A Poem to the Hell Called High School

Sun, 07/06/2014 - 19:14 -- Ralola
Dearest school,
I say farewell,
May you rot in your man-made hell,
You may have provided, given and taked,
But the sorrow and pain you cause me will never be forgave,

You ate out my heart,
Caused my body to quake,
Hurt my thoughts,
And drove me insane,

You seep out pain in ghoulish delight,
Made me cry, 
Made me cut,
Made me want to die,

And now you wave happily in good bye,
My last years you act like the past was a lie,
The nerve you have,
The dread you are,

And you expect me to walk?
With a hat and a tassel?
With a mask of a smile?

I dare you to look through my eyes!
Walk in my shoes and feel the pain in my throbbing mind!
Your all to blame for my pain,
May you stay at school for all your days!


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