School is Stress

"Truly I should be working, no?"

Whispered the little student

"Surly this is what’s right"

She fretted in her mind

"But why should I do it?

Why? oh why? oh why?

Why is it such a stress?

When can it be lifted?"

She gets through each class

Not happy not sad

Simply under pressure

And through this force it seems

No emotion can enter.

"Try and have fun!"

All the others cheer on

"Come and play here!"

They call out so very loud

But she shakes her head and only ponders

Thinks of how they  live so happily

How do they romp and play

How do they leave their stress?

How can they deal with its weight?

Unless they have less than mine.

She goes home quite

Defeated and sentenced to study

She needs those good scores

Needs to grow more

But with this she can’t relax

And the teachers will always wonder

Why’s this homework stained by tears?


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