Reason for School?

5:30a.m. a prude interupts my rest, 

Ignoring it's demanding voice harder against you I began to press my chest, 

6 a.m. the prude gets louder, and just to show him something I grab you tighter, 

dig my emotions in, and begin to caress



Between blue lines, on the white strips, I caputre every word I hear expressed

I equate scientific reasons in the form of equations until I'm told my solution was the best

Locked in 4 walls I concetrate on what could or will be 

Yet in the back of my mind I understand everlasting debt is the only thing guranteed 


Still, it's the constant affirmation of what I do not have that motivates me 

Broken windows, lifeless corpse,

Empty white boxes containing no substance due to lack of source

I refuse to allow the constant thoughts of my reality be the only thing I see


6:30a.m. I pry these sheets away from me

I force myself away from my oh so loving bed

Because if my clock goes off once more I'll be late to class and miss opportuinites in which I've always begged

Despite the peace this bed brings me, School is where my fuure awaits me






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