there's too many damn poems about pain...

i want to hear

about you

running through

the sprinklers

at 3 am


about the joy

of utter 



i want to hear about

your grandmother's laugh

your crazy uncle's advice

and that cashier's

fab-u-lous attitude that

wanted to jump

from puddle

to puddle with

you through-

out your day


there's too many 

damn poems

about pain


did you ever 


to think that your


(though beautifully

eloquent) pain

is NOT what

the earth is using

to spin on

its axis?


life is supposed

to be a roll-

er coast-



high school is  

supposed to be

challenging on

the soul


how the hell 

do you think 

you'd ever be-

come success-

ful or in-


if you didn't 

have to fight

for your character?


i don't mind a sad poem

(every now and then)


i don't mind poetry

that infuriates me

to the point of ex-

pletives (on very

special occassions)


but for cryin' out loud!


quit commiserating at

your window 

reading about how

all the great writers 

killed themselves


so they knew 

how to write

some killer 



they also 

stuck their

heads in

the metaphorical

(and sometimes





go on a walk

eat some ice cream

climb a tree 

go inside a pet store 

throw some pennies

into a fountain


don't create your

own life-r's block

by constipating 

the whimsy 

from your life


embrace the whimsy!


share in it

devour it

digest it


and then go write

me a poem


let me read about that


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