So Close


So Close...

You have your ways of ingenuity,

and you dont bend your rules.

You walk your line and never stray.

You are so lovely in your own being.

You may be far from the world,

in your thoughts and words.

But you are so close to me,

I can feel your presence.

So close I can smell your beauty.

I close my eyes to see you.

Only to want you closer.

It seems we are so caught up with living life,

we cant find time to live life.

All I want to do is make you come closer.

I will never stop saying the things I say to you.

The crazy thing is I thought I knew love.

From before I met you.

Ive come to realize,

I wasent even in the same universe.

You not only see through to my soul,

you see who I am,

and what we can be.

I hate being so close to you,

but feeling so far.

When the moment finally arrives,

I will be at your side.

To fully embrace your every word,

and cherish your every touch.

Your grace is radiant,

just as your eyes shimmer.

And not from the sun.

But from your heart of gold.

Lets stop this procrastinating.

And start anticipating.

Lets jump together.

Into the vast sea of serenity.

And make our way,

to the shore of love.

Then never walk off coarse.

For if we stray,

the waves come crashing in.

Your so close to me now,

I can feel your heartbeat.

Just give me a chance,

and figure me out.

I want to erase all your doubts.

Ill ease your mind of worries.


you and i embrace.

So close that we are one.

So close that we have won.

Ill never give you reason to wonder.

Ill only give you reason to ponder,

ponder on the future in store.

Lets walk.

Walk forever,

so close...

together on this shore.


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