What About ME?

Sat, 10/26/2013 - 16:22 -- Skuddly

I'm tired of math. Too many know-it-all teachers can't communicate

I don't learn like that, could you elaborate?

"You see, the radius is C over Pi because Pi is the answer, but what is Pi?

Tell me why Pi is what Pi is and how to

explain, equate, and relate Pi to real life and-"

NO. I can NOT give you the answer to everything if you act as if I know this like you.

I can NOT explain, equate, and relate because I cannot formulate in the first place

This constant state of knowing less

Trying my best

To move forward.

You tell me to learn and I want to progress but it's too difficult when all I feel is


Your sole purpose as a teacher is to help me learn and prepare me for the future,

But all you do is kill my love for the subject.

I ask you to explain, but you reply so rudely as if I wasn't paying attention.

You mess with my grades for being defiant and forget to mention


I am SUPPOSED to be inquisitive

Is it really that harmful to you that I am prudent?

I want teachers to know that the children are the future.

We need to be helped and nurtured through  the beast that is education

So that we can be all that we can.

We can provide for a society that needs us only if we fit the requirements

But right now, because of you, we are only good at the moment.

You prepare us for a year before we ship off to the next teacher.

Nothing seems to stick and our minds grow weaker.

We dread the future because we forget to make way for new ideas that

You force feed based on a schedule to fit your needs,

NOT ours.

On behalf of all my fellow students please,

PLEASE, change.

For us.

The children.

The future.



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