M E M O R I E S of T E A R F U L S M I L E S

Wed, 10/29/2014 - 01:18 -- lycanyx

“Perhaps this is the end of the line.”

There are days were I say weak things like that

As I remember those memories,

Those days of blissful past:

          It was more than enough for me.

          My friends and

          I would walk ever-so carefree

          Slowing only to catch a breath

          Stopping only to feel the breeze          

           Thousands of friends could never replace you!

           He said with such ease.  Oh! How I wished to believe!

           Even though I know we’d say goodbye, I thought




                                               I love them.


                                               They love me.



                                               I MISS THEM.

Tears prick at my eyes

My worries come flooding into my mind

Crashing through the glass memories of my past

Flowing into my throat; I choke


Swirling, swirling

The fear won’t stop





And see

And read

That worn-out sticky note

Still stuck to my desk:


            Don’t cry because it’s over,

            Smile because it happened.

                                    ~Dr. Seuss


And so I smile.


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