We're all the same

I'm 20 years old and life's starting to change.

Apartment in January because I'm moving away.

With that comes debt. That's why I'm taking out loans.

$600 a month and if that's not paid, then the doors close.

Add that onto $500 plus in books and food,

which are necessities in college; don't buy them and you're a fool.

I'm working full-time to pay for my car and pay off my current college tuition,

but 300 dollars a week with all these expenses, isn't going to do shit.

I don't know how much money colleges expect for you to have saved,

but I don't have nearly enough and all I did was save.

Three years, two schools, about to be a third,

and out of all this schooling, want to know the one thing I learned?

I'm working hard, trying to keep my grades up,

working full-time, stressed-out, feel like I'm gonna throw up.

Just to spend 30,000 dollars on four years of school.

Where a job isn't guarenteed after; isn't that cool?

Now, I'm not blaming universities or schools for any of this,

I'm just saying some people don't work hard enough, and expect to get shit,

just placed into their hands because they're always open wide.

Throw some money their way and they get all glemy-eyed.

Everyone's struggling with money, at least, most of us are.

Paying off tuition, housing bills, and monthly payments on a car. 

So if you ever feel like the world's closing in and there's no hope

Just remember, I'm a college student too, and I'm in the same boat.





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