#YOWO High School Expectations


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When I was in middle school

I was such a fool

Hanging around with my pals

Acting so very “cool.”

But I’m in high school now

I’ll make it through somehow...

Oh for heaven’s sake

You couldn’t last to winter break!

You’ll go back running to your mama

From all the stress and all the drama

Boys call you fat, girls call you sleazy

And yet you think it’s all so easy

We know that you won’t make it

So don’t even try to fake it

Oh well, you’ll soon see

High school, that’s where you’re going to be!

Football, tennis, soccer

There are bottom and top lockers

The teachers and the classes

The nerds and the jackasses

Best eyes, best smile, and all those other “bests”

But don’t forget to study for those dreadful science tests

They’ve got computers and projectors

But it’s still a boring lecture

Winter formals and the prom

Feeling crazy, acting calm

Spanish, English, and chemistry

High school, that’s where I’m going to be!

Your life will soon feel so messy too

Don’t forget, you’ve got an essay due

Then you’ll be feeling the longer days

People crushing you through hallways

Insomnia leaving a gloomy haze

But what about photography

And all the fun school plays?

I’ve got the looks

You’ll carry books

I’ve got the grade

But watch it fade

I’ll raise my popularity

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

What? It can happen?

High school—oh yes it’s high school…

That’s where I’m going to be.


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