I made it


I Made It

High school graduation, 4 years just to see the day

Never been to jail, no kids, most of my peers can’t relate

As a young black male they say we won’t succeed

They predict us to be dead in jail or lost to the streets

In a world where it seemed like there was no way out

Penitentiary or the grave but no, I took a different route

They say we moving backwards and that we are the lost generation

But how we supposed to progress, when we only get less education

Teachers, quick to tell us dropout, with no hesitation

28 Chicago schools closed in one year, this calls for investigation

While they tear down our schools and replace them with gun shops and liquor stores

Drugs and bullets flood our streets like it’s a third world war

Lost a few classmates, here today gone tomorrow

So how are we to learn in a classroom full of sorrow?

More problems than I could beg, steal or borrow

So they teach us to live for the day and hope we see tomorrow

But its graduation day I can say I finally made it

I’m bragging a little because most of us just can’t say it

I’m ready to throw up my cap and snatch my diploma

My future is bright success is in the air, I can smell the aroma

Because getting out of my city is like waking up from a coma




just my thoughts

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