Wake Up

Desperate. Longing to be SEEN.


I sing a song and weep.

You stare down with icy eyes; strangling my rebirth with your silence.

Reach out! Reach out... Oh teacher I have so much to give!

To say!

No, lock up the skeletons and slap on a smile. Stay in the void...


I fall, fall into Alice's dark wonderland;

where shadows engulf the light.

Where our 'heroes' morph into nightmarish monsters and laugh as we


I flail and reach out my disintegrating hand as you

look away.

I scream! Scream my story!

You sew up our lips instead of sewing us wings.

Stay on the unending path that YOU say we must follow

That path is a void. I feel DEAD! I'm dead because I am not seen.

I flail, hiding my tears... tongues lash out and we all

drown alone.

I want to be an artist! You throw equations into my face and rip up my poetry

Slash my throat as I sing.

You say Maggie is too stupid to be a psychologist.

Well I say she knows more about the human condition and

pain than you will ever let yourself

feel, teacher.

She is beautiful, but you will not let yourself see.

She tries to sew herself wings, but pain rapes her brain.

The needle hits the concrete floor with a ping as she weeps.

Instead of belittling her teach her how to sew! Not to just survive, but

live! To fly!

Teacher, let her fly.

Sally gets beaten at home. Walks into your classroom with bruises and a bashed heart.

She is petrified into silence.

You look away.

How do you sleep at night with the blood staining your hands?

How do you look into the mirror?

Please, please let us fly.


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