Black As Night

Wed, 10/26/2016 - 18:12 -- Roz


Night falls,

The screams began.

Thundering hooves

On the pavement

A high pitched yelp

It’s my own.

My long legs

Running from darkness.

Towards the white light.

A mother weeps,

Arms held out.

A bundle in arms lets out

An ear-piercing screech.

So I

Pump my legs

And faster we go.

Towards the light

Away from the darkness

That covers and hides.

Away from the black

That kills and envelops.

My legs feel weak

So run some more.

Go! Go! Go!

Blanket in my arms

Crying for that woman.

That saved a life

And left her own

To be tossed.

Heart pounding.

Turn the corner

Towards the light.

Here we come

Into the light.

Darkness behind

Lights fill eyes

Head spinning

World turning.

The girl is gone.

Home again safe.

I fall into Sleep's arms

Warm and inviting.

Darkness envelops, covering me

Once more.

Screams come out

“Wake up!”

Back into reality go.

Look up at a face

Eyes are wondering, questioning probing,

To a classroom you go

No darkness to run from.

World shrouded by light.

Eyes to the ground,

Into a hall, bustling, busy

Pick up a pencil,

Describe a dream

In big black letters,

High up on the board,

But how to describe one if

You’re living one now.

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