See You Next Year


You know what?

I've had it. Its time you hear the truth.

And if you really don't care to hear it,

Then fuck off, because this one goes out to you.


See I've got other things to do,

I've had better teachers than you.

You act as if I care

Spewing "F"s into thin air.


And then you tell my parents?

You know what? Go ahead and try!

I'd like to hear the shit you say, 

While looking in their eyes.


You think that your so clever?

That I'll fall to my knees?

Well think again and kiss my ass,

Beacuse I'm not here to please.


My world does not revlove around you

So failing me? Well you can.

But remember I'll be back here

Haunting your classroom once again.


So remember what I've said here 

And think about what you did

Because as much as love torturing you

I've got other things to do. 


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