H:handing O:over M:my E:existence W:whilst O:obtaining R:rudamentary K:knowlege

Sun, 09/29/2013 - 19:28 -- Cool950


Homework... Huh, now that's a funny word.

Oh wait, no it isn't, that was really quite absurd.

They swear it's in our best intentions,

and they insist we must go on,

but what good can come from something

that does me so much wrong?

I work all day. 

I work all night.

I stay up late, 

and that's alright. 


Who needs sleep when there's "something better" to look forward to?

Who can rest when my " future is so bright"?

I guess I don't.

The work keeps coming every day and every night.

I do the best I can,

the lights are never off,

I spend so much time on this stuff!

Oh well, I guess it will pay off...

Now do not get me wrong, 

I know it helps me learn,

but after 8 long hours of it,

my eyes just start to burn!

Churchill this, and sine wave that,

Robert Frost, and major 7th D flat.

I've learned so much!

So much I cannot use.

All to get a GPA, 

a sheer numerical excuse.

I guess I'll keep on going,

pursuing my "goals and dreams".

But who has time for that?

When assignments are all I see. 

I do not wish for a revolution,

or to sound like a lazy jerk. 

I'm just a tired high school student,

with way to much homework.











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