Looking Back


I'm Seventeen.

I talked to my counselor today.

The school won’t let me back to class without a note from a therapist;

My parents are arguing about whose fault this is.

They said I’m broken.


I’m spending more time at school than I ever have before.

I haven’t had a friend over since tenth grade.


I'm Sixteen.

I came out to my APUSH class.

My peers were more accepting than my family was.


“Yes, I have a boyfriend.”

“No, this doesn’t mean I chose a side.”

“No, I’m not being indecisive.”

“No, this isn’t for attention.”

“No, I’m not bisexual. Yes, there is a difference.”


My parents said my interests worry them.

They said I made a choice to defy them.


I'm Fifteen.

My aunt is getting married.


My grandmother called me & told me her daughter is living in sin.

She said she was glad I was normal.


I think I’m going to tell them.


My dad isn’t talking to his sister any more.

He makes jokes about marriage equality.

Maybe now isn’t the time.


I'm Fourteen.

I have a girlfriend.


Oh, my god, I have a girlfriend.


Will my friends like her?

Will my parents like her?


I brought her home.

I didn’t tell them she was my date.

My dad said it wasn’t normal for me to not have brought a boy home.

Later, My mom said “There’s nothing wrong with being gay, but you know.



I don’t have a girlfriend.


I'm Thirteen.

He said he loved me.


I wish I never met him.


I'm Twelve.

A boy whistled at me.

This is new.

I saw him yesterday at Japanese School.

He said he’s in high school.

He’s cute.


He said I can’t talk to the other boys in class.


He said I’m lucky to have him.


He said it wouldn’t hurt.


I'm Eleven.






I'm Eight.

I think have a crush on a girl.

She isn’t in my class but I see her at recess.

I told my parents about her.

Mom told Dad I just got my pronouns mixed up.


Am I going to Hell?






I'm Five.

Two boys hugged each other at the store.

They hugged for a really long time.

I think they were going to kiss, but Dad made me look away.

He said it wasn’t right?

 What’s wrong with it? Girls & boys kiss all the time.


I'm Four.

I want someone to live with.

Like my mom & dad.









I wonder if the idea of having a non-straight child kept my parents up the same way it has with me.

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