The End: A new beginning


United States
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It’s the end of senior year
Time for laughter, time for cheer
So many memories in these halls
Teachers, students, windowless classroom walls
Freshman year, just starting out
I lacked confidence and was filled with doubt
Digging into a deeper hole
As a sophomore I lost my soul
Junior year things got better
I view myself as pretty clever
That was when I found my place
Now there’s a real smile on my face
As I’m sitting here today
Everybody knows I’m gay
Finally happy just being myself
Self-confidence is much better for my health
I tried my best to make senior year last
But didn’t realize it goes by so fast
I’m looking forward to the bell’s last ring
But this is the last time for everything
Starting to cry
It’s so hard to say goodbye
What have you done with your four years?
Did you make a difference or face your fears?
High school may be almost done
Now real life has just begun


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