High School of the Gods

After eons of rule and omnipotence,

The God’s grew sick of their own importance.

Together they chose to settle down,

And run a school in a tiny town.

Olympus High became their parthenon,

A brand new life for them had dawned.


Athena runs the library and coaches the girl’s rugby.

She’s normally soft spoken but on the field gets ugly.

Apollo teaches music and instructs the marching band,

When Artemis isn’t on the hunt, she’ll give his color guard a hand.


Haphestus runs the metalshop and forges in the fire,

He talks of how he was a god, his student’s call him “liar.”

He’s wed to Aphrodite, his love and inspiration,

She runs the social media, promotes the school of divine creation.


Posidion teaches science but his heart is with his swimmers,

Instead of learning in his class the students just get dimmer.

His brother Hades teaches math, the class of endless pain,

Little do they know his used to torment souls in his domain.


And who can forget Hera? Home Ec is her land, 

She’s wed to king and principal Zeus, teacher of the football clan.

Zeus oversees his school and his students are his passion,

There’s no better way to teach a class than in the Greek God fashion.


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