Stand Up and Learn


United States
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Let's define
Then take a test
A big old test
Because the state tells me to.
Fill in the bubbles
Write meaningless words, skipping lines
We've been programmed
Marching to class
To sit and stare
Absorb the facts now
So we can forget them later
Will they ever wake up?
Students are more like sponges now
Who have absorbed the common core
And will regurgitate it on command
Only to let it dissolve into the abyss of summer.
School is supposed to be enjoyable
Not barely tolerable
They blame our teachers, our wonderful instructors
And never bother to check out the systematic lessons
The boring textbook curriculum that no one wants
We don't want to learn it
Teachers don't want to teach it.
I want the enjoyable learning back
I want reading to be fun
I want to learn new things
And be able to retain them.
Education is a privilege
It shouldn't feel like a burden.
Define, analyze, memorize this:
I want to learn, I want to know
I don't need exams and essays that mean nothing to me.
To no longer be just another brick in the wall
Of the institution, more like factory, that is the school
Seems to be a far off dream.
I need to express, to create, to communicate
I want to expand my knowledge base, expand my mind
Is that too much to ask for?


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