I'm a dissapointment

I want to be crying

Its as if I'm dying

IM becoming a disappointment

Where have I went

Falling into the dark side

Something I couldn't hide

There's life beyond it

Yet I can't face it

My biggest fear has became real

never has it been a big deal

My head is hurting

My head is pounding

there is no thought

I have been caught

Stranded in my own head

All I can do is be in my bed

Yet there's a twist to this tale

After knowing I have failed

There's a smirk I can see

The person isn't me

She was locked but now set free

To be

Everything I'm not

The person I once fought

The irony in life

Is a much bigger knife

Why can't sweet death come

And take  where this misery come from

I want to be crying

Being a disappointment is worse than dying.



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