Time of our Life


Here we are in the best four years of our life,

We stared this jorney in a new world, it became urworld, and soon we will have to leave this world.

Sometimes between exams and friends the world beats us down,

We trek in worn soles while dreams fill our soul.

Everyone thinks that we are kids, we act like kids, they forget that we still are kids.



High school, a place where students find themselves involved,yet forced to follow rules.

High school, a place where excellent leaders have to rspect their teachers, their leaders, their principals, and their authoriy.

High school, for most students feels like chicken dumped into cold water.

High school, an ancient program, goes back far; It is among the oldest living

High school, for most students, is nt an easy transaction.



School is another step on the staircase.

Not much of a place to work, but to make choices.

You work,and you talk, and you get distracted, and BAM,

Before the bell buzzes, the class is over.

You may ask yourself ''What did the time do with me?'',

But in reality, it's what you did with the time.



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