Kitty Whiskers

She's in a new world

Lonely girl, where are your parents?

A new area, so familiar but never explored

Adventure awaits those who seek it

She's taking the next step, just as useless as before


An art major, and they all laughed

How will you make money dear?

What will you be doing?

A fire burns inside, hot. Red hot fire

It is warmth in the heart

A fire lit under her feet makes her move

Let's go, the train is leaving!


A whisker of hope floats before her, so thin she cannot grab it

But she holds tightly, knuckles white

Hot fire inside her hands

Holding dreams that no one sees


A whisker pokes inside her pocket, sharp on the edges

"Move it!" it says!

She moves


A fruitful adventure with what outcome?

Dreams really do come true, but they're not what you think

Never meet your hereos

But always follow your dreams

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