Bound to College Life: I should have known better


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This poem is a conversation between a mother and her child, relaying to each other the woes of college life.

Text: From Mom to XXX-XXX-2013:
Sometimes I wish I had things all together,
I wish I could’ve aced every test,
As hard as I have studied and worked at my very best,
I should have known better.

Text: TO Mom from XXX-XXX-2013 :
I can’t afford any more to feel under the weather,
Any more loans, scholarships, or bills,
I could barely manage to buy food for and between meals,
Let alone enjoy after school thrills,
I should have known better.

Text: To Mom from XXX-XXX-2013:
Commuting back and forth to school is hardly a pleasure,
Living at my parents’ where I’m stuck in my crowded room,
Figuring out each day and how to cope with my doom,
Rushing from here to there is more than I can measure,
I only wish, I should have known better.

Text: From Mom to XXX-XXX-2013:
During bus rides, sorting through my thoughts is my only treasure,
Dwelling through smog and pollution on the city street,
Where all kinds of people desire to meet,
I look to the sky thinking “Why couldn’t I be more clever?”
I only wish I could, I should have known better.

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i love college and everything but sometimes its hardd

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this is a very unique of poetry
i like the exchange of conversations via text btwn you and your mom
college is alot of fun, but challenging because its about teaching you in how to be independent
take it one day at a time and remind yourself the objective of college
expand your thoughts and ideas

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