Silence In Class

You're sitting on my desk Laughing and joking and talking with those who stand beside the teacher And I would rather be anywhere else Because you are too close, too near, too much for me to handle
She's behind me, she's behind us And she talks of hate or is it ignorance?
You may be smiling still I do not know You may be frowning now I do not know
How can I know anything when a dark haze has filled the room? How can I look at you when you're so overwhelmingly close and I loathe people in short proximity?
You're sitting on my desk My back is pressed to the seat A secret leaks and wisps of Ebony darken further
There's a shift, like the tectonic plates of classroom etiquette and students' morals have drifted Here's the earthquake- land shaking and ground breaking They say you aren't right You don't say anything
You are right, not wrong I am right, not wrong
You're sitting on my desk And I want to tell you But I don't Wisps are experts at glueing mouths shut
I sit idle In my desk You sit by On my desk
The discussion changes The bell rings The haze dissipates And we leave class

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My community


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