school days

school days!

school days!

learning for the boys

but the girls are just toys

pass them around 

and then 

just deny it


school days!

school days!

boys can come shirtless

girls have to wear shorts below their knees

because how would 

the boys learn

if a girl is confident in her body?


school days!

school days!

protect the boys

it was the girls fault!

she was asking for it in her sweatpants!


school days!

school days!

boys your grades are so great!

girls that A is a disgrace

because guys don't like smart girls

and all blonds 

are dumb


school days!

school days! 

boys take your space

girl stay small


beacuse boys education

is more inportant

then ours

because school 

is for boys to learn

and girls to aid the boys


well I'm done with that

**** the dress codes

and all of that ****

I'm tired 

of all of it

This poem is about: 
Our world


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