. Let me take my anger out on you,
Stop telling me to shush We’re not in the third grade You’re not my mother  You can’t control what I say …or maybe you can When I get a bad grade You tell me not to be scared to ask why
Morning sounded prettier to a young girl than the afternoon. Piegon toed and bugged eyed walking to the bustop at an early time she did not know existed Saw the most human beings she'd ever seen in her life: 20.
At school the other day, I was asked not to pray. It rocked me and shocked me. What could I say? I am but a student that is meant to obey. But did they have the right to ask me not to pray?  
I hate the crowd, the wrong crowd That keeps me in, I'm drowning now.  And there's no hope No lovely hope To keep me safe, to keep me sound. I fall too easy, and I can't swim
To whom it may concern, It is healthy food for which i yearn. For it's called chicken but looks like a log. Then after we eat, we continue to learn in fog.
 You could hear her heels click as she walked.
I may be dark but I am not stupid. What you expect based on my skin color,
Wake up at 6 in the morning,
I want to help, I want to succeed I can't be lazy, I need to do this for me School is the only thing going for me. I get to expand my thoughts to bigger and better things.
My fresh, new assignment On a crisp piece of paper in bold text "I'll get right to it!" I say As I lay it down on the corner of my desk Never to be touched again
Waves crash against the shore, A storm is on its way. I cling to my desk in a bitter hope That it will all pass over me.   But as they walk by, Their lightning strikes— Cold, hard stares
I dream, One day you would want me. One day you would notice me. One day you would forget work. One day you would write me. One day you would study me. One day you would intice me,
Is all you care about is your health ? If you're healthy, then we are? Is it because im black you think im dumb?
Voice Unheard Voice Unseen Person of visibility No longer seen Invisible   Walks halls Walks streets Day after day Still Unseen Invisible   Voice of crys
Tears drip,
I did not come here to watch chalk dust collect on that blackboard. I did not come here to watch you watch us watch a video about something you can't explain. I did not come here to memorize the quadratic formula.
When you were in school, what did you learn? Did they teach you how to hide the fear in an urn? Did your teachers ever face the problems that burned
Teachers, As i am fully aware that you have a job to do, teach I want you to be fully aware that i could honestly careless Why do i care about the revolutionary war or how the states got their names or who the 28th president was Don't get me wron
There are some students who don't respect. There are those who don't care about their teachers. Respect them and they will recommend
I sit in my class surrounded by numbers Waiting for an explanation, but still ending with wonders How does this work, and what to do next Why does math have to be so complex?
    I’m in your class everyday  But you don’t know me Despite what you say No grade can tell you who I am I’m not one of your pets who will sit and cram  
i hate this school all the teachers think we are fools we aren't your work mules you do this all for cash  you never give a crap all your homework is trash I'm just gonna take a nap 
Depression stress AnxietyWords linked with school societyWords linked with suicide and liquorThere's something wrong with this picture  Piling up homework, Lower gradeWhat happened to being an aidLack of time and sleepLead students to become weak 
I wake up at 6:00 in the morning. I know hard work   I shuffle from class to class and fight that need for sleep. I get out of school at 2:05. From 6 -2 I deal with high school.
(Sigh)I guess Its that time of year againWhen we're back in a classroombut it feels like a denI want to see teachers and students making connectionsTeachers helping to oversee our imperfections
Who's to blame?We're all just so different,we take it for granted that we're right;point the fingers at anyone elseand mock the system.Just consider this:maybe we have our own way
You make me feel like theres no way out  I am trapped and confused I thought you could've helped Why should I confess my problems when you yourself have caused them
your snide commentary about our collective thoughts puts everyone down   you're the reason  that we dread coming to your class
Dear Bitch You want me to burn? To die? Calling me ugly till I cry! What else is there to do? I went to you Mr. Dean I went to you Mrs. Principle but what did everyone say?
Dreading Spanish every day Something I wish I could say to my teacher You flirt with all the boys and ruffle their hair When I leave crying, I'm the "trouble maker" I'm the "Liar"
Who are you? Are you the one I seek guidance from, Or the one who depresses me? What is your name? Can it be the angelic symbol I follow, Or the projects that surround me? Ignorarnce.
She clings to her rules As tightly as she ties her bun No piece out of place, Polished and proper.   For her there is only one; One way to answer One way to think One way to question
I am sad, I am hurt, I am mad, These words don’t work!   I feel empty, I’m at a loss, I’m insecure, I’ve lost the toss.   I feel sick, There’s too much stress,
You See MeChristopher L. You see me but you don’t hear me.You don’t know my name,I am a mostly a number.You teach toward the numbersNot to the people.You teach to the wallsNot to the names.You teach to the massesNot to the faces.You see me butYou
Ring, Ringtime for class.Crowded hallways. Freshman rushing, anxious, EXTREMELY easy to point out,backpacks larger than doorways allow.Here come the Sophmores careless, foolish but, wise 
you were the first to noticethough not the first to teachall of the skills i'd need in lifeand the scabs i could not reach
There are two path ways Right and wrong which one would you choose? School or skate park, Homework or party. Choices become overwhelming. You can have fun today or a better tomorrow,
"You need to know this." I wonder if it's only For one single test. --- "Think this way." They say. "This is what is right." They say. I haven't any say. --- There's calculation.
He's on every wall of every room,  Around our necks and in our heads,  In our hearts, in what we said.  He hangs on the cross,  Head bowed in shame 'Cause you can't do one thing. 
Dear Teacher, I need to tell you something, but I don’t know how to.   Dear Teacher, Where do I begin?   Dear Teacher,
Excuse me Miss Please stop asking me the same questions over and over I know my assignments are late I know some things aren’t turned in Truth is when I get home I don’t want to think about school
Is it any wonder, Why it's hard to wake up. The repetitive mornings, What do we have to look forward to? Everyday is the same. A monotonous environment No spontaneity. 
A broken system, Thats all it is,   They're ment to teach us, But really they only break us down when we dont add up,  
How can I learn to trust that you'll be there If I need you when I'm hurt or betrayed or scared, When most of your species only turns a blind eye To what goes on in this place, like it's sanctified.
Limited courses Aggravatingly slow pace Held back by the school
Elementary school, When's nap time? Is it my turn to bring snack? Yayyyy, I can see my friends! Recess time! It's Friday, no homework!
Why must we fight  Instead of being  friends Why must we fight For what reason should it be Why must we fight When we're all the same Why must we fight Just because someone is different
It's a Wednesday in November And I'm struggling to keep my eyes open I must look a mess My eyes are droopy And my hair is unbrushed I'll admit, I didn't try at all this morning
To hear, if only I could hear. To hear those words so soft and fruitful. To hears suchwords when I am youthful. Time goes by and so does this rhyme, but riddle me this,
School is back, its that time again teachers are wack, i get to see friends if theres one thing i dont like its a loner but overall i hate homework teachers need to stop with all of this domework
You can't tell your teachers that the reason you didn't write your essay, is because your hands were clutched around that cold porcelain bowl- throat filled with acid,  your fingers shaking and white, 
Sitting in my seat; doing so alone. They say smile, be kind, and make new friends. Tell me, admin, how easy that was for you. Tell me, teacher, how to smile in a room of strangers.
6-paged paper due in a week Fuck that, I thought to myself The teacher was staring at me and so I decided to scream. "You must out of our mind"  She gave me a dirty look "Time I can not find".
  wham, bam, and thank you uncle sam! taking our brothers, our sisters: just lambs. leaving our children on streets in the cold. not much of an uncle, all you do is scold!  
Oh shitty shit shit who stands upon thee front class. Who do you think you are? perhaps an ass? One who plants stress in my interior  and who thinks is superior. I yell enough is enough!
Sometimes I find myself watching other students do their schoolwork However when I look at their faces, I usually don’t see a smirk
Notice me No wait  Don't I need help  But I can't Won't Ask for it  Your damn sense of superiority  Makes it impossible .  You don't bother to question our understanding
Now just because I say sh*t, don't think of me as rude. I just got to get it off my chest, some of the sh*t you do I think is crude. Like the way you look at me, as if I don't have the right kind of apptitude
This school was created for US They were ment to serve our needs as blacks Now you tell me I'm not good enough I'll never be equal I'll always have to work harder, be better
I know I'm not stupid, I just seem to barely pass.  It's not that I don't try, it's because I'm not Her, the one in my class.  She is funny, hilarious in fact.  I just sit in the corner, not knowing how to act.  Her hair flows, skinny jeans show h
Oh teacher, oh teacher, put your phone away. Don't tell me in your "first day of school teacher tell all" that you are a stickler for the rules, and then text while we sit her and take notes.
We're not the Past We're your Past We wear diapers We play with dolls We dress up We shoot toy guns We build out of blocks We make mud cakes We talk to our imagination
  You don’t know my name Been in here a whole fucking year Fifteen kids plus me I know I don’t talk But do you notice I listen? No texting under the desk Shouldn’t be personal
Yeah, my brain's getting bigger,   But my skin's getting thinner,   The test says that I'm a winner,   But I'm not.      Let me know that this won't last.   Tell me that it's just a class,  Don't tell me about all the past,  Leaders of the land.  
You are the shackles to my oppression, more similar to my depression You say I can't succeed just as it says I can't be free I am oppressed and depressed.  
Twain says not to let school Interfere with learning. Well, teach, I've gotta say You are getting in my way.    I need to learn: how to think, How to live, how to be.
debris made of stardust trinkles past the cracksin my fingersbroken, jagged jigsawsof velvet skythat flows to my eyes hidingbehind my open handsin a makeshift shieldagainst the nature
Step Step Step, Gum on my Shoe. Look under the desk Theres gum there too. Hush Hush Hush, The noise I cannot bear. In all the space of the class, Is there silence anywhere?
Dear School, I think you suck. I don't think you give a f***.   My friends are bullied, and no one cares. Kids are crying, it's just not fair.  
Pen, Pencil, Paper Do you even know what a word document can do?   Chalk, Eraser, Blackboard Have you even heard of a SMARTboard?   VCR, VHS tape, CRT television
First it started with a snicker Then there was a whisper Now there is just my wimper I feel so alone  With these scars on my heart And the scars on my arms They remind me of you
Can you understand the way?  Roll down the hill with the best of them?  The girls and guys who like each other.  The shame they feel when they walk down the hall.  Equality should be showcased.
the kid in the back of the class too shy to talk to the other guys too skinny to be on the football team too scared to talk to the pretty girl; long light brown hair and hazel eyes,
This is another story that I often think about: the story of the team   after the car crash that ended the life of one of their own fleeing to the dark library and grieving over a death far too early;  
Hey you teacher standing in the front of the class room. You make me want to stand up and smack you with a dirty broom.
Slaying privateers with my blunderbuss, The queen's lap dogs surrendering without a fuss,-- Remember this for the test: PV=nRT-- I took their ship, not caring if I was brusk.   I can't seem to shake her.
tell us that we're wrong as we sing and preach the right song.   tell us that we're right and then you keep us in your sight.   tell us that you care
To the "dear" Mrs. Langerman. How dare you take advantage of a young child. She was innocent, sweet and mild. Just because of her race you stood there Discriminating and staring with that dark stare.
Brutality at its best  Unhappy so you need power Like a Tea Party member you’re ignorant Like the blind man you can’t see that
Why do you give us so much homework? I learn better in class so stop being an ass im sorry for my language actually im not i know im being a snot but listen hear 
i can't focus because i'm staring at your ass during my advanced honors english class you talk about oedipus and wuthering heights i wonder if you notice my new lace tights the smell of coffee on your breath
How would you know that maybe I haven't been skipping dinner for the past couple of weeks? I'm not hungry for a meal, I'm not thirsty for knowledge, I'm starving for feeling. I'm parched.  
School can be a real drag Sitting, listening to this old hag   Just tell me, why does school have to be so boring You would thing that even the teachers would start snoring  
I am ambitious curious and passionate I want to keep learning anew The teachers are unhopeful schoolwork is hectic Already prepared for what each school year brings
Don't you talk to me. I don't like the way you teach. Your class makes me sleep.
What did we do? How did the judge rule? How did we wind up here? How did I end up in a prison called School? What crime did I commit? Honestly, to wind up in a place like this;
I'm a freshman in high school I know how to find 'x'I know that oxygen is a gasand that the Declaration of Independencewas signed on July 4th, 1776My education is going to change the world
I'm drowning. I can't keep my feet on the ground. I say "save me from this pain." But things just remain the same. There's no one else to blame for the scars on my skin. I don't think I can win. I can't hold on any longer.
Day 1: My feet hit the cold tile and my eyes strain at the board. I hear your monotonous bore, I think, I think, no more. I am just another one of the horde.   Day 2: The straps pull at my back
               You saw the ache under her artifical simper  yet you sat and said nothing as her eyes plead for a cure to relive this agony form her casket everyday you watched her tear bare her skin in hopes of becoming free of her hollow soul and
You see me here In this dumb chair Making jokes with my peers This ain't even fair   I don't get it Was that a joke? Can't we just quit I may croak!  
Your babbling on your hike through South America doesn't interest me. Maybe if we were in Geography, No. We're in Math. Don't tell my parents I'm not paying enough attention.
          Education is not a matter of equality, for the government doesn't lie in desires of mortality         . The future is deprived, because of the lack of cognition floats in our backwards spin tunnel.
As the clock ticks, our educators dole out our curriculum : standards firm as bricks. We sit and wonder where the creativity went in education. The flint is almost extinct as the Fire Of Passion diminishes to ashes.
You think you know me but you don't Sitting behind that desk you wont Deny; You've got something to hide too Its PERSONAL to you  Numbers on pages, words are supposed to represent who we are
  Dashing through the halls, Carrying all my books, Can I use the restroom, Or will I be late to class?   Oh, Ringing Bells, Ringing Bells, These kids really smell,
My shorts. My bare skin. My long legs. My apologies.   I  wanted to wear shorts. I disrupted his education.
You know what? I've had it. Its time you hear the truth. And if you really don't care to hear it, Then fuck off, because this one goes out to you.   See I've got other things to do,
Deadlines Closing in, a crouching tiger Waiting for me to fail, say something wrong As if I didn't hate myself enough already "Quit making excuses, there was plenty of time for this assignment"
"Are you happy?" my therapist asks me. "I do not know." I reply. Because in the midst of all the partying and hanging with my friends,  I still feel alone.
  Look around you Don’t let them surround you Open your eyes Don’t let fear keep them shut Turn off the TVs They are poisoning your mind Get off of Facebook before you run out of time
I'm tired of math. Too many know-it-all teachers can't communicate I don't learn like that, could you elaborate? "You see, the radius is C over Pi because Pi is the answer, but what is Pi?
Prithee tell me, high school When does it stop being cool To kiss the Queen Bee's feet? She may be full of honey But she's anything but sweet. Her eyes shine much like diamonds
Worksheets and notes due tomorrow Final review due today Surprise pop quiz next period And lectures every day   Teaching is all the same Write this and do that
You can't take a stand in your room I won't care to stand to hear you Your suppose to be a leader, a role model a teacher. Not an insecure, naive, believer.
Remember the joy, And remember the fun, All of the days we had in room 161.   How we laughed and joked together, And broke many of the rules, But how we couldn't have helped it
there is an epidemic of thought thata master's degreedefines how much youcare and what i amas a being
First I started out counting and learning colors. Man, I Felt so much smarter than the others. Challenges grew harder, my brain was expanding. Reading, writing and math were knew to my understanding.
As if it weren't enough, to choke up all my trust friends are foe, boys come and go, the clothes I wear lack lust. Come to school and "look a fool" go home then start again.
  I am so dull In a room that is so dark I have entered a place where I am so clueless
I remember when I had absolutely nothing to do.  How I would just lay in bed and wait for something to pass me by so I could just do  something. Anything. I want that back.
When I was young they told me money isn't real If so can I say no to this foreclosure deal? Will the hospital do free surgery on my heel? Is there anybody out there that feels like I feel?
Hey, raised my hand. Yet again not seen. Here! Taking attendance but not yet remeberd. Student in the front row Teacher treats her like a queen. Not asking for much. Its really quite simple.
I am driving without gas and without a destination. On a track without interpretation. Seemingly moving forward striped of imagination. I look ahead and see nothing to my devastation.
The first day I met you, my love, the leaves were starting to turn red. You came to me from the mouth of a man with glasses and a British accent. You were a word. "Chemistry."
Take that old test down to the basement Time to prove it doesn't mean sh*t Take a big red marker; paint a target on it Stick it to the cardboard, the way I wish I could stick it to the teacher and have done with it
Clock ticking            Time slipping A droning sound A droning sound A droning sound Fallen heads With drooping ears Drooling lips Snoring noses.   A class about myths
A class with no tests now that would be the best. we could focus on learning and growing and who we want to be instead of a grade on a paper being the only thing we see. 
The scenery around us is full of perfume and desperation. Individuals enter the school halls with hidden feelings and failing fears. Make shift masks are our uniforms.
I can feel you grow weaker As you step inside the class You use to torment me endlessly But those days have passed ……………………………………………….
Why so much? Can't you see i hate it!Homework here, homework there And you don't even bother to grade it.This is stupid why should we do it?Look at all the extra work and there's nothing really to it,So common let's admit that you don't even like
You think you're hot sh*t don't you because your clothes fit you and you got a nice whip riding after school. You think you're hot sh*t don't you because we will never be like you
I wear a skirt to school like many other girls. A teacher stops me and says, "You're not in dresscode." Are you serious? I'm the only one..because of my legs. Long legs are a blessing and a curse.
I walk the halls that grow increasingly familiar Yet at the same time, recognition becomes harder These faces? These people? Strangers. As the years go by, the ones I know  Disappear.
Sometimes teachers think that all we care about is being cool, but I guess they dont realize; We actually care about school.They think we find it boring, the facts we read untrue, but lets look at the bigger picture: should we be teaching you?
Day in and day out the children study To become something that can make money What they don't realize is that choice dead They and their fate have already been wed   Today in class, you're one of many groups
As a teenager, we are taught to be an adult. But what is really an adult? They teach us about the Government, but nothing on how to do things after highschool.
Dear Mr. Teacher I thought you should know Nobody likes your class and your teaching skills blow You’re not good at teaching; we all know it’s true Believe it or not I’m here to help you
Algebra is stupid, when am I going to use it. Here goes another hour wasted of my life. I don't get it. The class im not looking forward too. It makes me want to shoot my self. I hate algebra and the teacher for teching it.
There might not be a reason why But I know there is no reason to hate The people say what route you take  And if you fall or fly But I won't lie when I say People make stupid mistakes.  
Teachers don’t seem to understand anxiety, They put us in front of a room of staring eyes waiting undeniably, We are supposed to speak eloquent words full of meaning and substance,
Lost in the shadows, Confined to monotony, Oh, what a curse! What’s worse, there are things to be “learned” in this paralyzing prison. “Learned?”, you may ask? Yes, “learned.”. For learning should be fun,
  What can I tell you about my school? It’s okay, nothing special Been with the same kids year after year Been with the same teachers year after year It tends to get monotonous Hearing the same drama
today they sat us all down they asked us questions on a screen they asked about drugs  and drinking the things we're supposed to experiment with they told us to be truthful,  so I was
I am at the cusp of the goalpost I may even want to go beyond it, forward still I want to learn and try more than most.   Yet the goal has a green ribbon that will
I try so hard to be my best. But I end up being the worst in my class. We take all these stupid tests, not even one of us can pass. If you have a problem with the sheet,
Students stare when I pass from class to class, Teachers even give me double takes, And glare when they realize what they see. I'm not a boy. My hair is cropped short, my jeans bag,
No one realizes, They say she's all smiles, always getting a good grade, They don't think she will fade. But what you don't know, she goes home and the tears flow. she hates herself,
When I dream, I dreamed of taking flight.  My Wings clean, pure and free. I was so free...  I could fly as high as I wanted to and I wasn't afraid. I felt like I could conquer all; overcome any challenges ahead.
Creativity lost Students in seats The same hours everyday Expression kept inside Same rubrics No variation No freedom No escape No outlet Just a cold room
Test Tuesday. Project Wednesday. No late homework past Thursday. Marking period ends Friday. Volleyball game wednesday. Newspaper club thursday. Not enough time in the day, not enough days in the week.
grey hallways, close us in, trapping our imagination ,  trained to fight, trained to win, similar to prison, I wish it weren't true, wondering about what awaits for me in the big wide blue,
Yes, I am fully aware that my cleavage is exposed. No, I do not care. Yes, I know that it is against school dress code. No, I do not care. You claim that it is distracting to the class to be “indecently exposed”
Set the alarm for Monday school getting up early is really cruel Get to class do my work,  watch the clock One end of the hall to the next is quite a walk Reading, writing, submitting my work
There I sit, 30 minutes left, nothing to do, but I feel a certain flush. Oh how it snuck up on me like a theft, let me go, I'm in a rush!   Run to the door, but stopped in my track
Three times a marking period That's how often we can go But if you are married Then shouldn't you already know?  You say it's too much, disruptive, distracting If we could stop it, we wouldn't be asking You've never experienced the anxiousness of
The role of an educator grants power and authority, Yet some treat students with degrading inferiority   Your role is hard and I respect your position Because a role as a teacher is
P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } At first glance, the classroom is quiet and the teacher is talking, Students are attentive, just simply learning.   However, go look closer and you will find,
  The rush from one class to the next...knowing nobody in the halls, just trying to get by.   I always wonder, "Is this what high school is really like?"  Does everyone have the same empty look in their eyes.....I wander to my class and wait for i
That damn bell, oh how I dread. These mornings never change. I think I’m seeing red. I groan at the sight of the metal detectors and the line that waits. The security guards with tired eyes, laying down the law.
You have a degree That says you can tell me If I'm right  Or if I'm wrong. You have a certificate And even when I'm sick of it You possess Carte-Blanche martial law. You say no child
You stand up there, teaching us this crap How will it apply and when will I use that can’t I pick my own classes? Go to class when I want Whys the government control us, I wish I could change that  
School was a blur, I wish it were more fun. First Period: I stepped in gum. squish, squash. Second Period: My brain on overload: numb. zzzt, peeeww.
  We are always learning, improving, developing Evolving into something greater than we were Becoming something better than the world has ever seen Education is the means by which this takes place