Who Am I?


Ambassador School of Global Leadership
701 S.Catalina St. Los Angeles School restricts us and trains us like dogs for an illegal dog fight,
United States
34° 3' 36.0576" N, 118° 17' 49.3404" W

grey hallways,

close us in,

trapping our imagination , 

trained to fight, trained to win,

similar to prison,

I wish it weren't true,

wondering about what awaits for me in the big wide blue,

worrying about assignments that are over due,

that will distiguish who are you,

grades, tests, and gpa's all act the same way,

to make the judgement if we are smart enough to get paid ,

encaged , enraged and deprived,

I dream of the day that school is over so my creativity can arise,

police, teachers, and students all push me out,

dried of all my optimistic goals,

i'm a living drout,

nervous about the future,

nobody knows,

but where I will go,

my gpa will show,

unfair statisics will determine my fate,

wether I will have enough to put food on tmy family's plate,

is it too late,

to reach the date,

where I will debate,

wether I'm good enough or just another rate,

I just wish there was another way, 

for me to make it through another usless school day.



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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

convey the importance of education 

well said

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