Greek Passion



Change my life make me a professor

Who do I pray to?

Who do I call on?

 My life will never be the same

 Don’t Let Athena see my sorrow

Don’t Let Zeus hear my pain

They would be so disappointed in me

There would be no excuse use not the tell the world about the power of the gods

Change my life make me a Greek MYTHOLOGIST

Help me explore the knowledge that I have been for so long

My life will never go back

 I will never be just another pretty face

Let Aphrodite be proud of my beauty

Let Aries be pleased of my fight

I would sing their names to people and people would know their might once again

Change my life make me a historian

Studying the God is my job

Telling their story is my passion

Apollo would sing the songs with me

Dionysus would toast to my success

Change my life make me a History

I feel as though I teach my share I feel as if I was there in the making

I was present in Troy

I was present when Achilles Fail

I was present when Artemis picked up her first bow

I was present when Demeter became the goddess of the underworld

 I was present when Hades captured her

I was present when Hephaestus saw is brother with his wife

I was present when Hera married Zeus

 I was present when Hermes delivered messages to the gods

I was present when Hestia turned both Poseidon and Apollo marriage proposal down

 I was present when Poseidon cried for his son

I am unconditionally in love with the Greek world

Change my life make me the person who teaches you the wonders of Greek Mythology

                                                                                                                                                                -Jennifer Hatcher

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