4 AM Gratitude

4 AM and y SAT prep book lies before me, and by now I have accomplished more than usual
The sound of cars on the highway is the only thing that separates me from silence
and my ongoing thoughts are what separate me from sleep.
I do not worry about the future, I merely consider it,
for over the course of my short lifetime one thing I have learned is that
no matter what I'm going to be okay.
At times I worry that "okay" will be the only thing I have to say for myself,
but looking I've been through enough to be proud of who I am.
And how could I only be "okay" in a world as wonderful as ours?
I know there are times when I'm less than happy
but the sky is always so beautiful
and tonight the moon shines bright enough for me to read as clearly as I would in the day.
And we are so forutnate to be given the opportunity to live
And it makes me sad when people don't realize
how fortunate they really are to have their life
or do nothing for themselves
or do everything for themselves
But there are people in this world with kindred spirits
and eyes that reflect the bright flames of their soul
who are just as passionate about breathing as they are passionate about loving
and inhale the crisp air and hold it in their lungs,
like a smoker savoring the taste of their cigarette,
but exhale gratitude instead.
These grateful people give me hope and make me smile
and ease the worry that comes from staring at my 3 inch thick prep book
and help me focus instead on the whisper of the wind
or the chirps of the early birds
and thank whatever put me here for giving me that chance


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