A Teacher I Know

You are the shackles to my oppression, more similar to my depression

You say I can't succeed just as it says I can't be free

I am oppressed and depressed.


You call yourself a teacher;  yet, you preach to me in an entirely different tune


Who am I in your perfect world, where every student has no problems

I am broken can't you see?

I need fixing, but you can only concentrate on the 'more important ones'


The ones who have it easy

easy isn't a word in my vocabulary 

In such a dictionary I call my life


You look at me with judging eyes

seeing only failure, and a waste of time

but they are ignorant to the truth

I have promise written all over me


Promise to make a difference somewhere, somehow

You and the rest of you don't see it

But I feel it radiating deep down in my bones


Ill change the world one day 

and your judging eyes won't believe what they see









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