The Future of Some Day



At 5:45, the alarm clock rings

A moment’s hesitation, and I’m out the door

I go to school to “learn new things”

Problem is, I’ve seen it all before


Gossip in the hallway, makeup in the bathroom

That one kid who sits in the corner alone

Frozen lunches in unbearable gloom

Everyone wishing, praying it’s done


I think it wouldn’t be so bad

If we could truly speak our mind

But there’s no free thought to be had

Or even thought of compromise


‘Cause in this backwards, twisted world

Your age defines your whole

Everything you say and do

Is thrown back to you tenfold


We’re told to listen, listen well

Ears are open six hours a day

But why should I raise my hand in class

If you don't want to hear my say?


I may not have a college degree

(A great aspiration, I’m told daily)

But how can we actually learn anything

Taught the straight and narrow way?


I’m sure if we could open our mouths

You’d see we have a lot to say

We don’t need condensed versions

Or “Beat the Bush” mind games


We’ll be your doctor, your nurse, your maid

Interpreter, secretary, and fire brigade

You’ll see us in Congress, and out on the street

We’re the future, or will be some day


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