The Rule of Poetry

I wasn’t the happiest kid in middle school

School subjects increased in difficulty

Especially math

What is the Pythagorean Theorem again?

How do I figure out the radius of the circle for a second time?

Would you mind explaining to me what fractions are once more?

Nothing made sense to me

I felt like an idiot and didn’t understand why I couldn’t grasp math

Math teachers preach about how math is the most important subject on the planet

Nothing surpasses it

You need to know it in order to survive in the real world

I began to think if I never understood math I would never be accepted into a good high school

Go to a good college

Get a good job

Make good money

Have a good life


Depression fell over me

Everyone else in my grade seemed to understand it with great ease

Why did I have to be different?

Was there something wrong with my brain that I wasn’t able to ever learn Mathematics?

Possibly some sort of disease called Mathematitis?



I wasn’t doing too well in English either

The five paragraph essays really took it out of me

They were so conventional, and rather dull

I felt increasingly bored with my education and was rather unmotivated

One day my English teacher said we would start a new curriculum on a form of writing called poetry

After poetry was explained to me I was amazed at the sort of freedom that was bestowed upon me


Poems didn’t have an equation I had to figure out

They didn’t have a ‘right’ answer

I didn’t have to memorize a certain formula in order to complete my work

Poems didn’t require research or a certain layout to follow

Poems are just your thoughts on paper nothing more nothing less

The rule of poetry is that there are no rules and within an institution that glorifies policies I found it to be truly amazing


Soon my self esteem started to rise

From writing poems I have found a certain part of myself I never saw before

A confident side

A creative side

I felt like a true individual

Not just any other student

I became myself through this wonderful form of expression


To this day I keep writing poetry because it makes me feel free and individualistic

In a society that is conforming and restrictive





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