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There was an anticipation
the clock was crawling slower than a snail
My heart began to beat louder
All else is a blur but the goal is clear
the reality is closer
Yet the quiet game seems easier
Not even the pearls of knowledge
could indulge the students' weary ears
in the next 48 hours
the slightest bit of hatred is amplified
everything we like is translucent
classes sound like nails scratching on a board
homework causes aggravation
There's no perscription for senioritis
sit here like warts rotting on a pickle
Teachers can not find a cure
for the brightest transforming in to dull
Every little break an excape
and every return, excruciating
Slacking is an understatement
Every leave is a walk to remember
Failing tests does not seem so bad anymore
Pencils feel like they weigh a ton
Taking notes appears useless to all
Sleeping longer is our motivation
Underclassmen are noticed as peasants
in for a rude awakening
We got an app just to count down the days
The halls will soon be walked by none
Papers notebooks even backpacks
will be discarded or thrown, no more school
for some just for a little while
But for seniors, this is the last hoorah
The last chance to make it worth it
The cruel anticipation drives us all


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