sometimes i write Letters

Letters that will never be given

Letters that will never truly live

Letters that will be hidden

or perhaps just thrown away


Letters that will be read by no person but me

Letters that say everything i can never say

Letters that contain words i wish i could scream


Letters i wish i could give to her

in my Letters i tell her 

how she is killing me by existing

but i can't live without her


and my Letters tell her how

i see her and my heart doesn't stop when she smiles but

it flies

and for one scampering second i think

i'm alright because she is


and my Letters tell her how 

i see her when she's sad

i can barely think because

i will do anything to make her smile again


and my Letters tell her how

i see her friends

the diamond and the defender

and i wish i could be them because

she looks at them and smiles but

when she looks at me she sees



and my Letters tell her how


she is


and my Letters tell her how

i wish i could give her

my Letters


and my Letters


or maybe they never live at all

because when they are written

they crumpled or

ripped or

shredded or

covered up

because i will never tell her

anything i have written

in my Letters

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