Am I Boring You?


“I’m sorry, is my class boring you?” my teacher snaps at me.

No, ma’am, but the time I went to bed last night is a complete tragedy.

Of course I don’t say that, my mother raised me well,

Instead I just sit and stare until the final bell.

After school, I go to track practice until six.

After track practice, I eat a small snack, hoping for a quick fix.

Next, I go tutor a girl who’s failing math in school.

I sit patiently and go over all of her math rules.

I finally go home, but not until 8 o’clock.

I wish I can go to bed, oh man that would rock.

I eat dinner, alone since my family ate at four.

I sit in my room and do homework, and when I think I’m finally done, there’s more.

I stay up ridiculously late to try and get everything perfect for class.

When I go to sleep, my brain is still turning, trying to remember carbon’s atomic mass.

I wake up at seven to start yet another day,

To have teachers complain that I look tired and that I don’t care about what they have to say.

Balancing honors classes, sports, and band is so, so hard.

After high school, I never ever want to see another flash card.

What angers me the most is my teachers don’t understand a student’s life today.

We’re all way too busy, and giving as much homework as you do is not okay.

This is just my story, but it is nothing compared to other kids’.

A day where we don’t have 3 hours of homework? Oh, heaven forbid!

Anxiety and stress has skyrocketed in teens in these past few years,

 And it blows teacher’s minds, they don’t know why. That really grinds my gears.

Let me ask you; is all of that homework absolutely necessary? Do we really, really need assignments of that size?

Because all of my panic attacks and breakdowns are telling me otherwise.

Homework is important, I completely understand,

But the problem with anxiety in students is seriously getting out of hand.

So teachers, the time you ask a student, “Am I boring you?”

Just think about everything that we, as teenagers, now have to go through.


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